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Dog wheels for Mia

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Products. Our carts work equally as well with paralyzed pets as they do with animals with arthritic hips or other degenerative or neurological disorders.


Whether your pet needs temporary mobility while recovering from trauma or surgery, or you require a more permanent solution to your pets mobility problems, this cart can be fitted to suit those needs. Don’t be fooled by our low prices! Ordering. Notes: Our “Full Suspension Model” lifts the pet’s rear feet completely off of the ground.


It is designed for pets who have not regained full motor function yet or pets who are permanently paralyzed.Our “Walking Model” is designed for pets who are beginning to walk again, but still need support. It allows the pet’s feet to touch the ground in the rear. It is also helpful for pets with arthritic hips and other age related weaknesses. The Walkin' Wheels Dog Wheelchair Now Available Worldwide - South Africa. Holisticvet. Rehab-a-Pet. Rehab-a-Pet. Wheelchairs for Dogs and other walking aids. Our Dog Wheelchairs come complete with all that you will need to get your dog mobile including simple step by step instructions.

Wheelchairs for Dogs and other walking aids

Lightweight – good for the dog and ownerDogs can poop and peeStrong, high grade aluminium and stainless steel - will not rustAvailable to fit all sizes of dogsOnly one measurement needed and we will help youAdjustable in minutes with no tools neededAvailable off the shelf with foam or pneumatic (air) tyres Folds flat (except Mini) for carrying, car boot, storage and shippingLooks smartFor active dogs who like 'off road' walks, Walkin' Wheels® are ideal as they cope with different surfaces and rough ground See Heidi and others on our Videos page or to fully appreciate the ease with which Walkin Wheels can be used, download a PDF version of the User Manual or Mini User Manual from our PDF Downloads Page.

K9 Carts The Pet Mobility Experts. Adjustable Dog Wheelchair for Handicapped & Disabled Pets - Handicapped Pets. Avoid complex measurements and order your wheelchair here for same-day shipping.

Adjustable Dog Wheelchair for Handicapped & Disabled Pets - Handicapped Pets

Index -> Dog Wheelchair Dogs that can't walk, have weak hind legs, or tire easily use our Rear Wheel Dog Wheelchairs to get the exercise they need to live a happy, healthy, active life. Your dog will use his or her front legs to move, explore, play, and go to the bathroom while the back legs are lightly touching the ground or safely held up in stirrups. Eddie’s Wheels Rear Wheel carts for Handicapped Pets. This disabled border collie enjoyed many happy times at the lake in his canine cart.

Eddie’s Wheels Rear Wheel carts for Handicapped Pets

For pets with normal strength in their front legs and shoulders, who need assistance in the rear. Priced from $325 – $600 by size.Carts are sized by dog’s weight, age, activity level, and exercise terrainOptional stirrups available for dogs with neurological deficits that cause foot dragging or knucklingCan be upgraded if necessary to cope with increasing levels of disabilityAll of our carts are designed to allow normal range of motion so that dogs can rehabilitate, gain muscle mass, and use their carts as “walkers.”

Here is a video of Nick, a boxer puppy recovering from a fractured spine, rehabilitate through regular use of his cart: Jamison enjoyed many more months of mobility in his neutral balanced canine cart.