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Chapter 1: Maintainance

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Working... ► Play all Urbanization André Chercka8 videos5 viewsLast updated on May 18, 2016 Play all Sign in to YouTube Sign in History Sign in to add this to Watch Later. Benefits and Advantages of Green Roofs for Building Owners, Community. Before Green Infrastructure After Green Infrastructure For the Building Owner: Regular Roof Green Roof Expand roof life 2x3 times (up to 60 years) Reduce air-conditioning costs Reduce winter heating costs Stormwater management tool Up to 15 LEED credits Government and municipality incentives Improve public relations Transform dead space into garden space For the Community: Reduce stormwater runoff Reduce city “heat island” effect Reduce smog and improve air quality Reduce noise Reduce energy demand Improve aesthetics Provide green space For the Environment: Prevent combined sewer overflow Reduce carbon monoxide impact Remove nitrogen pollution from rain Neutralize acid rain effect Provide habitat for wildlife Sketches courtesy of Dachbegrunung: Luxus Oder Notwendigkeit - 1976.

Benefits and Advantages of Green Roofs for Building Owners, Community

What is a Green Roof? An aerial view of most urban areas shows swathes of asphalt, black tar and gravel-ballasted rooftops.

What is a Green Roof?

Heat radiates off of the dark roofs, and water rushes over the hard, hopefully impermeable surfaces. Yet, there is a new trend that breaks up the monotony of common roofs: green rooftops. Long popular in Europe, green rooftops have begun to appeal to homeowners, businesses and even cities as an attractive way to promote environmentalism while solving the problems of conventional roofs. Green roofs supplement traditional vegetation without disrupting urban infrastructure -- they take a neglected space and make it useful.

Green roofs last longer than conventional roofs, reduce energy costs with natural insulation, create peaceful retreats for people and animals, and absorb storm water, potentially lessening the need for complex and expensive drainage systems. Green Roof Benefits. Green roofs offer many public, private, and design-based benefits.

Green Roof Benefits

Please Note: while there are similarities among green roofs, each installation is unique. Hence, all technical performance details provided will vary by region, climate, building and green roof type and design. These figures are provided as generic examples only and should not be used for designing projects. GRHC (Green Roofs for Healthy Cities) Corporate Members and Green Roof Professionals are an excellent source of green roof expertise. Resource manuals are available from GRHC’s Green Infrastructure Store. Public Benefits Aesthetic Improvement Urban greening has long been promoted as an easy and effective strategy for beautifying the built environment and increasing investment opportunity. Waste Diversion Green roofs can contribute to landfill diversion by: Stormwater Management Moderation of Urban Heat Island Effect Improved Air Quality New Amenity Spaces Herb Garden on Fairmount Waterfront Hotel, Vancouver, BC.

Marketing. Chicago Roof Decks, Pergolas, And Patios - Urban Rooftops - Chicago Roof Decks. URBAN ROOFTOP FARMING. There is a new trend happening that I’m really excited about.


Urban rooftop farming is really starting to take off around the globe, and I’m proud to say that the U.S. boasts some of the biggest and finest rooftop farms in the world. I lived in San Francisco for about 6 years, in North Beach, which is one of the most densely populated areas of the second most densely populated city in America. I adore San Francisco, and the only reason I moved out of the city was to get back to basics and more in touch with the land, the soil, and the food chain.

If I had the access to this amazing trend, I might still be there! Although New York City seems to be the leader in this movement, you’ll find rooftop farmsIn cities like Detroit and St. Thanks to compa nies like Sky Vegetables, Chicago Specialty Gardens, and the Landscaping Network in New York, rooftop garden design specialists are popping up everywhere. And of course, there’s the obvious reasons why rooftop gardens are a good idea. Similar post. Roles in construction.

Top 15 Green Home Building Techniques and Ideas. With the constantly changing environment around us, it’s important to be environmentally aware and active.

Top 15 Green Home Building Techniques and Ideas

It’s even more important when you consider how much money you can save by building a green home. The methods and ways you can go about changing your home from an emission-producing powerhouse into more of a greenhouse are easy and simple concepts. Everything you can think of in order to save energy can be implemented in creating a green space for you and your family. Being aware of energy saving benefits, making the switch from waste producing products to more environmentally friendly products, and much more.

By creating and managing a green home for you and your family to live in, not only will you be engaging in a positive atmosphere – but also you’ll be passing on the lessons and importance of surrounding environmental issues to the rest of your family. Some Cost Effective Benefits of Going Green in Your Day-To-Day Life 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.