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Non-Format — Rick Owens Preco. Research – Information Experience Design. Research in IED embraces artistic strategies, investigative techniques, critical perspectives and research through practice.

Research – Information Experience Design

We believe many topics can be investigated using methods from journalism, physical computing and de-computation. Through practice-based research, we search for unasked questions, and treat objects as hypotheses. We believe that artistic research is equally valid as scientific research in generating knowledge, in helping us to explore the unknown – indeed, research is what Kenya Hara calls ‘making the world unknown.’ Specific strands of research in IED include the Fulldome Research Group, the Digital Impressionism project, the Systems Research Group, and new areas of sonic research including presence and resonance.

The publications & presentations listed below are by MA and PhD students, staff, and our collaborators. Find a deeper introduction to IED research here. Publications & presentations Heaney, L. (2017) Quantum computing, complexity and art. Fass, J. Akira Takayama. Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space. Σημειώσεις Νεοελληνικής Λογοτεχνίας του Κωνσταντίνου Μάντη. Σημειώσεις Νεοελληνικής Λογοτεχνίας του Κωνσταντίνου Μάντη. Νέα Ελληνική Λογοτεχνία (Β Γενικού Λυκείου – Γενικής Παιδείας): Ηλεκτρονικό Βιβλίο. Γιάννης Μιγάδης (γεν. 1926), Σεφερικό Ο ΣΕΦΕΡΗΣ έγραψε το ποίημα το 1931 στο Λονδίνο, όπου υπηρετούσε ως διπλωμάτης στο ελληνικό προξενείο.

Νέα Ελληνική Λογοτεχνία (Β Γενικού Λυκείου – Γενικής Παιδείας): Ηλεκτρονικό Βιβλίο

ΦΙΛΟΛΟΓΙΚΑ: Γ. Σεφέρης - Πάνω σ' ένα ξένο στίχο (σημειώσεις) Πάνω σ’ ένα ξένο στίχο Θέμα: Ο αγώνας για την επίτευξη ενός σκοπού χαρίζει στον άνθρωπο ευτυχίαΕνότητες: 1η ενότητα): Προυπόθεση της ευτυχίας είναι η ύπαρξη ενός σκοπού2η ενότητα: Ακατάλυτος χαρακτήρας του σκοπού αυτού3η ενότητα: Παράκληση στο Θεό.4η ενότητα: Η εμφάνιση του Οδυσσέα.5η ενότητα: Η ομιλία και η περιγραφή του Οδυσσέα.6η ενότητα: Ένας απλός άνθρωπος.

ΦΙΛΟΛΟΓΙΚΑ: Γ. Σεφέρης - Πάνω σ' ένα ξένο στίχο (σημειώσεις)

Τάσος Λειβαδίτης-Εκλεγμένα Ποιήματα/Tasos Livaditis-Selected Poems. Τότε ήρθε κι ο άλλος, κρατούσε μιά παλιά φθαρμένη βαλίτσα,

Τάσος Λειβαδίτης-Εκλεγμένα Ποιήματα/Tasos Livaditis-Selected Poems

Broken Embraces - Official Trailer! Set Design. Blinkprods. ----------------------------------------Ivan Zacharias 2000WCRS----------------------------------------This was a very blessed film.


The stars aligned and off we went to Namibia. All the people involved from Les Knight, the legendary client, through to Leon ‘More Champagne’ Jaume, Account Supremo Giles Davis and creatives Andy Dibb and Steve Little were tip toppermost. Ivan had the whole film in his head within 20 minutes of getting the script and sketched out the storyboard immediately in tiny hieroglyphics. The actor playing the ranger was the Ralph Richardson of South Africa. James May was sent out in a pith helmet to write up the whole adventure for Land Rover Magazine.

One night at 3am there was hard knock on my Windhoek hotel room door. Edinburgh International Film Festival 2016. The longest continually running film festival in the world, Edinburgh International Film Festival is now preparing its 71st edition.

Edinburgh International Film Festival 2016

Over the years, the Festival has continued to bring UK audiences the most innovative and exciting films from around the world. EIFF seeks to represent the most innovative and adventurous developments in world cinema, to bring worthy filmmakers to local and worldwide attention, and to provide a forum for appreciative and informed discussion of their work. EIFF is especially interested in films by emerging filmmakers whose work manifests stylistic boldness, strength of form, and the ambition to use the medium in a way that resists cliché. There are three submissions deadlines: Earlybird - Somesuch » GANG. ASFF - Submission Guidelines. We are looking for filmmakers who are driving the genre of short film forward through inspirational and innovative works.

