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Hardcore Gaming 101: Promoting the rich history of video game culture throughout the ages

Hardcore Gaming 101: Promoting the rich history of video game culture throughout the ages
Heavily inspired by Pitfall!, Montezuma's Revenge s one of those games that fascinated me when I was a kid, since I actually had an Atari 8-bit computer, and later, a Sega Master System. This article taught me that originally, you were supposed to face a gigantic Montezuma at the end, but he was cut out. This article details all ports of the original game, plus the 3D "reimaging" released in 1997. Cave's been in the news lately, mostly because they shut down all English language PR and appears to have given up on shooters in favor of social gaming garbage. Isn't that the way of today's world?

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Welcome to Rayman! Rayman is a DOS based, 2D side-scrolling game first released by Ubi Soft in 1995. Rayman has fantastic animation, but its cartoon appearance is deceptive because the game play is surprisingly difficult. This is an unofficial fan site dedicated to Rayman. It contains a wealth of information about the game including cheat codes, strategy guide and maps for finding all of the cages, screen snaps from the game, and new levels to download. Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Graphics Study - Adrian Courrèges 2015/03/12: Back online after Reddit and Slashdot killed my bandwidth with 30,000 visits in the last hours. Followed by HN. 2015/03/11: Update with comments from Matthijs De Smedt. The original Deus Ex is among the most critically acclaimed PC games of its time and I spent countless hours helping JC Denton fend off the conspiracies of UNATCO or the Illuminati. I never had the chance to play the second opus “Invisible War”, but I gave a shot to “Human Revolution” when it was released. All I can say is: it lived up to the expectations! Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a game released in 2011 by Square Enix, and developed by Eidos Montréal and Nixxes for the PC version.

gamengai Finally going to make an update here. I've started about 3 or 4 of these over the last year and a half or so, and have never posted any of them for some reason. I've had plenty to say, but have been doing so in various forums. For the most part, gaming has taken a major back seat. I've simply not had the time, nor the interest in new games. Every time I try to get into an old game, something comes up. water seesaw - Tomba! 2 (Whoopee Camp - PSX - 1999) stuck - Tomba! 2 (Whoopee Camp - PSX - 1999) requested by cameos kimimisstuff:

Hideki Naganuma - Sega Retro Hideki Naganuma (長沼 英樹), born May 16, 1972 in Hokkaido prefecture, Japan, is a former musician for SEGA best known for his work in the Jet Set Radio series and Sonic Rush. He joined the company in 1998, becoming affiliated with Smilebit (2000-2003) and Amusement Vision (2004-2008), and has remained employed there until early 2009 as a member of Wave Master. Outside of Sega he also remixed Captain Straydum's "Fuusen Gum" for the first ending theme of the 2006 anime series Gintama, though he went uncredited.

GTA V - Graphics Study - Adrian Courrèges The Grand Theft Auto series has come a long way since the first opus came out back in 1997. About 2 years ago, Rockstar released GTA V. The game was an instant success, selling 11 million units over the first 24 hours and instantly smashing 7 world records. Having played it on PS3 I was quite impressed by the level of polish and the technical quality of the game. Nothing kills immersion more than a loading screen: in GTA V you can play for hours, drive hundreds of kilometers into a huge open-world without a single interruption. smstumblr Pretty much identical to the way I played games circa 1992. Also, woodgrain really needs to make some kind of a comeback, don’t you think..? No?

(BETA) The Binding of Isaac: Godmode - Modding of Isaac The Binding of Isaac: Godmode Become the God in this complete overhaul! Features The Agony Of Isaac by TezNyanCatLipoca Current Pictures: Screenshot of Skelly (New Boss!!)