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Zentangle® Hi All, I know this isn't watercolor, although I do combine it with watercolors sometimes, but I'm answering the question that was raised in this morning's "WASH" as to what zentangle® is.


I've become a Certified Zentangle Teacher, or CZT, since I used to hang around here in WC and I just wanted to post this somewhere where those who asked the question as to what zentangle® is would see the answer. (My making anywhere near beginning of the "Daily Wash" thread is a rarity.) I imagine this would normally be posted in a "Mixed Media" forum. Please accept my apologies for this one-time breach of WC etiquette. Yes, as someone said, and to put it simply, zentangle® is a meditative form of art using repetitive patterns. The Zentangle Art Class - The Creative Art Academy. The Zentangle Art Class is a comprehensive video course that comes with fun downloads and 14 unique video classes that cover all the Zentangle basics.

The Zentangle Art Class - The Creative Art Academy

This is the perfect class for beginners and new tanglers. Join Mahe Zehra CZT on video as she shares the 8 steps of the Zentangle method, her favorite supplies to tangle with, lots of tangles, projects and even life lessons that she learnt from practicing the Zentangle art form. If you’ve been wondering what Zentangle is all about then now is the time to learn more.

Doodle Art, Explore the magic of the doodle! Doodling How to get started. Zentangling for Beginners. Zentangle - Pattern steps / how to draw on Pinterest. Tangle patterns. TANGLES and STUFF. New tangle or tangleation? What do you this a new tangle or a tangleation of keeko?

New tangle or tangleation?

It starts with keeko but reminds me of the knots in macramé. Years ago I loved making macramé pot plant hangers and wall hangings so I thought a good name might be mak-rah-mee (the pronunciation from the dictionary). You can just do one knot or add as many as you like in lines or random over your tile. Loop, tie, weave and tangle. A fun way to get yourself in a knot! Outlines to Copy. Outlines to Copy I am posting outlines that you can add doodle patterns too, and you are free to use however you wish.

Outlines to Copy

I will post a new one or maybe two each week for you to use. I have added a Mr Linky so that those who want to, can post their results. Step-by-steps & patterns. Examples of this and alternative method here I draw string a lot so it's all over the blog.

Step-by-steps & patterns

See also here and here. ("Well" is an official Zentangle pattern - this is just my spin on it) See an example of Morning Glories here See samples of bloom here. My zentangle book "All the Zentangle Patterns in the World (that I could find and draw)". My zentangle book "All the Zentangle Patterns in the World (that I could find and draw)" ZENTANGLE. Zentangle - Zendoodle Patterns. Patterns that I have developed. My step outs are sometimes crazy, I usually find myself using a new pattern in a zentangle and then try to figure out how someone else could do the same.

Patterns that I have developed

My mind isn’t always logical but this is what happens. Tangle. How-To: Official Zentangles by Maria and Rick, Founders. Tangle Tangle Tangle. Doodle Art, Explore the magic of the doodle! Doodle Daze Designs & Zentangles. How-To: Official Zentangles by Maria and Rick, Founders. This would make a great tangle. Doodling How to get started. Zentangle patterns and tutorials. Examples of Zentangle Project.

Tangle Tangle Tangle. Zentangle Tutorials. Livre motif zentangle. A little lime: Step-by-steps & patterns. Zentangles, Mandalas, Doodles and Drawing. Doodle vs Zentangle. How to draw AURA-LEAH. By Linda Farmer, CZT Here’s another simple and lovely tangle pattern from South Africa’s Carla du Preez.

How to draw AURA-LEAH

She’s named this one Aura-Leah. You may recall that Carla recently added the fun Pop-Cloud tangle to our repertoire. Carla writes “I love the flow and simplicity of the lines. It feels as if I am breathing deeply when I draw it. Here are Carla’s steps for drawing Aura-Leah and some written instructions to guide you. Image copyright the artist and used with permission, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Check out the tag carladp for more of Carla’s patterns on You might also like: Bilt-001.jpg (JPEG Image, 1700 × 2338 pixels) - Scaled (32%) Tangle patterns. Half Onions. I’m Stumpt! Tanglefish. Our Tangles . . . Zenplosion Folds Tangle Pattern. I went to the 212 Cake Eater's Group last Friday and saw some wonderful fabric art.

Zenplosion Folds Tangle Pattern

One of the fabric artists presented some lovely felted pillows she created using old sweater pieces as her medium. The pillow centerpieces were these wonderful little textured birds, they were great. It made me want to cut up my old sweaters and try them, I don't sew. Lot's of fun creative stuff. I also got to see one of the pen's (in person) that Maria Thomas uses for the introduction to the Zentangle Mooka video. Anyway, the day began with fabric discussions and beautiful quilts and that fabulous pen, then I went to my friend Diane's home and she showed me a book she had gotten from her sister in-law.

