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Curiocity - Toutes les curiosités créatives.

Curiocity - Toutes les curiosités créatives.
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Peter Jaworowski: Quality & Time Peter Jaworowski is an established freelance graphic designer and illustrator based in Warsaw Poland at the Ars Thanea Studio. His clients include Nike, Nokia, Warner Bros, Coca-Cola, Sony Playstation, Oakley, among others. Jaworowski shared his thoughts on timeline pressures, balancing project quality versus speed, and motivation for self-improvement. here are common struggles that creative professionals encounter across industries. The only tip I can give: ‘ less is more’. When timeline pressures arise (and they always do), you just need to run with it. Jaworowski is motivated not only by his artistic vision but also by a desire for self-improvement. More on Peter Jaworowski: The Ars Thanea Studio Hejz

Graphic-ExchanGE - a selection of graphic projects This new deck by Joe White follow the Contraband one. You know Joe and his amazing detailed design as we work together on the (sold out) 2015 edition of the calendar and he designed the front cover. Every single playing card within the High Victorian deck was designed from scratch - even the Aces, Jokers, and court cards exude the grand excess of ornamentation quintessential to the Victorian era. In a word: breathtaking. Antler is a deck designed by Tom Lane, who also creates this year edition of the front cover of the letterpress calendar! I contact Jeff Trish as I love his design of this deck, and I am pleased to say he participates in this year edition of the calendar too! As both Tom Lane and Jeff Trish participate in this year calendar I propose you 2 packs with the calendar (Deluxe or Normal) and their decks.

» Pimp my QR code L’idée du code QR est de créer un lien facile et rapide entre le monde réel et le web à l’aide d’un smartphone ou d’un téléphone mobile. Les codes QR ont un côté magique car si ce ne sont au final que des liens « classiques » (vers un site web, une vcard, un site de paiement…), ils peuvent être placés, cachés, peints, dessinés à peu près n’importe où. On les retrouve ainsi sous forme de Lego , dans un tableau , ou encore sur le toit des bureaux de Facebook . En ligne, de très nombreux générateurs de code QR existent, mais QRHacker se détache très largement du lot en proposant une application intuitive, fonctionnelle et surtout gratuite. Développée par CarnationGroup, QRHacker vous permet de créer des codes QR colorés et personnalisés pour encoder du texte, des URL, des numéros de téléphone et cartes de visite Vous pouvez ajouter à votre code QR une photo, un logo, changer les couleurs, etc.

issue 34 Meet five up-and-coming designers who are not afraid to create forward-looking, wardrobe-defining labels. With influences that are as far-reaching as classic Italian tailoring, streetwear, architecture and East Asian aes… Amazing Wine Labels: 30 Creative and Unique Wine Label Designs 30 Creative and Unusual Wine Label Designs Amazing Wine Labels – The design of a wine label can make or break the success of a new wine introduced to the market. Even beyond the quality of the wine itself, the label plays a primary role in the purchasing decisions of customers. It is on this fact that many graphic designers have focused their attention to making creative, compelling labels that connect a bottle of wine with its buyer. To celebrate the work of these designers, TheCoolist has selected 30 of the most impressive wine label designs in recent history. To read it right, we suggest you enjoy this list over a freshly popped glass of wine… Inkwell Wine’s Rorschach-Inspired Wine Bottles Just as every wine may effect each palette differently, the Rorschach inkblot test’s meaning is different to each viewer. Inkwell Wine Gallery Meeta Panesar Wine Label Designs Meeta Panesar’s wine bottle designs were created as an homage to the Op Art movement and the work of artist Joseph Albers.

Pieces of Melbourne I must first say that I have never visited Melbourne (nor Australia for that matter) so any and all opinions about how this identity reference the peculiarities of the city are based on mere speculation and interpretation from afar. But it doesn’t take a local to recognize the progressive personality of the city and the rich visual landscape in which it thrives. Yesterday, Lord Mayor Robert Doyle unveiled a new identity that will represent the City of Melbourne, and provided plenty of rationale behind the new identity replacing a logo designed in the early 1990s. Lord Mayor Robert Doyle announces the new identity. “The ‘M’ design will become an icon for Melbourne, synonymous with the modern, vibrant, cool city Melbourne is today and will continue to be in the future. Various full-color and 1-color iterations of the logo. Thanks to Josh Darvill for first tip.

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