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Helping startups grow through competitions

Helping startups grow through competitions
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About Us | Biilink Biilink was launched more than a year ago and initially defined itself as an initiative and mutual support social network for women. Biilink has all the standard social network features and provides a comprehensive range of social tools, such as a wall, profiles, friendships, personal message system, publication of articles, photos and videos. We have integrated “Business pages” inspired by Facebook® pages, which enable project leaders and entrepreneurs to publish their own pages about projects and businesses. In reality, Biilink naturally orientated itself further still towards women entrepreneurship and brought together a community of female project leaders, who were particularly active in the fields of innovation, on-line services and typical “startup” profiles. Over 18 months, 25,000 members joined. We could have already capitalised, taken advantage of this …but still our intuition pushes us to look at the bigger picture, to question and reinvent ourselves.

Aides à l'innovation Le Lieu du Design a pour vocation d’inciter les TPE-PME-PMI à recourir au design et les designers à développer leurs projets, en leur facilitant l’accès aux aides existantes. Le Lieu recense les différents dispositifs de financement et de résidences qu’il porte à la connaissance des entreprises et des designers. Il offre une assistance aux entreprises et aux porteurs de projets pour constituer les dossiers de demande d’aide financière. Il donne un avis aux financeurs publics (Oséo, Région Ile-de-France…) sur l’impact des projets et la capacité de l’entreprise ou du designer à les mettre en œuvre avec succès. 1. Le pré-diagnostic de propriété industrielle Ce dispositif, porté par le Lieu du Design en partenariat avec l’Institut National de la Propriété Industrielle consiste en une évaluation des besoins de l’entreprise en matière de propriété industrielle. La Prestation Technologique Réseau (PTR) Aide à la maturation de projets innovants (Région Ile de France / Oséo) Les aides d’Oséo PM’up 2.

Second Life Campus Instructional Technology Services, a department of Texas A&M Information Technology, promotes and enables the effective use of technology in teaching and learning. We administer and develop the university's online learning infrastructure as well as provide help and training for several centrally supported teaching tools. Learn more about what we do. Learning Management System Transition Project Texas A&M University is transitioning to a new centralized learning management system (LMS), eCampus (powered by Blackboard Learn). This major IT project is a significant undertaking that will ultimately affect a large number of courses at the university, whether they are taught partially or fully online. Learn more about the project's details, including planning efforts, schedules, and additional details as they become available.

Business Incubation Toolkit idisctoolkit Activity File A live resource for Business Incubators' Managers in Developing Countries Summary info Dev's Incubator Support Center ( is a virtual networking and knowledge-sharing platform for incubators and technology parks leveraging ICT to facilitate entrepreneurship and new business creation in developing countries. Background The info Dev Business Incubation Toolkit is a live resource for business incubator managers. The toolkit is only one of the tools available on iDISC, info Dev's Incubator Support Center, a virtual networking and knowledge-sharing platform for incubators and technology parks leveraging ICT to facilitate entrepreneurship and new business creation in developing countries. As a Business Incubator Manager, you may want to share your experiences with us and contribute to building this toolkit. Please contact one of our regional facilitators:

About us YDEApolis® is a YEP Conseil®’s brand, a consulting company in engineering and innovation based in Sophia Antipolis, south of France. Launched in 2010, YEP Conseil®’s offer is focused on the development of innovative products. It allows any size of company to access advanced tools, including: 2D and 3D modeling, Green design Industrial Design Ergonomics Simulation Technical Manuals (2D, 3D or animated) Virtual Reality (photorealistic images, virtual tours ...) Augmented Reality We assist our clients who are aiming at reducing their time to market while maintaining the required quality level. Our expertise in project management, multi-disciplinary capabilities and our perfect knowledge of R & D (research and development) environments makes us an ideal partner for your future innovative projects. We are convinced of the power of networks and the current need to push the boundaries of our eco-systems to remain competitive. Join us on Pierre Baillot d’Estivaux

New Brunswick Innovation Foundation - NBIF Horizon Project | NMC Login or Create New Account Member Spotlights RIT Launches Nation’s First Minor in Free and Open Source Software and Free Culture Partner News NMC Partners with the Balboa Park Online Collaborative iTUNES U Ideas that Matter and More High Quality, Free EdTech Content Sparking innovation, learning and creativity. > NMC Horizon Project > NMC Horizon Reports > NMC Horizon Project Navigator > NMC Horizon EdTech Weekly App NMC Horizon Project The NMC Horizon Project charts the landscape of emerging technologies for teaching, learning, and creative inquiry. > Serve on a Horizon Project Expert Panel > Submit a Project for Inclusion in a Horizon Report Open Much of the work of the NMC Horizon Project takes place in a wiki where international experts across all different educational sectors openly exchange ideas and engage in insightful discourse. Global The most recent addition to the NMC Horizon Project is a new series of region-specific reports called NMC Technology Outlooks. NMC Horizon Reports › News