How to draw DOOLEEDO. By Linda Farmer, CZT Here’s another simple, fun tangle pattern for you.

How to draw DOOLEEDO

Dooleedo is from Ksenija Vojisavljevic and as she has done with some of her other tangles, Ksenija’s steps includes ways to vary the pattern for a little different look. Dooleedo is especially for those of you who love continuous line tangles. And while Dooleedo is quite simple, just like Paradox I think you’ll find it will challenge your concentration. There are oodles of creative options for embellishing Dooleedo too. My Dooleedo example combines Ksenija’s first variation shown below (curving lines in), and the addition of extra lines shown in her second variation (curving lines out). Vigne tangle pattern. These are the steps for 'Vigne'.

Vigne tangle pattern

There are a variety of vine patterns out there but I think this is different enough to step out on it's own. (If not PLEASE let me know!) How to draw ANGEL FISH. By Linda Farmer, CZT Marizaan van Beek, a colleague from my CZT#7 class last October, is from Pretoria, South Africa, one of two CZTs in that country. Shattuck.jpg. How to draw SAND SWIRL. By Linda Farmer, CZT Here’s another tangle pattern I just love and I think you will too. It’s simple, it’s flexible, and it’s mesmerizing to draw. It’s great fun to shade too. Sand Swirl is from Karry Heun who shared her Summer Sitter tangle with us earlier this year. This tangle is so much fun to draw and in true Zentangle® style, there’s no thinking or planning involved.

How to draw UNDLING. Floret. Afterglo. Tangle Vermont. July 2016: Friends General Conference Summer Gathering, St. Cloud, MN Zentangle Intergenerational Workshop (taught by Sadelle) FGC Summer GatheringNO SUMMER CLASSESNov 5 2016: Genesis Spiritual Life & Conference Center, Westfield, MA Spirit of Zentangle - All day workshop (taught by Sadelle) Register HERELabyrinth Walks will return in the FallLabyrinth programs and walk schedule can be found onwww.thetangledlabyrinth.comZentangle Private Lessons Available More Zentangle, Art & Labyrinth workshops coming this spring.Workshops for home, office, special interest groups and organizations... Contact us for more information The Zentangle® art form and method was created by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. Learn more at Doodles & Patterns. Dion Dior & More...: Autumn Whimsy. Line Design Explained : Deluxe Edition. I was asked if I could go into a bit more detail concerning the Line Design "process".

I think the easiest way is with a few more pictures than my previous post on "how to". I hope this helps...and as always...if you ever have questions about anything on my blog...e-mail me at The materials you need for this project are good drawing paper(9x12...but could be done any size), Sharpie Marker, and your choice of media(see the bottom of this post for some ideas). Start with a gentle curve line across the paper. Don't go too crazy hilly with the will make it difficult in the steps that are to come! Place eight dots on the line spaced at different distances. Go dot - to - dot across the entire line. As you are going dot -to- dot, you need to "camp out" on some of the segments.

Zentangle. Some Zentangle Play...... I did this while watching TV a while back, in my Art journal. So relaxing. Line Design w/Shading - 4th Grade. It's that time of year again! Fairy Tangles. Enthusiastic Artist. Zentangle Untangled. I met Kass Hall last year as fellow exhibitors at the monster Papercraft Show in Brisbane. : For my fellow tangle junkies: some thoughts on collecting and organizing tangle patterns.

I'm a perfectionist. Outlines to Copy. Zentangle: Meditation Through Pattern-Drawing. By Maria Popova If greater creativity and more mental balance are among your new year’s resolutions, look no further than Zentangle — a type of meditation achieved through pattern-making, created by artist duo Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts. Each pattern is built one line at a time, organically combining simple patterns into complex zentangles in unplanned, unexpected ways that grow, change and unfold on the page as you enter an immersive state of flow. Oodles of Doodles.

ZENTANGLES and STUFF. This is Wheelz. I just put it on our blog - ... Zentangle Patterns. Tangle Tangle Tangle. Tangle of the Week - Finery. Zentangle: Meditation Through Pattern-Drawing. Tangled icosahedrons - Enthusiastic Artist. Cameo - New Pattern. ZENTANGLES and STUFF. TangleTangleTangle's blog. Zentangle Templates. Doodling How to get started. Step-by-steps & patterns. My zentangle book "All the Zentangle Patterns in the World (that I could find and draw)"

Examples of Zentangle Project. Tangle Pattern. Flickr - Photo Sharing. Heart Zentangle tree. Doodling How to get started. Doodle vs Zentangle. Tangles and Doodles. Zentangles. Zentangles - a gallery on Flickr. Zentangles and Doodling Art. Enthusiastic Artist. Zetangle ou Zendalas. My tangles. Margaret BremnerArtist and Certified Zentangle Teacher Here you'll find links to the blog posts where I show the steps for creating tangle patterns I've developed. They are alphabetical. Click on the name of the tangle, not the picture of it.