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5D Mark II consultants and 7D DIT - The Bui Brothers. Images. - Megaupload Search Engine. TinEye Reverse Image Search. Media: TV, Print, Online, Jobs, Ranking. Vocal Warm-ups. Photography tutorials. Photoshop. The Ultimate Guide To Cloning In Photoshop - Smashing Magazine. Advertisement Photoshop’s wide array of cloning tools is the cause of many of the absolute best and worst works created with the application.

The Ultimate Guide To Cloning In Photoshop - Smashing Magazine

In a skilled and experienced hand, these tools lead to phenomenal results. In the hands of a careless artist, Photoshop cloning can be disastrous to the credibility of the result. This article introduces the several cloning tools available in Photoshop and goes over the proper usage and best practices of each. The Clone Stamp Tool The Clone Stamp tool is the oldest and most widely known of the cloning tools.

Use the “Option” key (“Alt”) to set the source. To clone out the name on the tombstone above, you would select a source that shares the texture of the area you want to replace. To begin, simply click on the preferred source area while holding down the “Option” key (“Alt” on a PC). To be able to use this tool effectively, let’s look at the relevant settings. Basic Settings: Brush The clone stamp’s basic settings. Basic Settings: Sample The Patch Tool. Tutorial Outpost – Photoshop Tutorials, Flash Tutorials, and more! 60 greatest photo-manipulation tutorials ever!

60 greatest photo-manipulation tutorials ever!

60 greatest photo-manipulation tutorials ever!

Posted by Richie on Wednesday, December 23, 2009 · 4 Comments After seeing all the amazing photo manipulations by many talented artists from around the design globe, I wanted to post an article containing the best photo manipulation tutorials that have been written on the web. I have searched many sites to come up with 60 of the best there is.

Photo manipulation is an extreme art of digital design. Not only does it require a lot of skills in Photoshop, Cinema 4D and other tools, but it also requires a wide range of imagination and a hell a lot of patience. In this article, I have rounded up 60 of the best photo manipulation tutorials ever. Create Glass transparency in a cute photo manipulations Create a fantasy map illustration Blend a Planet transparently into a Photo manipulation Mold Paint splatter into a face in Photoshop Create a Photo manipulation with your own photos and textures Create a chilling Photo manipulation Photoshop your own money. Interview with Photomanipulation Master, Erik Johansson. Interview with Photomanipulation Master, Erik Johansson Posted by Richie on Saturday, February 6, 2010 · 34 Comments Photo manipulation are always fascinating to look at, because they separate reality from what we actually see.

Interview with Photomanipulation Master, Erik Johansson

When done with utmost perfection, it looks so stunning that one cannot find the difference between what is real and what is not. In this article, we will meet one such artist who’s works are quite familiar to almost everyone because they are featured in most of the popular websites. Erik Johansson is a student and a photographer in Sweden and when he sits down to create some of his art works, he really means business.

Erik was gracious and obliging enough to answer a few questions about himself and his works and I consider it an absolute honor to feature someone of his caliber. 1) First of all we would like to thank you for taking the time to inspire us with this interview. Isolating Subjects on a White Background With Photoshop.