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Mary Ellen Mark Home Page

Mary Ellen Mark Home Page
These limited edition posters feature some of Mary Ellen Mark’s most sought-after images. Each poster is signed and editioned by Mary Ellen Mark. Mary Ellen and Martin raised funds through Kickstarter to make a film update about Tiny--the young girl featured in the book and film "Streetwise" 30 years ago. Thank you for all of your support. Photography exploring pediatric healthcare commissioned by Novartis. Novartis commissioned Martin Bell to produce six films to accompany Mary Ellen's photographs.

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Malick Sidibe - Jack Shainman Gallery Malick Sidibé was a photographer known for his black-and-white images chronicling the exuberant lives and culture, often of youth, in his native Bamako, Mali in the 1950s, ‘60s, and ‘70s. Sidibé’s work documents a transitional moment as Mali gained its independence and transformed from a French colony steeped in tradition to a more modern independent country looking toward the West. He captured candid images in the streets, nightclubs, and sporting events and ran a formal portrait studio. In a 2010 interview with John Henley in The Guardian, Sidibé explained, “To be a good photographer you need to have a talent to observe, and to know what you want. You have to choose the shapes and the movements that please you, that look beautiful. Equally, you need to be friendly, sympathique.

Andre Kertesz / Biography & Images - Atget Perhaps more than any other photographer, Andre Kertesz discovered and demonstrated the special aesthetic of the small camera. These beautiful little machines seemed at first hardly serious enough for the typical professional, with his straightforward and factual approach to the subject. Most of those who did use small cameras tried to make them do what the big camera did better; deliberate, analytical description. Kertesz had never been much interested in deliberate, analytical description; since he had begun photographing in 1912 he had sought the revolution of the elliptical view, the unexpected detail, the ephemeral moment ___ not the epic but the lyric truth.

Untitled Document THE BIGGER PICTURE Nick Ut recalls the Events of June 8, 1972 by Horst Fass and Marianne Fulton By 1972 most U.S. helicopter units had left Vietnam. It had become more difficult for reporters to reach the isolated areas where South Vietnamese troops, often surrounded by communist guerrillas and regular north Vietnamese soldiers, were fighting. Mike Brodie's freight train photographs: 'It's a romantic life, at least in the spring and summer' Going off on an adventure across the country like Huck Finn is a very American thing to do," says Mike Brodie, who did just that on a whim in 2003, aged 18. Unlike many of the young drifters he rode trains with back then, Brodie took his camera along and the p hotographs he took have finally been distilled into a book, A Period of Juvenile Prosperity, just published by the American fine art photography imprint, Twin Palms. "I have mixed feelings about the photographs being in an art book and on the walls of art galleries," says Brodie, "and so do some of the kids I photographed when they come to the openings. You have a lot of worlds colliding right there.

Martin Munkácsi: father of fashion photography Spontaneous images are now the staple of fashion magazines - thanks to the little known Hungarian émigré Martin Munkácsi, whose work is revealed in a new exhibition BY Lucy Davies | 03 July 2011 Nude in Straw Hat, 1944 Hungarian Museum of Photography Photo: ESTATE OF MARTIN MUNKACSI, COURTESY HOWARD GREENBERG GALLERY, NYC Simon Roberts' best photograph: the London 2012 Olympics from above Throughout the recession, I had been photographing the English landscape, exploring how it fitted with ideas of national character. Then I was asked to be the official photographer of the 2010 general election. My pitch to the International Olympic Committee was to do something a bit different for the London Games: to stand back, to always have an elevated view, and to gain more of a perspective. I was the only "art photographer" to be granted access. These events are usually recorded close-up: you can spot the sports photographers with their big lenses in this picture. The logistics were exhausting: I had to get to places that aren't normally available to photographers.

Google Doodle commemorates famous Iraqi sculptor Mohammed Ghani Hikmat - Visual Art - Arts & Culture Ahram Online , Wednesday 20 Apr 2016 Google doodle commemoates Mohammad Ghani Hikmat Google’s famous doodle on Wednesday celebrates Mohammed Ghani Hikmat, a famed Iraqi sculptor who was born in 1929 and passed away on 12 September 2011. Hikmat was regarded as one of the most important Iraqi artists in modern history and many of his sculptures have become landmarks of Baghdad. Hikmat often drew inspiration from the tales of One Thousand and One Nights, creating works such as a sculpture of Queen Scheherazade and King Shahrayar (1971), which is located in Baghdad's Aby Nuwas Street and often described as the city's showpiece. Other sculptures by him such as the Fountain of Kahramana, and Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves (1969) have also become iconic symbols of Baghdad.

Man Ray phototheque officielle, Man Ray phototheque officielle Internet site officially authorized by the Man Ray Trust to offer, under certain conditions, reproductions of the Man Ray artworks. These images are displayed only to allow the inspection for purposes of placing reproduction orders, within a professional framework. These works of Man Ray are protected by the legislation concerning literary and artistic property in all countries. The rights of the beneficiaries, the Man Ray trust, are managed by ADAGP.

8caliber Inspiration #Photography #Fashion #Portrait #Black and White #Studio #United States #Richard Avedon Smeared Skies Made from Hundreds of Stacked Photographs by Matt Molloy Living on the shore of Lake Ontario, just east of Toronto, photographer Matt Molloy has daily encounters with brilliant sunsets and cloudscapes that he’s been photographing for over three years. One day he began experimenting with time-lapse sequences by taking hundreds of images as the sun set and the clouds moved through the sky. Molloy then digitally stacked the numerous photos to reveal shifts in color and shape reminiscent of painterly brush strokes that smeared the sky. LAURENT NIVALLE PHOTOGRAPHY 2012 WILD RUBIS concept car Ferrari magazine Le Mans Classic 2010 - Colors Laure de Sagazan 2013 Men's Cars Series _Alex Men's Cars Series _ Jul.

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