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Solar Roadways - Introduction

Solar Roadways - Introduction
We are excited to announce that Indiegogo has asked us to join their InDemand program: It allows teams to continue raising funds for their projects. We are very excited about this for many reasons: We've had numerous requests since our original campaign ended: "Can I still donate?", "Can I still get a Solar Roadways perk?", "I'd love to be a part of this movement", etc. Many people hadn't even heard about Solar Roadways until after the campaign had ended. We're still in Research & Development, so we're not making a profit yet. We received donations from 165 countries, which is a clear indication that the world is ready for the paradigm shift Solar Roadways will become. Since our original campaign, countless supporters have expressed what it means to them to help us spread the word. Click on the Indiegogo image above to see our InDemand program Solar FREAKIN' Roadways Innovation Nation - Solar Roadways Phase II Prototype Solar Parking Lot Pet Friendly! LEDs Tractor test U.S. Everyone has power.

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Environmentally Friendly Solar Cell Pushes Forward the ‘Next Big Thing In Photovoltaics’ Phys | May 4th 2014 Northwestern University researchers are the first to develop a new solar cell with good efficiency that uses tin instead of lead perovskite as the harvester of light. The low-cost, environmentally friendly solar cell can be made easily using “bench” chemistry—no fancy equipment or hazardous materials. “This is a breakthrough in taking the lead out of a very promising type of solar cell, called a perovskite,” said Mercouri G. Kanatzidis, an inorganic chemist with expertise in dealing with tin.

Solar Roadways Artist's rendition of Sandpoint, Idaho - Home of Solar Roadways Graphic artist: Sam Cornett Artist's rendition of a sidewalk/parking lot application. Thanks to Sam Cornett and Craig Fine Solar Roadways is a modular paving system of solar panels that can withstand the heaviest of trucks (250,000 pounds). These Solar Road Panels can be installed on roads, parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, bike paths, playgrounds... literally any surface under the sun.

Could Plastic “Lego” Roads Pave The Way To A Greener Future? Some adults never “grow up,” and it seems that these engineers still have their minds in the toy box. They have designed “road blocks” that are like enormous Lego pieces, able to be snapped in and out of place easily. Even better, they're designed to be made from recycled plastic dredged from the oceans. The road to success is always under construction. Floating city of the future could be built off Hong Kong coast Floating City dreamed up by British and Asian designers showing what cities of the future could look likeWould feature farms, docks, canals, a hotel, entertainment complex and a huge floating stadium for sportsMetropolis made from hexagonal and triangular modules which attach with underground walkways and tunnels By Chris Pleasance Published: 10:12 GMT, 28 May 2014 | Updated: 12:05 GMT, 28 May 2014

Saudi Arabia may go broke before the US oil industry buckles King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Photo: Andrew Harnik/Reuters If the oil futures market is correct, Saudi Arabia will start running into trouble within two years. It will be in existential crisis by the end of the decade. A New Solar / Wind Charge Controller Based on the 555 Chip UPDATE This 555 based solar charge controller project has won first place in the Utility Category of the 555 Design Contest!!!!! Scroll to the bottom of the page for more information on the contest. Several years ago I began building my own wind turbines and solar panels to provide power on my remote, off-grid property.

Sustainable Style Meets Eco-Friendly Design At Atelier Akeef Eco-conscious fashion is not a passing trend or a design fad that will blow away in a season or two. People in every sphere of life are embracing green designs with plenty of gusto and located in the Mitte neighborhood of Berlin, the Atelier Akeef Store epitomizes this changing trend. It is the first high-end menswear boutique in the locality that is completely dedicated to sustainable fashion.

Kinetic energy may power our home and gadgets starting in 5 years In the next five years your shoe may be what powers the battery in your cell phone. Engineers are harnessing the power of kinetic energy and one IBM employee thinks widespread usage of the technology isn’t far off. Harry Kolar, an engineer with IBM, described harvesting energy from human movements as bodies becoming “an energy-generating machine,” in a blog post about what energy changes may occur in the next five years. In essence, we create energy from many of the little activities we do throughout the day.