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Vocabulary Site. Library of Congress Classification PDF Files. About LCC - A-BX - C-F - G-J - K-KZ - L-N - P-PZ - Q-S - T-Z - About the Library of Congress Classification PDF Files This page provides print-ready PDF files of Library of Congress classification schedules.

Library of Congress Classification PDF Files

Data for these files was selected in February 2020. For users desiring enhanced functionality, LCC is included in the web-based subscription product, Classification Web. Earlier editions are available here but should not be used for cataloging. Back to Top. CATCH Vocabulary and Alignment Repository. This page contains information on the SKOS vocabulary and alignment service that is developed for the CATCH programme.

CATCH Vocabulary and Alignment Repository

Access The public version of the service is currently available at Paper. Home — Iconclass. Encyclopedia of KO. Knowledge organization: general and historical issues Discipline and adjacent disciplines: ; ; Archival science; Archive, library and museum studies (ABM); Bibliography; ; Metaphysics and ontology; Science History of classification and KO: 2, 3; Movements and bodies: Classification Research Group (CRG); Biographical articles (non-living persons only, by birth time): Aristotle; Conrad Gesner; Carl Linnaeus; Auguste Comte; Paul Otlet; Henry E.

Encyclopedia of KO

Bliss; Jean-Claude Gardin; Susan Leigh Star Core concepts in KO Theoretical concepts: Category; Concept; ; Hierarchy; Semantic relation; Theme; Title; Specific document types, genres and media: Database; Encyclopedia; Gazetteer; National bibliography; Patent Knowledge organizing systems (KOS) Knowledge organizing processes (KOP) Thesaurus principles and practice. Linked Open Vocabularies. NKOS (Networked Knowledge Organization Systems) Conservation controlled vocabularies. The AAT is a thesaurus containing generic terms, dates, relationships, sources, and notes for work types, roles, materials, styles, cultures, techniques, and other concepts related to art, architecture, and other cultural heritage (e.g., amphora, oil paint, olieverf, acetolysis, sintering, orthographic drawings, Olmeca, Rinascimento, Buddhism, watercolors, asa-no-ha-toji, sralais).

Conservation controlled vocabularies

"The four Getty vocabularies are intended to provide terminology and other information about the objects, artists, concepts, and places important to various disciplines that specialize in art, architecture, and material culture. The AAT contains generic terms; it contains no iconographic subjects and no proper names. That is, each concept is a case of many (a generic thing), not a case of one (a specific thing). For example, the generic term cathedral is in the AAT, but the specific proper name Chartres Cathedral is out of scope for the AAT (it would be included in CONA instead). " Alphabetical List. Welcome to Type Evidence: A Thesaurus for Use in Rare Book and Special Collections Cataloging The introductory text from the print edition is available.

Alphabetical List

To view a term record, click on its first letter from the list below. The Alphabetical List contains unapproved terms and references. To determine whether a term is approved and to determine appropriate usage as described in the Scope Note the full term record must be consulted. You may also find a term's relationships in the hierarchy by clicking "Hierarchical View" within the record, or by choosing "Hierarchical List" and browsing through the alphabet or from a list of top terms. FF Vocabulary Project.

FF Vocabulary Project Standardized Terms for Contemporary Avant-Garde Art by Leilani Dawson Introduction Standardized vocabularies are of critical importance to scholars choosing and locating research materials, for these descriptors allow sources to be identified.

FF Vocabulary Project

Subjects/genres/categories for organizing zine libraries. Listing various ways to categorize zines.

Subjects/genres/categories for organizing zine libraries

Please feel free to add your library’s categories. The Factsheet Five genre terms: quirkymedleybooksrecordingscatalogs & stuffsexfilmfringepublishingmusicpunkgrrrlzpersonalhumorspiritualityqueerpoliticsarts & letterscomix. Anchor Archive Zine Library. Lexiconecceliber.


Meus grupos em - Grupos do Google. Art Documentation: Journal of the Art Libraries Society of North America: Vol 2, No 3/4. Vocabulário Colaborativo em Artes e Arquitetura. NKOS (Networked Knowledge Organization Systems) NKOS-Dublin Core Application Profile. Authority file: _see*name authority list categorization scheme : loosely formed grouping scheme [1] classification scheme : schedule of concepts and pre-coordinated combinations of concepts, arranged by classification [2] dictionary** :** a reference source containing words usually alphabetically arranged along with information about their forms, pronunciations, functions, etymologies, meanings, and syntactical and idiomatic uses [3] gazetteer : geospatial dictionary of named and typed places [1] glossary** :** a collection of textual glosses or of specialized terms with their meanings [3] list : a limited set of terms arranged as a simple alphabetical list or in some other logically evident way; containing no relationships of any kind [4] name authority list : controlled vocabulary for use in naming particular entities consistently [2] ontology : A formal model that allows knowledge to be represented for a specific domain.

NKOS-Dublin Core Application Profile

Library of Congress Subject Headings PDF Files. Index of /aba/publications/FreeLCSH Name Last modified Size Description. Change the Subject - Hopkins Center. The power of words is incalculable.

Change the Subject - Hopkins Center

While researching immigration at Dartmouth, Melissa Padilla ’17 kept encountering the term “Illegal Aliens” as a library subject heading. Subject headings are created by the Library of Congress as categorical descriptions and are essential to how libraries collect, organize and disseminate books and other materials.This controlled vocabulary determines how library users find information across the US and impacts how people think, write and communicate. Committed to promoting the rights and dignity of undocumented peoples, Melissa, Oscar Ruben Cornejo Casares ’17 and other student activists petitioned Baker-Berry Library to change its terminology. When that failed, they went to the source. The Library of Congress considered their petition … and then Congress got involved. This engaging and important documentary was made possible by widespread campus support and directed by Sawyer Broadley ’08 and librarian Jill Baron.

