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Retelly. Co.Create: Creativity \ Culture \ Commerce. You Publish. Freelancer e Produtividade. The Dirty Dozen 2012: Porn's Most Popular Stars. True superstardom in the adult entertainment industry is a tough thing to achieve.

The Dirty Dozen 2012: Porn's Most Popular Stars

And this year's Dirty Dozen certainly underscores that. Just five of the actresses we listed among the industry's most popular last year make return appearances in 2012, as new faces have come along — and some veteran performers made a comeback. With the industry's annual expo under way in Las Vegas Jan. 18-21, we've once again assembled a list of the most popular porn stars. This year, instead of basing the list on past and present award nominations, we've polled industry insiders — ranging from studio presidents to publicists to stars — to get a unique view of who's queen of the mountain. Their answers were based on several criteria, including which performers have the biggest fan bases, whose face on a DVD cover boosts sales and which stars have seen the biggest popularity increases in the past year. That drawing power is more important than ever to the $14 billion porn industry. Alltop, all the top stories.

Jonah Lehrer. Sobre a SODET - História, Universo e Missão. A arte e o segredo do Ofício. Shut up! Announcing your plans makes you less motivated to accomplish them. Shouldn't you announce your goals, so friends can support you?

Shut up! Announcing your plans makes you less motivated to accomplish them.

Isn't it good networking to tell people about your upcoming projects? Doesn't the “law of attraction” mean you should state your intention, and visualize the goal as already yours? Nope. How to Create Great Content. The first step in publishing a Hub is knowing what you want the Hub to be about.

How to Create Great Content

What's your topic? Ideally, it's something you're well-informed about and want to share with others. Frases e mensagens « Sabedoria Universal. Nessa sessão, ficarão todas as frases utilizadas na sessão mensagens do dia.

Frases e mensagens « Sabedoria Universal

Leiam , reflitam e tornem sua vida ainda mais especial. “A transformação pessoal requer substituição de velhos hábitos por novos. The Hop - experiências culturais incríveis. Você já parou para pensar qual é o verdadeiro papel de viajar nas nossas vidas?

The Hop - experiências culturais incríveis

Viajar nas férias é sempre legal, isso você sabe. O que você não sabe é que as viagens têm um papel muito importante na sua qualidade de vida, mesmo quando elas já terminaram. Um dos melhores estudos realizados a cerca deste tema é de Joseph Sirgy, um turismólogo na Virginia Tech, uma universidade respeitada nos Estados Unidos. Sirgy escreveu um artigo baseado na “teoria das metas” da psicologia que foi premiado em 2010 pelo Journal of Travel Research como o melhor do ano. Segundo ele, para que tragam efeitos positivos duradouros, as férias devem ser vistas como parte das suas metas de realização pessoal. Para seguir este princípio, as dicas seriam: Kailo. How to make all your friends hate you. Livros e tão somente Livros de Design! Engage · Power to the crowd. Conscious innovation. The 21 Convention  Programa Da Vinci . Treatment and Side Effect Info from Patients Like You : PatientsLikeMe.

uButtle via Who is your customer?

uButtle via

uButtle can work for any type of business, whether it is a restaurant, a coffee shop, a bike shop, a book store, or a movie theater. If a business can increase its customer by offering promotions and targeted advertising, uButtle will expand their customer base. What problem does this idea/product solve or what market need does it serve? uButtle is able to offer merchants an easy, comprehensive, yet cost effective marketing and advertising system.

It has the potential to exponentially expand a merchant’s customer base far beyond what traditional marketing techniques typically could. What attributes will make this idea/product successful? By utilizing uButtle’s crowd-sourced social marketing network, merchants will be able to send targeted advertising directly to their customers as well as potential customers. Explain how you (your team) will execute to make this idea/product successful? Notehall - Buy and Sell Class Notes. Brainstorming…Fast and Fun! How many times have you come out of a brainstorming session feeling unsatisfied with the results?

Brainstorming…Fast and Fun!

The team never felt like it got into a rhythm. The idea flow felt like a drizzle versus a storm. None of the ideas that the team spent much time on seemed especially good (BTW, you should never spend a lot of time on any one idea in a brainstorming session). There was one or two people that insisted on dominating the conversation and ended up speaking way too much. Zen Girl. Touch Effects. H A L L S I. Gillmor Gang: Daddy, What’s Microsoft? The Gillmor Gang — Robert Scoble, John Taschek, Rob La Gesse, Kevin Marks, and Steve Gillmor — rode out of Dodge and straight into an ambush.

Gillmor Gang: Daddy, What’s Microsoft?

Well, no, but in service of the OverAggregator Lord here are our talking points: Microsoft trembles at the alter of irrelevance, Google doesn’t get TV but may sneak into the tablet market by giving them away, and HTML5 still can’t get a date. I snuck in the usual mentions of Mad Men and push notification, the first a reference to the return of the mesmerizing prequel to Seinfeld, and the second the technology that ensures that you don’t have to watch the stream all day to stay up with what’s going on. Combining delayed gratification theatre with premature notification will produce the next big hit of the iPad Age.

Infographics. Marcusaurelius picture on VisualizeUs - StumbleUpon. Dashboards for SEO, Paid Search, Social Media, Email and More. Browse Classes. ConnectIreland - Our Country, Your Opportunity.