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A Fundraising Template Every Entrepreneur Can Use. Raising massive rounds these days is so commonplace that most of us tune out fundraising news altogether.

A Fundraising Template Every Entrepreneur Can Use

The fundraising environment has changed so dramatically over the past four years, it’s almost incomprehensible to those of us who lived through it. A lot has been made of how ridiculous late-stage rounds have gotten, as well. Bill Gurley penned one of the best pieces I’ve read on the subject recently; to raise late-stage rounds, startups go through far less diligence and scrutiny than they would if they decide to go public. As a result, a lot of late-stage startups lack the operational discipline necessary to go public. I would argue that trend trickles down all the way to the earliest stages of venture-backed companies and really starts there. Early-stage CEOs are practically taught to not even put a financial model in any of their fundraising decks until they get to their Series B.

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Sales for Hackers - Stormpath User Management API. Just like everyone should learn to program, everyone should learn to sell.

Sales for Hackers - Stormpath User Management API

I started my career as a software developer but through some odd twists and turns I one day found myself in enterprise sales, wearing a suit, and carrying quota. It was a big transition and I freaking loved it. Soon I built a strong reputation as a top salesperson and closed over $100M in revenue while at IBM. Sales is awesome but unfortunately it has a bad reputation: bad sales people come across slimy, obnoxious, pushy, and selfish. And for n00bs, it’s daunting because they assume sales success is an intrinsic personality trait – you’ve either “got it” or you don’t. Slides: The Ultimate Guide to Customer Growth by Sean Johnson. Slide Details Sean Johnson discusses tactics and strategies for driving customer growth by optimizing each stage of the customer development funnel.

Slides: The Ultimate Guide to Customer Growth by Sean Johnson

Related: How Quora, StackOverflow And Yelp Create Sustainable User Contribution Systems With A Simple Hack. Platforms that are dependent on user-generated content (UGC) constantly face a challenge to be sustainable.

How Quora, StackOverflow And Yelp Create Sustainable User Contribution Systems With A Simple Hack

A key metric for such platforms is the ratio of producers to consumers. Facebook's Growth Hacker on how they put Facebook on the Path to 1 ... Chamath Palihapitiya - how we put Facebook on the path to 1 billion users. Startup Metrics for Pirates. Five Questions Every Leader Should Ask About Organizational Design - John Beeson. By John Beeson | 11:00 AM January 23, 2014 A few years ago Dave Ulrich, a management thought leader from the University of Michigan, made a comment I found both insightful and profound: “Every leader needs to have a model of organization design.”

Five Questions Every Leader Should Ask About Organizational Design - John Beeson

Typically a graphic depiction of the organizational components to be addressed in a redesign (for example, McKinsey’s 7S model, which includes strategy, structure, systems, staff, skills, and so on), every consultant and his brother flogs an organization design model. 5 High Value Lead Generation Strategies. Lead generation is the lifeblood of most companies.

5 High Value Lead Generation Strategies

The number of platforms, brokers, agencies, and websites dealing with lead generation attests to how important and how much money is at stake when it comes to generating leads. LinkedIn alone lists over 1,000 lead generation related groups. In this blog post, we look at using Big Data to rise above the noise to improve your lead generation programs. 3 Traits of Successful Crowdfunding Projects. For an increasing number of startups, crowdfunding is a way to get their companies off the ground when traditional avenues, such as a bank loan, are not an option.

3 Traits of Successful Crowdfunding Projects

Crowdfunding is a way to raise money by getting small donations from a large number of people, and sometimes the end result is big. For example, the Pebble watch that synchs with your smartphone raised over $10 million on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. Wondering if your business idea would be backed by a crowd of investors? Consider these three traits of successful crowdfunders, according to by Brian Meece, the CEO and co-founder of, a New York City-based crowdfunding platform. 1. “Crowdfunding is built around relationships,” says Meece. Related: 7 Ways Entrepreneurs Will Ride Crowdfunding's Ripple Effect You have to be willing and prepared to put yourself in front of the crowd of investors and connect with them directly, through a video or photos. 2.

Business Incubation Toolkit. idisctoolkit Activity File A live resource for Business Incubators' Managers in Developing Countries Summary info Dev's Incubator Support Center ( is a virtual networking and knowledge-sharing platform for incubators and technology parks leveraging ICT to facilitate entrepreneurship and new business creation in developing countries. Innovation Excellence.

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Three Steps to Generating Social Gravity - Mark Bonchek. By Mark Bonchek | 11:07 AM April 2, 2012 In a social age, people don’t like to be pushed.

Three Steps to Generating Social Gravity - Mark Bonchek

As described in my last post, top brands like Apple, Google, and Nike are using a new model based on pulling rather than pushing. They create a gravitational field that attracts customers into orbit around their brand. This kind of social gravity isn’t just about how many likes you can get on Facebook. This is about enduring, meaningful, and authentic relationships with your customers and the people in their lives. How can you shift from push to pull and create your own social gravity? 1. 2. Engagement platforms are built from multiple layers working together.


Are You Solving a Puzzle or a Mystery? Innovation is all about coming up with new solutions to solve problems.

Are You Solving a Puzzle or a Mystery?

But here’s an interesting question: is the problem that you’re trying to solve a puzzle or a mystery? Mindmapping. Advancing Great Ideas. HR. Management. Lean Canvas. Compete on Know-Why, Not Know-How - Adam Richardson. By Adam Richardson | 12:50 PM April 12, 2012 Do you know why you make the products or offer the services you do?

Compete on Know-Why, Not Know-How - Adam Richardson

Too often I find that companies don’t have a clear enough sense of why they do what they do. They get stuck making incremental improvements that are rooted in existing competencies, markets, and business models. This is especially problematic when companies decide to innovate. If you don’t have a clear understanding of why you are pursuing an innovation, you risk being wasteful and ineffective, and could lack strong differentiators from incumbents. I call these types of insights core insights, a concept which I first introduced in my book, Innovation X. Venture Capitalists on Twitter - VCs, Angels, Investors and more - Venture Maven.

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Keys To Flawless Execution of Your Business Strategy. Keys To Flawless Execution of Your Business Strategy includes: 1m1m – One Million by One Million. Sales. Blogs. OPEN Forum.