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Sites d'inspiration/hors construction. Systèmes constructifs. Sites de veille architecture. Sites de veille BTP. The affordable passive house, assembling polystyrene blocks PSE separated by wooden boards. Home - HUF HAUS. Sustainable Modular Home Designs Australia. Prefabricated design homes. Modern wooden houses. Constructeur archi-design. LivingHomes - Modern Modular Prefab Homes. Modern, Green, Premium Prefab Homes. Proven Technology. The 11-gauge galvanized steel components used in a BONE Structure home are precision-designed on 3D software and precision punched or laser cut.

Proven Technology

The structure can be anchored to any type of foundation such as a walk-out basement, concrete slab, insulating concrete form (ICF) or pillars using our patented XYZ BONE Ankle System. Exterior columns are at 5-foot intervals and enable you to build spaces up to 25 feet without having to break up the space with intermediate columns or load-bearing walls.