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CP70 Electric Grand. In its heyday, the Electric Grand was regarded as an instrument in its own right and not just a portable alternative to a real piano for live use and many artists used them in the studio in place of (or as well as) acoustic pianos.

CP70 Electric Grand

Often this was for convenience (plugging in a cable is a lot easier than mic'ing up an acoustic piano) but often, it was used for its unique sound. Of course, with the advent of high quality digital pianos (many from Yamaha themselves!) , the CP series became increasingly redundant both live and in the studio and it was eventually discontinued in the mid-'80s. However, the Yamaha Electric Grands remain today as classic and innovative instruments with a classic 'sound'. It has been used in the past by the aforementioned Peter Gabriel and also Abba, U2, Simple Minds, George Duke, Bruce Hornsby, Genesis/Tony Banks and countless others. Several other landmark electric pianos such as Wurli EP200, Pianet and the RMI ElectraPiano are also included in the package. Impex Infinity. Power generation.

Rhode Island Furniture Exhibit at Yale (and Why It's Relevant Today) - Woodworking. This September, I attended a symposium that kicked off an exciting new exhibit at Yale University’s Art Gallery: Art and Industry in Early America, Rhode Island Furniture 1650 to 1830.

Rhode Island Furniture Exhibit at Yale (and Why It's Relevant Today) - Woodworking

The show represents painstaking research by Patricia A. Kane and her colleagues: Dennis Carr, Nancy Goyne Evans, Jennifer N. Johnson and Gary R. Sullivan. A decade and a half of research went into this exhibit with some interesting outcomes. The question that I am sure you’re asking is why is Rhode Island furniture relevant today? What was called “the point” in the northern part of Newport became the equivalent of an eighteenth century flash mob of ship carpenters, joiners and, most importantly to this narrative, cabinetmakers. All of the towns in Rhode Island were destroyed between 1675-76 in King Phillip’s War, a war with the local Native Americans. Two Quaker families important to Rhode Island cabinetmaking purchased lots on the point in 1724-25.

Finish is also an indicator. Cheap Umrah Packages. How to Plop Curly Hair Perfect Overnight (Video) This “plopping” or “plunking” technique is for all curly-haired ladies!

How to Plop Curly Hair Perfect Overnight (Video)

It is a no-heat method for frizz-free, voluminous curls that I bet all ladies with curls will love to have a go once know how. Then how to get those playful, free-flowing, and slightly unkempt hair? The secret is what you do with your hair while it’s still wet. Most of us take a shower before going to bed and wake up with frizzy hair, YouTube user Donata White tells us a wonderful technique to use (especially for us nighttime showerers). All we need: TRESemme Platinum StrengthTREsemme Keratin Smooth SerumGarnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Intensely Smooth Leave-In Conditioning CreamA large Cotton T-shirt. Check out the video here: Home Decor Ideas – Décor Crush: Vintage Glass Containers & How To Use Them.

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Home Decor Ideas – Décor Crush: Vintage Glass Containers & How To Use Them

Of all the décor crushes I have, vintage glass might just be number one. Every time I enter a thrift store (AKA every few days), the first thing I do is make a beeline to the glass section. I scoop up every single mason jar, milk jug, and carafe as fast as I can, as if someone else is going to steal them all if I don’t hurry. Why? I have no idea. Maybe it’s the way they look – vintage glass containers are delicate and beautiful; simple and pure. I’m thinking it’s a combination of all of the above that fuels my love for vintage glass containers – and I know I’m not alone! We love collecting vintage glass jars and bottles in different shapes and sizes and displaying them on our desks. I use this mason jar as a drinking glass every day! Using cute little bottles is one of our favorite ways to display flowers!

And here are some more ideas we love from around the internet! Click on images for sources. Use old milk bottles for – what else?