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Calculer la portée et l'efficacité de vos tweets avec Tweetreach. On a parfois du mal à voir la portée de ses tweets.

Calculer la portée et l'efficacité de vos tweets avec Tweetreach

Une fois publiés, ils vivent leur vie loin de vous. Mais qui exactement y a accès ? On le sait, ce n’est pas forcément la puissance du premier émetteur (vous) qui va guider ces messages vers le succès. Cela peut bien sûr aider, mais la pénétration d’un tweet dépend fortement de ceux qui vont le relayer. On peut très bien n’avoir que quelques abonnés mais toucher des milliers de personnes.

Mais ce n’est pas tout, Tweetreach va vous indiquer dans le détail qui a contribué à l’exposition du message. Attention, ce n’est pas parce que l’on a un certain nombre de followers que ces derniers verront tous le message publié. La question de l’efficacité des tweets est souvent abordée, mais peu de metrics (en dehors du chiffre brut des RT) permettent de la mesurer concrètement.

Le site Tweetreach Via IanGon Dans le même genre, découvrez Crowdbooster. 50 Brilliant Apps to Enhance Your Twitter Experience. Without a doubt, Twitter is one of the best innovations of the century.

50 Brilliant Apps to Enhance Your Twitter Experience

It’s a simple idea coupled with a simple interface that took them to the stratosphere. But after a few years and millions of dollars in venture funding, Twitter’s simplicity isn’t what people are looking for anymore. New features are hard to come by, and whatever pushed out is just way too cosmetic. Right from the start, most of the innovation in the Twitter ecosystem has been coming from third party developers.

Startup 2.0 Pour Acheter Des Followers Twitter. Top 5 Tools to Better Time Your Tweets. Leo Widrich is the co-founder of Buffer, a smarter way to publish tweets and Facebook posts.

Top 5 Tools to Better Time Your Tweets

He writes more about Twitter tips and tools on the Buffer blog. Follow him on Twitter @LeoWid. When exactly are your best times to tweet? With over 200 million tweets posted each day, this is a very important question to tackle. The Archivist By Mix Online: Error. 10 New Twitter Tools That Will Get You Tweeting. Whether you’re new to Twitter or an experienced user, Twitter tools make everything easier.

10 New Twitter Tools That Will Get You Tweeting

Here are some of my favorite new tools to make Tweeting easier and more useful for any user. Try one or two that looks useful and leave a comment in the box at the bottom if you like. 1. Send Tweets At Optimal Times In Just a Click With Buffer Whenever I see an article I like I just click on the Buffer icon and it becomes a Tweet that is then automatically posted at the next optimal time. Cool Feature: With every Tweet you send via Buffer you will get detailed analytics about how many clicks, retweets and reach. 2. Twimbow is a great way to stay on top what people are tweeting to make getting started Tweeting easier for you. Cool Feature: You can add pre-set hashtags (learn more about what hashtags are in #4 below) to your Tweets to color-code them for other Twimbow users, which connects you to other the Twimbow community of users. 3.

TwitDo is a minimalist new web app that uses Twitter to create your to do list. Life has this tendency to get pretty hectic, and I often catch myself posting memos to Twitter with little to-do’s and notes-to-self just to save time.

TwitDo is a minimalist new web app that uses Twitter to create your to do list

These short tweets serve as small reminders for tasks that aren’t currently priority, but that I hope to accomplish in the future. Given how polluted with random updates my Twitter stream tends to look by the end of the day however, these helpful prompts usually serve as nothing more than a brief blip on my radar before vanishing into the black hole that is the Twitterverse. With that in mind, I am delighted to share this fantastic and easy-to-use productivity tool with our readers: TwitDo. Rarely do I get excited about a social app that isn’t fully-featured or smothered in gorgeous design work, but after checking out TwitDo’s simple user interface, my mind has been changed.

Much like Twitter, TwitDo’s UI is clean and simple, aiming to meet one very specific need. 50 Awesome Twitter Tools + One Follower Per Minute Method. Note: This is a live post.

50 Awesome Twitter Tools + One Follower Per Minute Method

I will be keeping an eye for any recommendations that you suggest and will add it to the list along with a backlink to your blog. Check out the tools suggested by readers. Twitter has grown like a wild fire lately, and everyone is there. There are lot of tools available for Twitter, free as well as paid. Some are just for fun while some are meant for serious business use. There's also a free report at the end that will help you get one follower per minute! Now, here's what you should do in the next 10 minutes: Read and enjoy the post.Tell us which tools you use and also tell us about the tools you recommend via comments.Download the free report and increase your followers.Try out the tool(s) you find interesting.Stand up and scream out loud, "The post and report were great!

The last one is not necessary! Business Tools Business tools let you manage multiple accounts, schedule tweets and do much more. Desktop Clients. Top Ten Favorite Social Media Tools For Daily Use. There are many online tools I use every single day to manage my social media marketing effectiveness.

Top Ten Favorite Social Media Tools For Daily Use

In my recent interview with Darren Hardy for the May 2011 issue of SUCCESS Magazine, I talked about many of these tools. During our interview, Darren asked if I would put together my top ten list of social media resources for readers of SUCCESS. Of course I said yes – here they are! (It’s a delight and honor to be one of three featured expert interviews on the CD that comes with the magazine, along with Peter Guber – author of Tell to Win, and leadership guru, John C.

The Archivist By Mix Online: bookandgolf's Archives. Twitter Analytics. When to Tweet: 7 Timing Tools for Success. The Archivist , une PEPITE pour Twitter. Cet article a été publié il y a 3 ans 4 mois 11 jours, il est possible qu’il ne soit plus à jour.

The Archivist , une PEPITE pour Twitter

Les informations proposées sont donc peut-être expirées. Aujourd’hui je vais vous présenter une perle, un outil indispensable pour Twitter. 10 Twitter Tools To Save More Time. This is a guest post by Leo Widrich – Co-Founder of Buffer, a Twitter App to tweet more consistently without annoying your followers.

10 Twitter Tools To Save More Time

As he focuses on getting Buffer off the ground, Leo writes and gives Twitter Tips at Saving time on Twitter and handling it more efficiently is key for me. Especially as you can easily waste hours and hours without getting anything else done. Les 40 meilleures applications Twitter. 9 Applications Twitter Pour Enrichir Votre Expérience Sur Twitter. Au fur et à mesure que la plateforme de micro-blogging gagne en popularité, de nouvelles applications Twitter voient le jour et vous permettent ainsi d’optimiser votre utilisation de ce service.

9 Applications Twitter Pour Enrichir Votre Expérience Sur Twitter

Aujourd’hui, j’aimerais vous présenter 9 applications Twitter – nouvelles et moins – qui remplissent l’un des objectifs suivants : améliorer votre productivité, établir des statistiques, augmenter votre nombre d’abonnés, enrichir votre expérience Twitter. 1. Tweet Degree : Ajouter des personnes pertinentes à votre réseau Tweet Degree vous recommande des personnes pertinentes avec lesquelles vous pourriez vous connecter en fonction d’un compte que vous indiquez.