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Cambridge. TeachingEnglish. Home – MUSIC Model of Motivation. 'Disciplined Discussion' – As Easy as ABC. This practical post on a couple of teaching and learning strategies is wholly indebted to an excellent trio of posts from Doug Lemov, of ‘Practice Perfect‘ and ‘Teach Like A Champion‘ fame.

'Disciplined Discussion' – As Easy as ABC

His series is based on the concept of ‘disciplined discussion‘. I love this simple phrase as it neatly summarises an essential component of learning that we should think deeply about: carefully constructed and scaffolded student talk, with high quality feedback. There is a whole world of difference between students simply chatting away with the alleged intent of learning and the focused, disciplined discussion that Lemov advocates. Getting started with Assessment for Learning. Glossary Active learning Learning which engages students and challenges their thinking, using a variety of activities.

Assessment for learning Essential teaching strategies during learning to help teachers and students evaluate progress in terms of understanding and skills acquisition, providing guidance and feedback for subsequent teaching and learning. Closed question A question that can be answered with either a single word (usually ‘yes’ or ‘no’) or a short phrase and the choice of answers is limited. School behaviour management case studies report. - Home. School workload reduction toolkit. How to use the toolkit The resources in this toolkit have been produced by school leaders, teachers and other sector experts in conjunction with the Department for Education (DfE), and have been tested with a range of schools across England.

School workload reduction toolkit

You can use these resources to: identify workload issues in your school address workload issues in your school (such as feedback and marking) evaluate the impact of workload reduction measures You can adapt these resources to fit your school context. They can help you start to reduce workload, or can complement what you’re already doing to reduce workload.