ASFF - Submission Guidelines

Whether you are an established or emerging practitioner, we want to hear from you. We are accepting films in all genres: Advertising, Animation, Artists’ Film, Comedy, Dance, Documentary, Drama, Experimental, Fashion, Music Video and Thriller. The Official Selection of films will be shown in 18 venues across the City of York from 8 to 12 November 2017. There will be additional prizes for Best Film in each category, Festival Winner, The Northern Film School Award for Best Screenplay and the People’s Choice Award. East End Thrift Store - Broke in London. By Kelly Henderson (follow Kelly on Twitter: @kellythekiwi) Tucked away in an alley off Mile End Road is the East End Thrift Store.

East End Thrift Store - Broke in London

An old warehouse stacked full with rows and rows of vintage and second-hand clothing and accessories. Amongst the rails you will find all sorts of goodies like party frocks, coats, knits and jumpsuits – perfect for vintage lovers and costume seekers! The store prides itself on most of its goods costing under £10 so you are bound to find some real bargains here. If designer or boutique items are more your style then head up to the first floor. Pic taken by The East End Thrift Store’s Facebook page The East End Thrift Store regularly holds special events: ‘Millennial pink’ is the colour of now – but what exactly is it? Name: Millennial pink.

‘Millennial pink’ is the colour of now – but what exactly is it?

Age: Timeless, yet very now. Appearance: Well, that’s the tricky part. Rauschenberg boxes. Review: Ray Johnson & Robert Warner. Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive University of California, Berkeley January 27-May 20, 2012 Lectures by:

Review: Ray Johnson & Robert Warner

WELCOME TO THIS HOUSE, A FILM ON ELIZABETH BISHOP BY BARBARA HAMMER. The crystal gaze ursula mayer. 680 × 510 - 764 × 510 - One Art by Elizabeth Bishop. Colour In Storytelling. G benjamin. Emma Jeans, Set Designer, Prop Maker. Education 2016 Introduction to Prop Making at Pinewood Studios Pinewood Studios 2016 BA Theatre Arts (Design & Technical) Middlesex University Equipment. Matta clark splitting. Michael Farrell & Cliff Haynes - Straw Camera. - WebModular. Tekja - Data Visualisation. The City as a Project. On Futurity / Malabou, Derrida and Nancy - Goldsmiths Research Online. Online Course: Gregory Nagy’s Concepts of the Hero in Greek Civilization. Gregory Nagy’s Concepts of the Hero in Greek Civilization, 2010 As part of its educational mission, CHS offers free access to all the resources associated with a distance learning course taught by Center Director Gregory Nagy–including multimedia lectures and discussions, audio recordings, lecture notes, and the complete collection of readings.

Concepts of the Hero in Greek Civilization provides an engaging introduction to the major themes of ancient Greek myth, cult, and poetics. The true “hero” of this course is the logos or “word” of logical reasoning, as activated by Socratic dialogue. The logos of dialogue requires careful thinking, realized in close reading and reflective writing. The last “word” to be read in the course will come from Plato’s memories of the last days of Socrates. These memories depend on a thorough understanding of the concept of the hero in all its varieties throughout the history of Greek civilization. Below you will find the resources for the 2010 edition. Miss. Violence. 2013. A N O M A L I E N. Next Install Theme. Artists and companies - Theatre and Dance.

Google. Past Productions — Robert Wilson. STILL LIFE by Dimitris Papaioannou / 2015-2016 performances / teaser. Table and chair; pen and paper; text and time. Dumile feni. SHOWstudio - The Home of fashion film and Live Fashion Broadcasting. Nick Knight - Home. Triumphs and Laments. Butler_Judith_Excitable_Speech_A_Politics_of_the_Performative_1997. In Pursuit of Ordinary: Performativity in Judith Butler and J. L. Austin.

In Pursuit of Ordinary: Performativity in Judith Butler and J. L. Austin Aydan Turanli, Istanbul, Turkey Abstract. The dinner party sarah wigglesworth. DINNER PARTY SEQUENCE. Feminist dinner triangle. Iakov Chernikhov’s Architectural Fantasies. Warning: Illegal string offset 'file' in /homepages/23/d128915618/htdocs/wp-includes/media.php on line 1088 Warning: Illegal string offset 'width' in /homepages/23/d128915618/htdocs/wp-includes/media.php on line 1101 Warning: Illegal string offset 'width' in /homepages/23/d128915618/htdocs/wp-includes/media.php on line 1108 Warning: Illegal string offset 'width' in /homepages/23/d128915618/htdocs/wp-includes/media.php on line 1108 Visionary architect and artist Iakov Chernikhov (1889 – 1951) produced gorgeous conceptual architectural renderings that were years ahead of their time; his designs bore remarkable resemblance to the modernist architecture of the late 20th century.

