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Millennials, le donne di 30 anni che non sognano né un marito né un figlio. Puntano prima a realizzarsi nella carriera. Gli anni 90 in uno spot, indovinate chi guarda al passato. Generazione Y. This Gen Z Infographic Can Help Marketers Get Wise to the Future. We've all heard plenty about millenials (or Generation Y), those born between 1976 and 1994.

This Gen Z Infographic Can Help Marketers Get Wise to the Future

But as that generation continues to age, marketers are starting to shift their attention to the next generation—Generation Z, those born in 1995 or later. Some of them are already old enough to be in college, and it won't be long before they have careers and families. At 25.9 percent, per research by agency Sparks & Honey, Generation Z makes up the largest population demographic, so its appeal to marketers is obvious. And while this group shares some qualities with its predecessor, there are also some distinct differences between Generation Z and millenials. Millenials grew up alongside the Internet.

As Generation Z's influence inevitably grows, marketers will be forced to adapt to engage this audience in new ways. 20 Tumblr Stats Marketers Can’t Ignore. Recently I learned about Tumblr from my teenage daughter and thought I would share my thoughts here on this blog.

20 Tumblr Stats Marketers Can’t Ignore

The more I learn about Tumblr, the more I see it has everything. From the downright inspirational to the gutturally profane. Yup, Tumblr has it all. Go figure The service now hosts 138.6 million blogs complete with a whopping 62.3 billion posts at the time of this article was written. How To Become Tumblr Famous With Our Lazy Girl's Guide. Tuesday, October 15, 2013 Ashley Reese.

How To Become Tumblr Famous With Our Lazy Girl's Guide

10 Twitter Accounts & Tumblr Blogs That'll Make You Smarter. Let’s be honest, we all like to think that we’re incredibly intelligent young women.

10 Twitter Accounts & Tumblr Blogs That'll Make You Smarter

Hey, most of us are. But why keep our smarty pants side all bottled up on the inside when you can share it with the world? Better yet, why bottle it up when you can share it with someone you want to impress, like a guy or a girl on a date? 35 Funny, Hilarious, Clever Tumblr Posts That Will Mkae You LOL. Tumblr is one of my absolute favorite sites on the Internet.

35 Funny, Hilarious, Clever Tumblr Posts That Will Mkae You LOL

I still remember how thrilled I was to discover it a few years ago, before it became as popular as it is today. At first, Tumblr was just about posting pictures of exceptionally pretty or cool things, but it quickly morphed into a place where the funniest, weirdest, most clever people on the Internet got together to create amazing posts. Seriously, Tumblr is the best. If you’re ever bored, just scroll through the site for a few hours and I promise you’ll never want to look away. Akilah Hughes Shows You How To Be An Introvert According To Tumblr. The 10 Stages Of Getting Into A Fight On Tumblr. Thursday, January 22, 2015 Ashley Reese Whether you’re in a fight about racism with some random kid from your science class on Facebook, or you’re subtweeting about someone’s try-hard selfie, internet brawls are pretty commonplace these days.

The 10 Stages Of Getting Into A Fight On Tumblr

Seriously, it’s about as interesting as removing your eye gunk in the morning. Some fights are a lot more serious and traumatizing than others, but let’s be real: Even the most serious of topics end up devolving into petty bickering and snarky gifs. I millennial italiani, tra disincanto e flessibilità. I millennial italiani, tra disincanto e flessibilità. Sindrome “Millennials” Il presente è ciò che conta.

Sindrome “Millennials”

Sindrome “Millennials” Giovani, tra web e social i millennials passano 18 ore a contatto con i media. "Capacità multitasking" Generazione Y, spendaccioni, ottimisti e senza lavoro! Perfetti..... I millennial italiani, tra disincanto e flessibilità. Perché non parliamo dei principi di Internet? Abbonati subito a Wired.

Perché non parliamo dei principi di Internet?

ABCDigital, i nativi digitali portano a scuola gli over 60. Abbonati subito a Wired.

