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Build3dprinter. Just another site. Ultra-lab. Ya está: la primera de las 3 nuevas impresoras de Makerbot Industries nos ha llegado.


Desde hace unos días, hemos podido descubrir y probar este nuevo modelo, la Replicator Quinta generación. Más allá de sus características – impresión en PLA, resolución de 100 micras y amplia superficie de impresión -, probar la Replicator Quinta generación es descubrir una serie de nuevas funcionalidades y disfrutar de más usabilidad aún. El usuario que descubrirá directamente este modelo, podrá apreciar su grado de madurez. El usuario que ya tiene o ha visto funcionar un modelo anterior, será particularmente atento a las mejoras de interfaz y de servicios. Unboxing y puesta en marcha La puesta en marcha de la Replicator Quinta generación es muy sencilla. Esos dos últimos puntos son dos novedades: el filamento ahora está integrado en el cuerpo de la impresora, haciéndola más compacta y evitando así que el filamento se enrolle; el extrusor es totalmente amovible y se coloca gracias a un imán.

Holistic User-Centered Interaction Design. I.materialise 3D printing service blog. Are you looking for a specific model; but can’t find the right size? Dave Cowden, a mechanical engineer with a passion for 3D printing, came up with the solution: Parametric Parts . An interview! What’s your background? David : «I was educated as a Mechanical Engineer, but I’ve always enjoyed ‘making things’. I moved into the IT industry about 15 years ago, and managed an e-commerce team for 10 years during the dot-com boom. Why did you start Parametric Parts? Can you tell us a little bit more about it? «Designers can create models that yield an unlimited number of possibilities, and users can finally get what they want without endless searching.» Blog. After two years, I think I have my Replicator (apparently the first one shipped) finally working reliably to produce >1 hour prints.


Thank you @iandanforth for asking if I had a description of the mods I did and prompting me to write this. The Replicator has been a very frustrating product. After a few out-of-the-box failures, it worked great for the first week and then rapidly deteriorated. And a few months later, the Replicator 2 was announced and support for my product rapidly evaporated. Many of the things I print are small and take <15 minutes to print, so I’ve been dealing with a <30% success rate of printing, or using other 3d printers. The heated build platform and thermocouple issues were just bad original parts from Makerbot.

Assuming the basic mechatronics of the printer work, the most critical fix is the new extruder design. The next most critical mod is replacing those stupid plastic cantilever arms with something sturdier. Adventure in the makers community of San Francisco. Ultra-lab. F.A.T. Core77 / industrial design magazine + resource / home. Ponoko – Blog. Fabbaloo Blog - Fabbaloo. Just another site. NESTA - Making innovation flourish. Chimbalab. Featured Seller: papercutsbyjoe. Tell us about yourself.

Featured Seller: papercutsbyjoe

My name is Joe Bagley, I’m 26, and I am a paper artist. I grew up in the woods of Maine and now live in Boston with my wife. I work out of my home studio in my Beantown flat. I take pieces of black paper and cut lots of holes in them with a knife. It’s really cool, I swear! Apart from creating, what do you do? What would be the title of your memoir? Where does your inspiration come from? What does handmade mean to you? Who has been most influential in your craft?

When did you know you were an artist / maker? How would you describe your creative process? If you could peek inside the studio of any artist, designer or craftsman (dead or alive), who would it be? MásterDIWO. Sudamericaexperimental. Maker List. Blog. Real Weddings: Brazilian Bliss Any and Bernardo went home to Brazil to celebrate their marriage with family and friends.


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