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Data Visualization

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Explore Visualizations. Data Visualization with Hanspeter Pfister. Designing Data Visualizations. D3.js - Data-Driven Documents. Information aesthetics - Data Visualization & Information Design. D3.js - Data-Driven Documents. 16 Javascript Libraries for Visualizations on Datavisualization.

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Nathalie Miebach: Art made of storms. Recorded Future - Unlock The Predictive Power Of The Web. Visualization. What Jobs Are There in Data Visualization? I got an email from Harald asking, "How does the job market for DV developers work? " I find this question, or some variation of it, in my inbox every now and then, so I thought I'd give it a shot. I am after all a graduate student who will graduate eventually, so let's take a look at some of the options. I'd like to expand on the question though, and not just focus on developers. What's the job market like for anyone who wants to do data visualization for a living? In the News Infographics in the news have been commonplace for a while now. Examples: The New York Times / MSNBC / Washington Post Design Studios There are a lot of data visualization specialists who masquerade as graphic designers. Examples: Stamen Design / Bestiario Analytics Groups Analytics is on the opposite site of the spectrum.

Example: Juice Analytics / Axis Maps Research Labs I visited AT&T research labs a few months ago, and there was a small group focused on the best way to show network graphs. Academics Freelancing. UsefulResources - CS448B Data Visualization. If you have an interesting visualization tool, resource, blog or announcement that you would like to share with the class please post them here for everyone to see.

UsefulResources - CS448B Data Visualization

Interesting Visualizations Video Blogs Quizzes Tools. CourseWiki - CS448B Data Visualization. The world is awash with increasing amounts of data, and we must keep afloat with our relatively constant perceptual and cognitive abilities.

CourseWiki - CS448B Data Visualization

Visualization provides one means of combating information overload, as a well-designed visual encoding can supplant cognitive calculations with simpler perceptual inferences and improve comprehension, memory, and decision making. Furthermore, visual representations may help engage more diverse audiences in the process of analytic thinking. In this course we will study techniques and algorithms for creating effective visualizations based on principles from graphic design, visual art, perceptual psychology, and cognitive science. The course is targeted both towards students interested in using visualization in their own work, as well as students interested in building better visualization tools and systems. There are no prerequisites for the class and the class is open to graduate students as well as advanced undergraduates.

Schedule Course Information. 5 of the Best Free and Open Source Data Mining Software. The process of extracting patterns from data is called data mining.

5 of the Best Free and Open Source Data Mining Software

It is recognized as an essential tool by modern business since it is able to convert data into business intelligence thus giving an informational edge. At present, it is widely used in profiling practices, like surveillance, marketing, scientific discovery, and fraud detection. There are four kinds of tasks that are normally involve in Data mining: * Classification - the task of generalizing familiar structure to employ to new data* Clustering - the task of finding groups and structures in the data that are in some way or another the same, without using noted structures in the data.* Association rule learning - Looks for relationships between variables.* Regression - Aims to find a function that models the data with the slightest error.

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The Year In Data. Owni’s data team – collectively known as Paule d’Atha – are pleased to present a selection of the best of the best of their weekly round-up of data on the web, from a year that’s seen so many wonderful, innovative, inventive, colorful, moving and funny projects.

The Year In Data

The future is on the cards The World of Seven Billion is a project powered by National Geographic to celebrate the arrival of the seven billionth person on Earth. The contrast between the black background and the bright colors used to represent different income levels, coupled with population density, across all five continents gives the map a beautiful clarity. Using public data from the World Bank, it also presents current indicators of public health, education, fertility and access to technology in its effective no-frills style. Open Montréal We know you’ve always dreamed of spending a day in the shoes of an elected Quebecois representative, haven’t you? Weather, feelings and the economy. Workshops. Are you an artist looking to explore digital media? Are you a web developer wanting to learn new skills, and new tools?

Do you want to create using computers? In my studio in Brooklyn, I lead small-group workshops exploring various topics including Processing, data visualization, generative practices, and tangible computing. With a maximum class-size of 10 , these workshops allow for plenty of one-on-one instruction, as well as dialogue and discussion between all attendees. These sessions provide an excellent opportunity to learn new skills and to explore new ideas in a comfortable environment.

**NOTE: Attendance for each workshop is limited to 10. Upcoming Workshops Below is a list of workshops planned for 2013. Processing Level 1: Introduction to Processing – Processing is an electronic sketchbook for developing ideas. Designing Data Visualizations with Noah Iliinsky. Noah Iliinsky.