ABCDigital, i nativi digitali portano a scuola gli over 60

Offerta limitata. Kim Kardashian rivela 5 segreti per aumentare seguaci su Instagram. Coco Rocha: «Ci vuole più passione in rete» 10 segni che stai diventando hipster. Ge Italia, un progetto-pilota per far convivere tre generazioni. G enerazioni a confronto.

Ge Italia, un progetto-pilota per far convivere tre generazioni

Baby boomers, generazione X e generazione Y finalmente insieme. Per imparare a conoscersi meglio. Generation Y in social media. Nowadays more than before are the employers challenged by the generation Y. People who are in their twenties now are young, self-confident, well-educated and disloyal to their workplace. As a first generation having grown up with digital media they take advantage of new technologies in every aspect of their life. They consequently expect the same from their employers – even if those are not ready for the challenge they are about to face.

Generation Y also called Millenials had been born during the early 1980s and the late 1990s. Anatomy of a Tumblr. It’s what you know. And also who you know… Go Book Yourself would not work if the content weren’t good. Full stop. Don’t Mess Up Tumblr: Five Lessons Learned From YouTube. When Google purchased YouTube there was lots of skepticism and outright derision.

Today analysts estimate its enterprise value is approaching $20 billion. So I guess it all worked out, eh? Being one of the first Googlers to join YouTube after the acquisition taught me a lot about what works, and doesn’t work, when you bring a fast growing community property into a larger entity. There are clearly parallels between our situation in 2007 and what Tumblr will experience with Yahoo. Marissa is a friend from our time together at Google and I’m impressed, but not surprised, by her decisiveness and vision. Boqueria Restaurant. Not many recipes require you to burn the bejesus out of some perfectly good vegetables, but that’s because not many recipes are as fun and delicious as escalivada. ~ GET THE RECIPE VIDEO HERE! On a “Quest” for something different! Introducing the next wine from our featured winemaker Castell d’Encus;“Quest” Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, Merlot.

NBA Through the Lens. Urban Outfitters Tumblr. Graphic Design Blog. In Design, Empathy is Not Enough. In Design, Empathy is Not Enough About 10 years ago, I worked on a project for a new system for people with diabetes. We talked with many people who had diabetes or who helped educate diabetics. I even wore an insulin pump around for several days.

In short, we were building up subject matter knowledge and empathy for the people we were designing for. During this user research phase many of us (myself included) started to have actual nightmares that we had diabetes. The Quick and Dirty Guide to Tumblr for Small Business. This post originally appeared on the American Express OPEN Forum, where Mashable regularly contributes articles about leveraging social media and technology in small business. With the rise of Pinterest and Tumblr's astounding growth, it seems that 2012 may be the year of the visual platform. Tumblr surpassed 15 billion monthly pageviews in January, and Pinterest is driving some serious traffic to retailers. We've already covered some best practices for brands on Pinterest, but if you're looking to mix up your content creation, try Tumblr.

To date, there have been 16,827,658,845 posts on the site, so isn't it time you get it on the action? 4 Ways to Use Tumblr to Connect With Customers. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn–these are the darlings of the content marketing and social media worlds. But one platform is almost never mentioned. It is Tumblr, a network ideal for photo and video integration, as well as reaching out to a niche demographic.

Benefits of Being on Tumblr Tumblr boasts 39 million users, half of whom are under the age of 25. Since the bigger social networks have more varied demographics, it offers marketers a chance to connect with a defined audience. And because photos and videos are proven to be more engaging than text online, this micro-blogging site is the perfect place to connect with users on more than one front. A Guide to Tumblr Advertising and Marketing. On Tuesday, Yahoo chief Marissa Mayer told investors that Tumblr would likely make more than $100 million in 2015.

