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Cleverly Collaged Portraits Layer Vintage Ads and Magazine Spreads into Dramatic Daydreams. Website Archives - Mindsparkle Mag. A better world through creativity. 50 Most Amazingly Talented Graphic Designers To Follow On Instagram. In its early days, Instagram used to be all about filtered pictures of your lunch and your pets, but since then it has grown into an immeasurably useful creative tool.

50 Most Amazingly Talented Graphic Designers To Follow On Instagram

Nowadays Instagram can be used for just about anything, and a lot of creatives have opted to use it as a catalogued portfolio of their work and a platform to network with others in their field. From handcrafted typographers, illustrators and painters, right through to animators and 3D designers, there is an Instagram page for just about every creative niche and to prove this, we’ve decided to compile a list of some inspiring designers and avid ‘grammers that we think will bring some style and creativity to your daily feed. 01. Mike Perry – @mikeperrystudio Mike Perry’s Instagram feed is an explosion of colour, handcrafted type and psychedelic animation. 02. Based in New York, Timothy Goodman is a man of many talents, some of which are showed off in his well-curated Instagram feed. 03. 04. 05. 06. 07. 08. 09. 10.

Graphic Design Portfolio of Valentin Petroff. The Best Designs / Best Web Design Awards & CSS Gallery. Sharing creative talents. Season 4.0. Pluck't. Krop Daily Staff Selections An inspiring peek at a few of the finest portfolio pieces as they are added by our users daily.


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The creative internet (106 things) Inspired Magazine - daily graphic design inspiration. Peter Jaworowski: Quality & Time. Peter Jaworowski is an established freelance graphic designer and illustrator based in Warsaw Poland at the Ars Thanea Studio.

Peter Jaworowski: Quality & Time

His clients include Nike, Nokia, Warner Bros, Coca-Cola, Sony Playstation, Oakley, among others. Jaworowski shared his thoughts on timeline pressures, balancing project quality versus speed, and motivation for self-improvement. here are common struggles that creative professionals encounter across industries. Managing projects within a given timeline is one of those challenges. Jaworowski has a reputation to protect and is very focused on never compromising quality for timeline. The only tip I can give: ‘ less is more’. When timeline pressures arise (and they always do), you just need to run with it. Jaworowski is motivated not only by his artistic vision but also by a desire for self-improvement. More on Peter Jaworowski: The Ars Thanea Studio Hejz. TheFWA. The 99 Percent - It's not about ideas. It's about making ideas happen.

Curiocity - Toutes les curiosités créatives. Social bookmarking for pictures on VisualizeUs. Amazing Wine Labels: 30 Creative and Unique Wine Label Designs. 30 Creative and Unusual Wine Label Designs Amazing Wine Labels – The design of a wine label can make or break the success of a new wine introduced to the market.

Amazing Wine Labels: 30 Creative and Unique Wine Label Designs

Even beyond the quality of the wine itself, the label plays a primary role in the purchasing decisions of customers. It is on this fact that many graphic designers have focused their attention to making creative, compelling labels that connect a bottle of wine with its buyer. To celebrate the work of these designers, TheCoolist has selected 30 of the most impressive wine label designs in recent history. To read it right, we suggest you enjoy this list over a freshly popped glass of wine… Inkwell Wine’s Rorschach-Inspired Wine Bottles Just as every wine may effect each palette differently, the Rorschach inkblot test’s meaning is different to each viewer. Inkwell Wine Gallery Meeta Panesar Wine Label Designs Meeta Panesar’s wine bottle designs were created as an homage to the Op Art movement and the work of artist Joseph Albers.

Artskills. The Top 100 Best Business Cards from 2010. The top 100 best business cards of 2010 really are a varied collection, with more and more unique ways of creating business cards being developed every month.

The Top 100 Best Business Cards from 2010

While large corporations typically elect for standard (and relatively boring) business cards, small businesses and freelancers can capitalize on their creativity and focused brand image to create a unique and creative business card. Large companies sometimes can create unique cards as well, as their larger budget and personal design teams can have free reign to develop something awesome.

Whether you’re a fan of letterpress business cards, functional business cards, vector and cartoon cards, or even a bit more clever business card, you’ll find some awesome cards in this collection. If you missed our post yesterday, you might want to check out the 50 Best Creative Logo Designs from 2010, as there is at least one that makes an appearance here as well!

If you need more business card inspiration, check out these posts: Good Apples Kenny. Beautifully Webdesign Links.