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Hardware modular "libre": productos ensamblados como mecanos. Como en cualquier otro "lenguaje" humano , el hardware modular ( consultar Low-tech Magazine ) usa un conjunto de piezas estándar para ensamblar infinidad de objetos, un modo barato y efectivo de conjugar estandarización con personalización. En los sistemas modulares, los mejores creadores de productos son el equivalente a los mejores poetas de haikus ; los maestros de la economía de piezas -en este caso, piezas físicas-, en definitiva. Lograr lo máximo con lo mínimo. " Menos, pero mejor ". OSHW Community Survey 2012. In February of 2012 OSHWA conducted a survey of the international open source hardware community, which received 2091 responses from 70 countries.

These are the aggregate results. Section 1: Intro Section 2: Use Section 3: Development Section 4: Licenses & Logo Section 5: Business Section 6: Open Hardware Summit Section 7: Comments Section 8: Demographics Section 9: Feedback Bryan Bishop has kindly provided a master file with all the survey results. You can download it here . [click to download the source spreadsheet] [click to download the source spreadsheet] [click to download the source spreadsheet] Open-Do Initiative interview. Image by Open source is used just about everywhere, but when it comes to "safety-critical" systems, like software that flies planes or controls medical equipment, most of us assume that open source just doesn't fit the bill.

Open-Do Initiative interview

The regulations and requirements are rigorous, and ill-suited to the usual "fail faster" approach of open source. The MagPi. Sónar 2013: desde las ondas sonoras a los ondas cerebrales en 20 años >> El arte en la edad del silicio. Design Like No One Is Patenting — How SparkFun Stays Ahead of the Pack. The SparkFun team toasts to 10 years in business.

Design Like No One Is Patenting — How SparkFun Stays Ahead of the Pack

Engineers, manufacturers, IT, sales, QA, business, marketing, and customer service people all work together under one roof in Boulder, Colorado. Racers line up in SparkFun's 4th annual Autonomous Vehicle Competition. Participants create vehicles that race around SparkFun's HQ without human intervention of any kind. Over the year, SparkFun offers workshops both on- and off-site. These events help get new customers into their products of course, but they also help SparkFun come up with new ideas or refinements. As 2012 began, SparkFun realized that they were beginning to reach capacity for their ability to manufacture their custom PCBs on the pick and place machines they were running. The SparkFun team toasts to 10 years in business. Over the year, SparkFun offers workshops both on- and off-site. Do it yourself and save: Open-source revolution is driving down the cost of doing science.

Public release date: 13-Sep-2012 [ Print | E-mail Share ] [ Close Window ] Contact: Marcia 906-487-2343Michigan Technological University The DIY movement has vaulted from the home to the research lab, and it's driven by the same motives: saving tons of money and getting precisely what you want.

Do it yourself and save: Open-source revolution is driving down the cost of doing science

Is open hardware creating a more open world? Just as retro ideas from a bygone era can inspire modern fashion, film, and TV trends, today’s researchers are being empowered by the revival of an innovative technology concept from the past: open-source hardware.

Is open hardware creating a more open world?

Open-source hardware is the public availability of designs, mechanical drawings, or schematics of physical technology, such as computer processors or network switches. The Arduino electronics board is one popular example. The concepts behind open hardware have been around for decades. But, with the rise of intellectual property in the 1980s and 1990s, open hardware fell out of favor. Open Source Hardware Association. The open hardware community survey received 2091 responses from 70 countries!

Open Source Hardware Association

A big thank you to all those who took the time to fill out the questionnaire. We’re now sorting the data and will publish the aggregate results in the coming weeks. We hope that the information and insights you shared will help us better serve this community and make the case for open source hardware. And a special thanks also to those who provided feedback on the questionnaire itself. Your input is greatly appreciated and will help us do better next time. Stay tuned for the results! Answered question: 1502 out of 2091. Becoming intelligent designers and saving the RepRap. Blog: Standardization and RepRap. Soapbox: The {Unspoken} Rules of Open Source Hardware.