These images are from his seminal 101 Architectural Fantasies, published in 1933. From the Iakov Chernikhov International Foundation’s website: An epoch of the greatest reconstructions of human relations must be reflected by its own unforgettable highly artistic monuments. J T Batchelor, Ltd. Home. Wickes DIY - Home Improvement Products for Trade and DIY. Power Tools, Electrical, Plumbing Supplies & More. Haberdashery, Sewing and Craft Supplies Online. Shop Really Useful Online at Ryman. Thesis & Dissertation Book Binding Service London - Collis Bird & Withey - Bookbinders. Google. Google. Will Aitken. Jamie Lilley. LOCATING HELSINKI | Helsinki, Finland | Unit 21 | 2015 A MASTERPLAN FOR THE HELSINKI METROPOLITAN AREA ASSEMBLY | Helsinki, Finland | Unit 21 | 2015 Awarded Distinction for Design & Distinction for ThesisAwarded The Bartlett Medal Click to see Thesis Click to see 4th Year Work Locating Helsinki: Using Cartographic Methods to Depict the Shifting Physical and Digital Loci of the Capital Cartography provides identity, clarity and a grounding to the understanding of our cities and long been used as a tool in urban planning.

Tesseracts of Time Trailer. Steven holl tesseracts. The Infinite Mix. The Murder Of Crows. Vallan, Sciandra, Sottosanti. The Plays of Samuel Beckett. Theatre and Language: Samuel Beckett, 'Waiting for Godot' - Professor Belinda Jack. Sound Interpretations — Dedication To Samuel Beckett. Quad (play) - Wikipedia. Collected Shorter Plays of Samuel Beckett, Faber and Faber, 1984, p 293 The four series of six stages each produce a total of twenty-four stages suggesting, as in Lessness, the measurement of time. The play is shown as recorded, with no cuts, just one fixed long take. Mummenschanz. Samuel Beckett - Quadrat 1+2 (1982) Beckett, Samuel: Quad I + II.

Samuel Beckett«Quad I + II» ‘Quad', the first in a series of minimalist experimental television plays made by Beckett in the 1980s for the broadcaster Süddeutscher Rundfunk, operates with a serial game involving the motional pattern of four actors, but equally accommodating four soloists, six duos, and four trios. Google. THE ART OF ASKING YOUR BOSS FOR A RAISE. Wayne McGregor / Random Dance - Atomos. Notation experiment #1. See The Engineering Behind This Floating, Award-Winning Stone Helical Stair.

See The Engineering Behind This Floating, Award-Winning Stone Helical Stair. Sublime notebook. Fracturing and Displacement of Form: Daniel Libeskind’s Early Collage Drawings (1967-1970) USA IRL - Alice Tye Illustration. Dans le labyrinthe by Roman Kroitor, Colin Low, Hugh O'Connor. Google. Jan Svankmajer - Jabberwocky. Un Chien Andalou (1929), de Luis Buñuel. The Surrealist Object. Surrealism was initially practiced in written form as textual production, as a means of freeing the literary mind from “writerly” conventions. Just as Sigmund Freud took dictation, so to speak, writing down what his patients told him, the Surrealists would write down the contents of their minds.

If only they could awaken that deep level where the subconscious thoughts dwelled. At first, Surrealists resisted the visual in favor of language. Rotorelief (Duchamp) - "Laterne chinoise" (drehende Kreise) Sports Psychology Today - Sports Psychology. Visualization: The Simple Tool for Even Greater Athletic Success. Method of loci. Making Memory Palace. SEAL Training Tips: Mental Preparation. Basics of Visualization. Seeing Is Believing: The Power of Visualization. The Stanley Parable - Launch Trailer. Paranoiac-critical method - Wikipedia.

House Within a House /1: Todoroki Residence by Hiromi Fujii, Ichikawa (1976) Walls as Rooms: British Castles and Louis Khan. THE SMART LANDSCAPE: INTELLIGENT ARCHITECTURE by Rem Koolhaas - / in print. AA Lectures Online. Gregor Schneider - Invisible Dead Room. Marcel Duchamp - Anemic Cinema.