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Basic ROI Calculation Within IT Project Proposals. ROI (return on investment) is a widely used measure to compare the effectiveness of IT systems investments.

Basic ROI Calculation Within IT Project Proposals

It is commonly used to justify IT projects, but can measure project returns at any stage. Definition of ROI The basic ROI calculation is to divide the net return from an investment, by the cost of the investment and express this as a percentage. ROI, whilst a simple and extremely popular metric, it may be easily modified for different situations. The ROI formula is: ROI % = (Return - Cost of Investment) divided by the Cost of Investment x 100 Additional definitions: 13 ways you can make digital marketing work for you - It is no exaggeration that you live in a digital world and from that perspective it is imperative that your business has an impressive presence in the digital space.In essence, digital marketing is the future of marketing in the world with the added advantages that it is cheaper than traditional marketing and is measurable.

13 ways you can make digital marketing work for you -

Let’s list the different ways you can use the digital medium to popularize and drive conversions for your startup or business. 1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) In layman’s terms, Search Engine Optimization or SEO is essentially tweaking your website so that it comes up naturally or organically for search results in Google, Yahoo Bing or any other search engine. Google updates its algorithms regularly so that only the relevant results come up.

So there is no doubt you should invest in SEO work. Remember, it is the most cost-effective marketing strategy that will bring organic traffic to your business. Non-Compete Clauses Are Unenforceable in India. With the increase in cross-border trade and an enhanced competitive climate in India, confidentiality, non-compete and non-solicitation agreements are becoming increasingly popular there, especially in the IT and technology sectors.

Non-Compete Clauses Are Unenforceable in India

An increasing number of outsourcing and IT companies are including confidentiality, non-compete and non-solicitation covenants in agreements with their employees, with terms ranging from a few months to several years after the employment relationship is terminated. The companies claim that such restrictions are necessary to protect their proprietary rights and their confidential information. Similarly, foreign companies doing business in India often seek to include confidentiality, non-compete and non-solicitation covenants in their agreements with senior management and employees, as is customarily done in certain foreign jurisdictions. Document Management System (DMS) & Digitization Services. CAF processing services from docuvity is designed to automate and optimize the existing rudimentary CAF processing services by adding value through innovation.

Document Management System (DMS) & Digitization Services

We have successfully extended our end-to-end Customer Application Form processing services through our service partner to the Telecom Majors and various BFSI’s and earned a trusted name & wealth of experience in processing customer application forms.Praxeva’s comprehensive services for CAF processing is targeted to benefit all the progressive service providers who requires to process large numbers of Customer Application Forms in adherence to the governmental laws, regulation and various Industrial compliance. How we work We offer the most comprehensive CAF processing services starting from collection of CAFs from designated locations spread across geographical locations followed by online or offline data capture. We offer customized CAF processing solutions taking care or pain areas in your business processes. How to Add Your WordPress Site to Google Webmaster Tools.

Going Paperless Is Still in the Future at Many Businesses. Reader Resource Position yourself for growth in 2017—join us live at the Entrepreneur 360™ Conference in Long Beach, Calif. on Nov. 16.

Going Paperless Is Still in the Future at Many Businesses

Secure Your Seat » Let’s be honest—there are really only two kinds of paper that are still relevant in our modern society: 1. Cash, though the need for paper currency is quickly disappearing with electronic transactions both large and small. 2. Cash still serves as a medium of exchange around the globe and continues to dominate in small transactions. Related: How to Share Documents in the Cloud, Securely. Aragon Research Predicts Digital Transaction Management Market To Reach $30 Billion by 2020.

As technology advances, so must the way we do business.

In today’s digital world, that means making the move from tedious, paper-based systems to efficient, paperless solutions. Long gone are the days of paper correspondence, handbooks, manuals and checks. Getting started with iMindMap 7. India's internet user base crosses 350 million: IAMAI. Create Real Estate Form examples like this template called Rental Application Form that you can easily edit and customize in minutes.

Red Rocket Ventures Blog (Startup Advisor & Growth Consulting) In my earlier post, we talked about key success factors for any start-up and determining if you have a good business model.

Red Rocket Ventures Blog (Startup Advisor & Growth Consulting)

Today, we are going to drill down on one those factors: things to consider when setting up your management team. The key drivers of that are finding employee partners that have: (1) the required skillsets for the job; (2) prior experience with start-ups; (3) a personality fit with the rest of the team; (4) shared vision with the rest of the team; and (5) fire in the belly. Let's talk about the first two together, as they go hand in hand. You'd think it would be pretty self-explanatory that for a Chief Marketing Officer hire, as an example, you should find a candidate with strong marketing skills. But, the tactics differ for different types of marketing vehicles (e.g., digital, print, TV, direct mail), different industries require different expertise (e.g., e-commerce business vs. catalog business) and B2C companies require different skillsets vs.

Red Rocket Ventures Blog (Startup Advisor & Growth Consulting) When writing a business plan, it is critical to do research and set strategy across the following key topics: (1) your industry/competition; (2) business/revenue model; (3) sales/marketing plan; (4) management team; (5) cash requirements; and (6) forecasted financials/expected ROI.

Red Rocket Ventures Blog (Startup Advisor & Growth Consulting)

When you are done, you will end up with the necessary research to back up the key assumptions of your plan. We will tackle each of these points below. Lesson #12: How to Structure Your Board of Directors or Advisory Board. Properly structuring your board of directors and advisory board could be one of the most important pieces of determining the success for any venture.

Lesson #12: How to Structure Your Board of Directors or Advisory Board

Lesson #139: How to Calculate Equity Split Between Founders in Startups. The other day, I got asked a question about how best to divide up the equity stake in a new startup, between the founders. Red Rocket Ventures Blog (Startup Advisor & Growth Consulting) Founders of a startup are frequently surprised when venture capital firms or other investors ask for vesting provisions to be placed on the founders’ stock.

The investors are seeking to provide sufficient incentive for each founder to work through the company’s critical early formation and development phase. If a founder leaves the startup early in the process, it would be unfair to the other founders and the investors for the departing founder to receive a “free ride” on the continuing efforts of the other founders. The vesting terms cause a forfeiture of the unvested shares, or a repurchase at a low cost, upon termination of employment, thereby eliminating the free ride. A typical vesting structure is a period of four years beginning either upon the formation of the company or the closing of the first round of outside financing, with a one-year cliff, meaning that 1/4th of the stock vests on the first anniversary.

Red Rocket Ventures Blog (Startup Advisor & Growth Consulting) Every startup is different and has their unique challenges. But, most startups have similar managerial needs. Red Rocket Ventures Blog (Startup Advisor & Growth Consulting) Below is a list of selected venture capital firms that are actively investing in Chicago. All of them will look at technology related startups, although many invest in additional industries, as well. Please research them at their linked websites, to see who may be the best fit for you.

I organized this list in terms of stage of investment focus, from early to late stage investors. Red Rocket Ventures Blog (Startup Advisor & Growth Consulting) Red Rocket Ventures Blog (Startup Advisor & Growth Consulting) Never Mind Online. Come Offline. The Rahul Yadav Story You’ve Never Heard Before. [Image source] Forex Documents List.