I truly believe open source hardware is here to stay. It has established itself as a great community, a great effort, and for many, a great business. A culture of ethics in open source hardware? Phillip Torrone of Adafruit and Make wrote a piece on the culture of ethics in open source hardware: I spend most of my days working on open source hardware in some way, and I wanted to talk about some of the {unspoken} rules we all, well, many, seem to follow.

A culture of ethics in open source hardware?

Open Hardware Hub - Open-Source Hardware Project Hosting. Extreme activities in cyberspace. » Hackerspaces, members and involvement (survey study) La robotique open source. Par Rémi Sussan le 08/06/11 | 8 commentaires | 3,921 lectures | Impression Les fondus d’électronique n’ont pas attendu la vogue actuelle du Do it yourself (DIY) pour se pencher sur la robotique, qui a toujours fait leur bonheur.

La robotique open source

Pourtant, jusqu’à récemment, il existait une nette séparation entre les travaux souvent brillants des amateurs et ceux des roboticiens professionnels. Malinen. Malinen. Tetalab mixe art et hack. Le Tetalab est un jeune hackerspace basé à Toulouse.

Tetalab mixe art et hack

Au Tetalab Hacker Space Factory, le courant alternatif passe. OWNI était au Tetalab Hacker Space Factory (THSF), le festival du hackerspace toulousain.

Au Tetalab Hacker Space Factory, le courant alternatif passe

Grant From Mythbusters Offers Advice for Aspiring Hardware Hackers. If you’ve always wanted to tinker with hardware — up to and including building robots — but didn’t know how to start, Grant Imahara of the science-themed, blow-em-up TV show has some advice: “Anything that’s already broken is fair game! The worst-case scenario is it stays broken. The best-case scenario is you find out how it works or, even better, transform it into something else.” Hardware hacking, like other kinds of hacking, boils down to getting your hands dirty and possessing a desire to know what makes things tick.

And for many hackers, that desire starts at an early age. “I think it’s something you’re born with — the desire to know how things work inside,” Imahara tells . “The best thing to do is give them more things to take apart so they can see how things work on the inside. In the Maker Shed: Netduino. What’s a Netduino?

In the Maker Shed: Netduino

Glad you asked! Netduino is an open source electronics platform using the .NET Micro Framework. The board features a 32-bit microcontroller and a rich development environment, making it a perfect solution for engineers and hobbyists alike. If you are picking up a Netduino, be sure to check out our exclusive MakerShield. It’s a perfect match for the Netduino, and any other ‘duino flavored micro! Maker Shed The Maker Shed is brought to you by Maker Media, the makers of MAKE Magazine, the Maker Faire, and much more. Launched originally as a source for back issues of MAKE Magazine, the Maker Shed expanded rapidly to meet the demand for ‘projects in a box,’ otherwise known as kits. Arduino Meets Ushahidi - Citizen Sensing. Arduino, Processing. Adafruit. Q&A: Open Source Electronics Pioneer Limor Fried on the DIY Revolution. Limor Fried— building the DIY revolution one resistor at a time.

Photo: Andrew Tingle Limor Fried is a maker’s maker. Sure, she’s got prime geek credentials: She earned an electrical engineering degree from MIT, invented several delightfully nerdy things to do with Altoid tins, and reverse-engineered the legendary Roland TB-303 synthesizer. Now she runs Adafruit Industries, a New York City company that makes open source electronics kits and components for the growing tide of DIYers who are inventing the future. But that’s not why she’s on the cover of Wired. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. At Adafruit's New York headquarters, where accelerometers and tiny OLED displays count as office supplies, even plastic cups are put to inventive use.Photo: Andrew Tingle.

Why is Open Hardware inherently sustainable? Reflections on the role of Open Hardware and Peer Production in insuring a sustainable world In this article, I want to list the reasons why I believe that the trend towards open and distributed manufacturing is a vital part of ensuring a sustainable society. For those that are not familiar with it, open hardware is a practice where designs are shared through open licenses in a community, and those designs can then be used by manufacturers, who can make and sell the product, eventually making a profit, but they cannot rely on any rents deriving from intellectual property. We will see later why open design and free hardware are also linked to new modalities of production, i.e. open and distributed manufacturing.