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Subtitulos Game of Thrones. A u s t r i a n i l l u s t r a t i o n. Illustrated Books on Disc. Put the disc into your computer and click “Launch the Menu” The books on the disc are digital files in .pdf format.

Illustrated Books on Disc

To read them you need to have a PDF Reader installed on your PC computer. The .pdf format is non-proprietary but Adobe provide a free reader at At present I am only familiar with the Windows platform and have no experience of Mac Computers and their use to read these files. This disc is a data CD for reading on your computer only. This disc is not for use with an audio Cd player or a player which connects to a TV. Items will be shipped worldwide by standard post.

If you are not completely satisfied with this item, you may return it to me (unused) within 14 days of receipt for a full refund. Yockteng-Buitrago. Chicos con poderes. Illustrative Festival Berlin 2013. Travel on Behance. June 2011. Well.

June 2011

Today you might say I wasted my time in service to the blog. I actually took some pictures of clothes! (No, not like that - of the clothes I've been altering!) This was something I had wanted to avoid, because it just seemed too boring - both to do and to look at. The other stuff has been fun: the actually work, and the write-ups and the art images. Anyway, there's a few things up on the View Clothes page now and I put in supporting links. SE JODIO LA PATINETA. Claudia rueda. MONSTER BRAINS. Jairo Buitrago. Nia en Bitácora. I finally met #ShaunTan (happy, happy dance) In case you're new here, the one thing I can tell you about me is, I can't get enough of Shaun Tan.

I finally met #ShaunTan (happy, happy dance)

I had never been to a national SCBWI conference before the one that just happened in New York, and all it took for me to get there was to see Shaun Tan's name on the keynote speaker list. I swear I was the first one in line. My first meeting with Shaun went pretty much like this: On Friday, the first day of the conference, I was on the elevator by myself heading up to my hotel room on the 30th floor. When the elevator stopped, the doors opened and there waiting to get on, by himself, was Shaun Tan. I sucked in a breath, but somehow nothing came out.

I spent Saturday morning waiting for a moment (and finding the nerve for) when he wasn't busy talking to somebody else. Then the other lady in the elevator said, "Shaun Tan and Jane Yolen in the same elevator together. I did not. First Neil Gaiman last November, and now Shaun Tan. Tatee. Gabriel pacheco.

Veranomuerto: ( feliz navidad!! ) Eva Vázquez Dibujos: Feliz Navidad. Jose Luis Navarro: Feliz Navidad. Ilustrador Alexiev Gandman: Nave espacial - Árbol Navideño. Spacecraft - Christmas Tree Si queres ver el sistema entra en:Tren SifónAuto-TazaSubmarino-ZapatoNave-CorazónPava-Avión.

Ilustrador Alexiev Gandman: Nave espacial - Árbol Navideño

Fernando Vicente blog: ¡Feliz Navidad! Susana Rosique. ILUSTRADORA: Felices Fiestas. Juan berrio: Otro miércoles. Blanca Bk: Felices Fiestas!!!!! Daniel Montero Galán: ¡Felices Fiestas! Merry Christmas ! : Le blog de Benjamin Lacombe. « Concours & Vitrines | Page d'accueil | 2013 !

Merry Christmas ! : Le blog de Benjamin Lacombe

» Merry Christmas ! Un joyeux noël à tous ! Et voici officiellement les résultats du concours de noël (annoncés déjà aux gagnants depuis le 22 et sur ma page Facebook). Une délibération difficile au vue de la qualité des participations, en particulier chez les lecteurs et bloggeurs ! Concernant les libraires, une petite dizaine de participations, mais finalement la première, celle de la librairie Page d'encre, est restée inégalée... Concernant les bloggeurs, le choix a été difficile, car certaines notes étaient très originales, comme celle de cette lettre à Robin par Cerise ; où avec une présentation très soignée comme celles de midnight cookies .

Enfin le plus ardu a été de désigner un vainqueur parmi les très nombreuses participations des lecteurs. Aurélie Neyret illustration. Sunday Safari - Evolution, Remixed. Toni Meeuwissen, from Remarkable Animals, thanks to Eye magazine Luigi Serafini, from the Codex Seraphinianus, 1983.

Sunday Safari - Evolution, Remixed

Alexander Wells Illustration. Espacio Moebius. Liniers: Cosas que te pasan si estás vivo. Weirdlines. . Astromonster: Archive. Astromonster. NixheVqz. Alvaro Núñez blog: Feliz Navidad. TokyoBunnie.