3 Traits of Successful Crowdfunding Projects For an increasing number of startups, crowdfunding is a way to get their companies off the ground when traditional avenues, such as a bank loan, are not an option. Crowdfunding is a way to raise money by getting small donations from a large number of people, and sometimes the end result is big. For example, the Pebble watch that synchs with your smartphone raised over $10 million on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. Wondering if your business idea would be backed by a crowd of investors? 1. “Crowdfunding is built around relationships,” says Meece. Related: 7 Ways Entrepreneurs Will Ride Crowdfunding's Ripple Effect You have to be willing and prepared to put yourself in front of the crowd of investors and connect with them directly, through a video or photos. 2. “Every successful crowdfunding campaign has an immediate first-degree network that jumps into that campaign,” Meece says. Related: Shaping Crowdfunding 2.0 3. Readers, have you used crowdfunding before?

"Disciplined Entrepreneurship" by Bill Aulet (Book Summary) Don’t have time to read? Here’s a quick but comprehensive summary of Bill Aulet’s “Disciplined Entrepreneurship: 24 Steps to a Successful Startup,” released on August 12. Who should read this: First-time and serial entrepreneurs who are looking for a solid product-market fit. Elevator pitch: This 24-step guide to product-market fit is based on a process that Aulet has been refining for years while teaching. Entrepreneurship is chaotic and unpredictable, and hopefully this will bring some method to the madness. Author: Aulet is the managing director of the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship, which supports entrepreneurship education at MIT. Intro First off, entrepreneurship can be taught. This book will focus on innovation, which means taking an invention and commercializing it. The 24 steps address six key themes: Who is your customer? Step 0: Getting started There are three starting points for entrepreneurship: a technology, idea, or passion. Step 1: Market segmentation Grade: A

Blogging Innovation » University Patents and Intellectual Ventures Investment Last week Intellectual Ventures revealed its list of major investors. On it were several major U.S. research universities and research organizations. Brown UniversityCornell UniversityGrinnell CollegeMayo ClinicNorthwestern UniversityStanford UniversityUniversity of MinnesotaUniversity of PennsylvaniaUniversity of Southern CaliforniaUniversity of Texas You may be asking yourself, so what’s the big deal about a university investing its endowment in Intellectual Ventures? After all, according to conventional dictates of what constitutes as “good investment,” Intellectual Ventures is a real and legitimate company led by a famous and well-established executive team. Setting aside the legitimate and important debate about university investment ethics, to me, the revelation that U.S. research universities are major investors in Intellectual Ventures brings up another interesting issue to ponder. Intellectual Ventures and the emerging IP marketplace Conclusion

Innovation Excellence Your Business Model Toolbox From Idea, to Business Rapidly sketch out business ideas with the business model canvas. Collaborate with your team Work on business models together with your team, clients, board, or anyone else. Test the Numbers Quickly test if the rough numbers indicate an idea worth pursuing. Three Steps to Generating Social Gravity - Mark Bonchek by Mark Bonchek | 11:07 AM April 2, 2012 In a social age, people don’t like to be pushed. As described in my last post, top brands like Apple, Google, and Nike are using a new model based on pulling rather than pushing. They create a gravitational field that attracts customers into orbit around their brand. This kind of social gravity isn’t just about how many likes you can get on Facebook. How can you shift from push to pull and create your own social gravity? 1. 2. Engagement platforms are built from multiple layers working together. One of the reasons why orbit strategies are becoming so popular is that social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Google provide ready-made identity, data, and relationship layers. There are five types of engagement strategies that are particularly common. a. These aren’t the only strategies. 3. Apple’s platforms are integrally connected with partners, whether music companies for iTunes or developers for the App store.

Are You Solving a Puzzle or a Mystery? Innovation is all about coming up with new solutions to solve problems. But here’s an interesting question: is the problem that you’re trying to solve a puzzle or a mystery? The distinction was made by Gregory Treverton and highlighted by Malcolm Gladwell in a piece he wrote on Enron a few years ago. According to Treverton, a puzzle is a problem that can be solved if you have more information (or the right information). On the other hand, more information doesn’t help with a mystery, which is characterised by high levels of uncertainty, and the need for judgement. The national-security expert Gregory Treverton has famously made a distinction between puzzles and mysteries. Puzzles are attractive because, as Gladwell points out, they come to clean conclusions. We are strongly drawn to puzzles because of how clear-cut they are. Unfortunately, many of the big problems that we face are not puzzles, but rather mysteries. They say that incremental innovations are puzzles.