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H-1. Another playful product to amuse and delight.


Sounds great and looks amazing. Merry Christmas to all of you at Hollowsun Towers. Jason Wonderful. Advanced Noise Generator. Sometimes, you just can't have enough noise.

Advanced Noise Generator

For special effects, sound design, atmos, drum and percussion sounds, sweeps, etc., noise is such an invaluable tool. Sadly, these days, noise is something of an afterthought on many synths with just one paltry selection and with today's software based synths generating it digitally, it's just not the same as true analogue noise, it's pseudo-random noise based on mathematical algorithms. True analogue noise is created using a zener diode which is biased into breakdown to produce truly random noise.

Another method is to use a transistor wired so that its emitter-base junction is reverse biased which does much the same as a zener diode. Altaerion. Magnificent as always.


Thank you. Jed Amazing graphics and styling. Wonderfully odd sounds as well. 130p. 130p Our intrepid explorers have uncovered yet another relic from yesteryear... some military equipment they have salvaged from a bygone age which we have taken apart and modified to create a(nother) unique and unusual synthesiser.


We've managed to modify this old kit to give seven mixable oscillators, each one individually tunable using thumbwheel controls and a DETUNE control to add depth. Cognosphere. While Techtron covers the supersaw base - Cognosphere covers the ambient, mystic and sinister.


It's way more of a one-trick pony than Techtron is, but in a world where almost all products are aimed for everybody - I consider this to be a good thing. The highlights of the plug is definitely the instant randomization feature, and in combination with the effects you can quickly create some quite bone-chilling sounds and atmospheres. Unbelievable. The best ten quid I've spent in ages . Thanks. Modular Toolkit. Pride of place in the Music Lab here at HS Towers is the modular synth system...

Modular Toolkit

With three VCOs (voltage controlled oscillators), a multi-mode filter, a creamy transistor ladder filter, two VCAs (voltage controlled amplifiers), two envelope generators, a white/pink/LF noise source, clipper, signal processor and rectifier, she makes a glorious noise and being true analogue, all sorts of non-linearities exist in the sounds that make them curiously organic with depth, richness and movement.

We have taken some choice sounds from her for the Modular Toolkit MLM... Oscillosine. This Kontakt instrument uses samples from a vintage Hewlett Packard sine tone generator.


An odd choice, perhaps, but the results aren't as pristine as modern digital synths and when coupled with LFOs, effects, envelopes, etc., it makes perfect sense. Think classic sci-fi blips and rich sub tones. With plenty of tweaking options at such a low price, it's hard to fault. Just purchased Oscillosine, I've always been purely into analog synths but recently started mucking about with Kontakt, still wasn't convinced, then I saw ansd bought Oscillosine. I'm in love!! Thanks again, glad to have found your amazing gear, and I look forward to delving deeper into your universe. Beano - Sun Machine Oscillosine is just great. Neil Fellowes - Geigertek I got Oscillosine last night and I have to say what a great job in putting this together. I look forward to anything else you come up with along this vein of experimental, vintage equipment. Shangri La. Our intrepid explorers have done it again!

Shangri La

They have returned to HS Towers, tired and weary, khakis ripped and pith helmets slightly the worse for wear, from an arduous expedition in the far east. There, they discovered an ancient machine buried deep in a derelict temple in the Kunlun mountain range of the Tibetan plateau. This immediately proved ideal to re-purpose for Matthias Schuster's Tibetan bowl samples. Techtron. Using battered casework and components we salvaged from old Soviet Union submarine radio equipment that was languishing and due for cruel and ruthless de-commisioning, Techtron brings thoroughly modern sounds in re-purposed retro style.


With two 'super' oscillators featuring thick, detuned sawtooths (which we call 'iSaw' here at HS Towers and come courtesy of HS chum, BeMuso) through a multimode, dual slope filter, two envelopes, two LFOs, a pitch EG, mono and poly playback modes with glide, etc., Techtron offers instant 'techno' sounds that are powerful, wide, bright, brash, fizzy and anthemic and yet also capable of chunky basses, spiky arpeggios, thick leadlines and lush, luxuriously smooth pads plus dark, broody and moody textures.

There is also a powerful arpeggiator with a wide variety of patterns and variable velocity curve. It even comes with documentation we found attached to the unit... TriOsc. Styled on equipment retrieved from an ancient, disused rocket launch control centre, TriOsc features three oscillators with samples of valve sine and triangle waveforms taken from a rack of vintage test equipment to create dense clusters of retro sci-fi electronica.


Unique to TriOsc, however, is the 'SERENDIPITY' button (labelled '? '). You see, TriOsc has a mind and being of its own. Clicking this button generates new patches and sounds randomly that instantly evoke the spirit and electronic tonalities of the early Radiophonic Workshop, 'Forbidden Planet' and other classic sci-fi movies, Morton Subotnick, Tristram Cary and other early electronic music pioneers working with primitive equipment - an astonishing source of inspiration which can lead you down different roads of musical ideas and exploration. The randomly generated sounds can then be tweaked and shaped to your own particular needs using the comprehensive panel. They can even be saved as normal NKIs for future use. Cronk-O-Tron. Cronk-O-tron is part of a new series of ‘MLM Lite’ products I’ll be banging out from time to time for ‘cup of coffee’ prices. Cronk-O-Tron (as the name suggests) is a cheap and cheerful thing with a dark and crusty old tone.

It’s made up of layers of stuff carefully blended to create a vintage/retro kind of strings/voice pad sound – lo-fi and wobbly. It’s extensively multi-sampled in stereo and each sample was recorded for a minute before having long and luxurious loops applied that allow the sound to ‘breathe’. But there’s another twist… Some time ago, I found one of these at a rubbish tip … A Sony TC377. SquarePad. Fuckin Killer Duude!! (feeling especially eloquent today) Harvey Jones Gorgeous, Love your stuff. Thanks. Shim Top marks as always, steve. Zimmer I always enjoy getting your newsletters and announcements for new library. Steff.