Etherington & Roberts. Dictionary. Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology.

Etherington & Roberts. Dictionary

British Museum Object Names Thesaurus. Contents IntroductionRules for Compilation of the ThesaurusBibliographyWorking PartyList of Top Terms for the Object Names ThesaurusCopyrightAlphabetical listing with relationships:A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, ZSimple list of terms:A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z Note on This Version Introduction A Collections Data Management Section (CDMS) Working Party was set up in the 1980s to analyse the terms used to record object names in the British Museum, and to incorporate them into an on-line thesaurus. Hierarchical and other standard thesaural relationships were added, as well as explanatory notes where appropriate. The thesaurus architecture is based on ISO 2788. Curatorial advice has been sought at all stages of the project, and a number of publications were consulted, which are listed in the bibliography.

PT: Preferred Term. New Applications of Knowledge Organization Systems: introduction to a special issue. While Web search engines have made advances in recent years, the problems of keyword searching are well known. Significant differences in results stem from trivial variations in search statements. These problems can be alleviated by controlled vocabularies, which also serve as a resource for expressing an indexing concept or information need. Knowledge Organization Systems/Services (KOS), such as classifications, gazetteers, lexical databases, ontologies, taxonomies and thesauri, model the underlying semantic structure of a domain.

Embodied as Web-based services, they can facilitate resource discovery and retrieval. They act as semantic road maps and make possible a common orientation by indexers and future users (whether human or machine). New networked KOS (NKOS) services and applications are emerging and we are reaching the stage where we might begin to exploit common representations and protocols for distributed use. Wikidata:WikiProject Visual arts/Item structure. People and organisations in the visual arts[edit] Creators[edit] Individual artists Artist collectives - groups of artists working together Typical occupations in the visual arts Useful visual-arts-related bibliographical encyclopedias and their items of which some need a little care: Allgemeines Künstlerlexikon (Q15791802) (German; online with paywall; based on Thieme-Becker (Q1361256); daughters: Nürnberger Künstlerlexikon (Q21531823), Künstlerlexikon der Antike (Q1797179)); Neues allgemeines Künstler-Lexicon (Q15275409) (German; old); Benezit Dictionary of Artists (Q2929945) (French/English; online) Those not visual-arts-related: Österreichisches Biographisches Lexikon 1815–1950 (Q25666) (German; online), Große Bayerische Biographische Enzyklopädie (Q41626459) (German; online) Common properties (including authority control)[edit]

NKOS (Networked Knowledge Organization Systems) Conservation controlled vocabularies. Vocabulário Colaborativo em Artes e Arquitetura. Home. Basel Register of Thesauri, Ontologies & Classifications. Vocabulário Controlado do SIBiUSP. Fondements épistémologiques et théoriques de la science de l’information ... - Widad Mustafa El Hadi. Vocabulary Management Tools - Western Name Authority File Project. The areas that we are evaluating each tool on include: Technical Support RequirementsSoftware type (backend, middleware, framework, complete solution)Batch Import SupportBatch editing of controlled vocabulary termsLOD publishingAdvanced search capabilitiesBrowse capabilitiesLocal URI supportData models supportedCollaborative WorkflowsAPI availabilityData visualizationOpen Source Software Development SupportSPARQL EndpointEase of Installation for Digital Infrastructure DevelopmentOngoing support considerations from Digital Infrastructure Development and recommendationsTime to installTriple Store dependency.

Linked Open Vocabularies. Multilingual Glossary for Art Librarians - Section of Art Libraries. AAT Editorial Guidelines: 1.1 Introduction to Guidelines. Introduction to Vocabularies: Enhancing Access to Cultural Heritage Information - Elisa Lanzi. Artículos. El Art - Architecture ThesaurusUna herramienta necesaria para la normalización del vocabulario - Revista Museos, N° 24, 2000 1 Lina Nagel y Francisca del Valle 2 Desde abril del año 2000 el Centro de Documentación de Bienes Patrimoniales3 está desarrollando el proyecto “Desarrollo, Administración y Difusión del Art & Architecture Thesaurus en español”.

Proyecto a tres años plazo financiado en su totalidad por el Getty Grant Program4, para continuar de esta forma la labor comenzada por el Centro de Documentación a fines del año 1996 y en esa oportunidad, con financiamiento propio5. Preservation Schemes (all) - LC Linked Data Service: Authorities and Vocabularies. Preservation events. Tesauro. Tgm1. 8:44 AM 4/4/2017 1970s USE: Nineteen seventies FUN: Formerly TGMI term (nonpostable). VocBench: A Collaborative Management System for SKOS-XL Thesauri.  5127:2017(en), Information and documentation — Foundation and vocabulary.

AATWebServices Web Service. AATWebServices AAT Web Services The following operations are supported. Start [ResearchSpace] Depressed center flatcars [en] Objects Facet | Furnishings and Equipment (hierarchy name) | Transportation Vehicles (hierarchy name) | vehicles (transportation) | land vehicles | <land vehicles by form> | guideway vehicles | rail guideway vehicles | railroad cars | freight cars | <freight cars by form> | flatcars | depressed center flatcars.

Alphabetic list: A Artists' Books Thesaurus. Artists' Books Thesaurus. Introduction to Metadata: Intro to Metadata.