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17 Free Tools for Creating Screen Capture Images and Videos 17 Free Tools for Creating Screen Capture Images and Videos When you're trying to teach people how to do something new on their computers having screencast videos or annotated screen capture images can be invaluable to you and the people you're trying to help. Here are some free tools that you can use to create screen capture videos and images. Vessenger, producers of a group messaging system, offers a free program for capturing and annotating images on your computer screen. The free program, called Snaplr, is available for Windows and Mac.
Glogster: make a poster online. It's free!

Glogster: make a poster online. It's free!

Glogster EDU is excited to announce that Glogster EDU Home is coming soon! EDU Home will bring all of the beloved features of EDU Premium, -its potential for creativity, fun, learning skills and sharing knowledge and ideas- into the home, with a product specially designed for homeschoolers, parents, care-givers and their children. Enjoy all the advantages of our school product in a smaller, more personal atmosphere, perfect for use in home instruction, or for creative, educational fun with kids.
SketchUp Em algum ponto na maioria dos projetos, você precisará transformar o modelo em um conjunto de desenhos que transmita a mensagem. O LayOut no SketchUp Pro permite adicionar visualizações de modelo a páginas, escolher escalas de desenho, ajustar pesos de linha e adicionar dimensões, chamadas e gráficos. Faça uma alteração ao seu modelo do SketchUp e veja-a automaticamente refletida no LayOut. E, quando for a hora certa, exporte PDFs, imagens e arquivos CAD. Saiba mais >> SketchUp
Xfire - Gaming Simplified For Players The Platform Tournaments for games you like Xfire the home for competitive and fun tournaments for your favorite games. Grab a team and jump into an event or create your own! Compete for Prizes and bragging rights Let’s face it - winning is more fun when you’re winning prizes! Xfire has teamed up with top gaming sponsors, publishers and communities to bring you some serious swag

Xfire - Gaming Simplified

Download SnagIt for Free - Full Licensed Version SnagIt is the best screen capture software for Windows (and a Mac version is in the work). Learn how to download SnagIt for free with a legal license key from TechSmith. TechSmith is giving away fully licensed copies of SnagIt screen capture software for free – no strings attached. To see what SnagIt can do, read these SnagIt Tips and Tricks. Other than regular screenshots, SnagIt can capture scrolling long web pages, extract text from windows, annotate images and more. Download SnagIt for Free - Full Licensed Version
Headway… is remarkable. It’s the only WordPress theme that truly lets you design your own website, the way you want it to look and behave. Zero coding required! “All that WYSIWYG drag & drop goodness comes at the cost of poor performance, right?” Nope, it really doesn’t. Headway is one of the fastest frameworks available. Headway Drag and Drop WordPress Theme

Headway Drag and Drop WordPress Theme

Welcome to App Inventor Edu | App Inventor Edu
slidestaxx - create amazing social media slideshows

slidestaxx - create amazing social media slideshows

Skip to Main Content Slidestaxx Says Good Bye! We herby announce that we will soon retire Slidestaxx. We know that some of you are using our service regularly and will be sad to see it go. We’re sad too. There are two simple reasons for this: usage of Slidestaxx has declined, and I have no time to keep the services up and running.
Software (Versión 1.5) Descripción Tocadiscos es un programa que sirve para iniciar y detener la reproducción de un disco compacto de audio mediante un switch estándar. El sonido es reforzado por imágenes que acompañan su reproducción. El principal objetivo del programa es el entrenamiento del usuario en la utilización del switch, ya que al accionarlo se desencadena un efecto claramente perceptible (el sonido complementado por la imagen). Antonio Sacco - Software Tocadiscos Antonio Sacco - Software Tocadiscos
Benvido Benvida a LIM. Dispoñible para linux (386 e amd64), windows e osX Páxina de descargas Vexa aqui as novas características O sistema Lim é un entorno para a creación de materiais educativos, composto por un editor de actividades (EdiLim), un visualizador (LIM) e un arquivo en formato XML (libro) que define as propiedades do libro e as distintas páxinas que o compoñen. Coma vantaxes podemos destacar: LIM LIM
Hot Potatoes Home Page News - 12/06/2013 Dr. Stan Bogdanov has published Hacking Hot Potatoes: The Cookbook, available in paperback, PDF and ePub format. Check it out!

Hot Potatoes Home Page