In our series this week, we learned that the social platform's millennial-leaning user base has grown 33 percent since Mayer and her team purchased it for $1.1 billion. And we examined how mobile advertising will be key if the company is to hit predictions like the one she set yesterday. "More than 260 of the world's top brands have a Tumblr presence," Mayer said. Whether those marketers are seeing a strong return-on-investment remains to be seen. 10 segni che stai diventando hipster. A Guide to Tumblr Advertising and Marketing. From Their Favorite Digital Devices to Lena Dunham, This Is What Millennials Really Want. What do you think of when you hear or read the word millennial? Perhaps a smartphone-addicted twentysomething who spends her free time posting selfies on Instagram, sharing BuzzFeed lists on Facebook and creating socially conscious hashtags on Twitter? Or an overeducated, underemployed, not-so-recent college grad living at home with parents who raised him to believe he’s the most special snowflake?

Or maybe Lena Dunham? While those clichés may apply to certain members of the millennial set, what really defines the more than 74 million adults 18-34 in the U.S. is that they tend to reject such broad characterizations. So rather than checking the latest research, talking to the experts and ultimately drawing our own conclusions about what millennials want, we took to the streets of New York last week to quiz 100 members of Generation Y about everything from their social media and shopping habits to their parents to the Super Bowl. Video contains some profanity and might be nsfw.

Are These the 12 Types of Millennials? Millennials With Kids Are Not as Coddled and Image Conscious as You Think. Infographic: Everything You Need to Know About the Millennial Consumer. How Can You Reach Gen Y? AmoreTamarro. Incontriamo Gaetano CessatiArtista: Gaetano CessatiBlog: blog.gaetanocessati.comGaetano Cessati ha 32 anni e vive a Novara. “Troppe volte ho sorriso tra le lacrime." La ragazza con le lentiggini. Anna e Rosario. Se non riesci a uscire dal tunnel, arredalo. Holiday Inn Executive Talks About 175 Million Video Views and Instagram's Power.

Viacom, Tumblr Team Up to Offer Co-Branded Campaigns. AT&T’s Catherine Borda Spills the Secrets to Millennial Marketing. Here Are This Year's Shorty Award Finalists. You Can Watch the Whole First Episode of AMC's Halt & Catch Fire on Tumblr. AT&T Sits Atop Tumblr's Top 20 Sponsored Posts of 2014. Tumblr's Creatrs Network Shares Marketing Results for the Movie Ouija. NBC Turns to Tumblr to Host All the Super Bowl Ads in One Place.

Chuck Taylor. Tumblr's Creatrs Network Shares Marketing Results for the Movie Ouija. Infographic: Who’s Using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram in 2015. Hell No, Tumblr Users Won’t Go To Yahoo! The 10 Most Surprising Brands on Tumblr. Tumblr Blog Report: Sample. Brand Storytelling: Why Marissa Mayer Says Tumblr Engagement is Too Good to Ignore. 5 Reasons Tumblr Is a Good Bet for Social Media Marketers. Just 31 of the Top 100 Brands Are on Tumblr. 50 Things You Should Know About Tumblr. What Teens Really Think About YouTube, Google+, Reddit and Other Social Media — Backchannel. Simplymeasured. 20 Tumblr Stats Marketers Can’t Ignore. The 45 Best Tumblrs Of 2013. Ferguson, One Direction, Tumblr, and Why You Need to Pay Attention to Teenage Girls — @ Medium. Tumblr Takes On Medium With Upgrades To Its Writing Interface And More.

BOYFRIENDTWIN. B4-XVI beforesixteen. I Got 50,000 Tumblr Followers in 2 Years But I Can’t Show You How. Together again for the first time on TV since Will... I Worry for Tumblr. Top 25 viral Tumblr blogs of 2014. Colorful gradients. Source Code in TV and Films. It's Like They Know Us. Survivor - Beyonce Vs. Zombies. DIMLY LIT MEALS FOR ONE.

Museum of Selfies. Literary Starbucks. Taylor Swift. I make these with Garry's Mod please google it. DRUNK FURNITURE. Cosplay Kids. #WWYW. NYC Crying Guide. The Worst Cat. B4-XVI beforesixteen. BOYFRIENDTWIN. Pop Sonnets. Black Dogs Project. Top 25 viral Tumblr blogs of 2014.