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Allan Peters

Allan Peters
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Tugboat Printshop: "Garden" Woodcut Print 18" x 24" Color Woodcut Print on Ivory Somerset Paper Paul Roden + Valerie Lueth, 2011. {*style:<i> EDITION OF 200 PRINTS. A carpet of grassy wilderness rings the golden mound upon which a delicate grows. (ABOVE) The print began as the drawing on the block above and grew to become an 18" x 24" color, 5 block woodcut print! The key block (ABOVE) printed on 18" x 24" newsprint paper to give a working idea of the print's final size. The 2nd key block The three color blocks below were drawn and carved to create a rainbow of printed color beneath the two key blocks (ABOVE). (ABOVE DETAIL) The three color blocks and the 2 key blocks print together to create the final image. chris labrooy / design / 3d graphics

Changethethought™ Brandon Kidwell The human flamingo: Painted sculptures of naked women who don¿t mind being called birds Updated: 21:52 GMT, 17 February 2012 Drawing the human figure is a skill that most artists attempt to master during their careers. But Gesine Marwedel has taken that idea one stage further in putting together her unique 'body' of work - by transforming live models into human canvases. The German speech therapist, 24, studied Rehabilitation Science at university where she learnt how to help sick children through creative therapies such as art and music. Art imitating life: A model painted and posed to resemble a flamingo demonstrates Gesine's unusual technique Fluorescent finish: This model was covered from head to toe in a swirling, abstract pattern She now paints in her spare time and enjoys working on a variety of different surfaces, including the human body and more conventional canvas. Landscape with nude: This model's body was used to depict a frozen nocturnal scene Bird of a feather: This model is transformed into a swan taking flight

merz Ginger Monkey :: Tom Lane :: Illustration :: Design :: Typography :: home Text as Texture - Collage Submitted by: Judi Morgan, Saint George’s School UNIT: Collage - Text Lesson: “Text as Texture” Collage Grade Level: High School (adaptable to middle school) Time: 10- 45 minute class sessions Explore the principals of rhythm, movement and contrast Explore the element of texture (implied) Learn to attract and lead the eye rhythmically across and through a designed image Use text in such a way that it loses its identity as words and presents, instead, a textural image that also displays rhythm, movement, and contrast Understanding and applying media, techniques and processes Using knowledge of structures and functions Choosing and evaluating a range of subject matter, symbols, and ideas Reflecting upon and assessing the characteristics and merits of their work and the work of others Historical: Comparing the work of past and present collage artists Studio Production: Creation of collage utilizing text as texture and a means for creating movement, rhythm and contrast 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

News Design daily news Eiko Ojala’s Cut-Paper Illustration construieşte infrastructura, adică autostrăzile, viaductele şi podurile de informaţie, pentru a te bucura de creativii dependenţi direct din rezervaţiile lor naturale. îţi aduce online evenimentele expoziţionale, vernisajele şi stă de vorbă cu artiştii într-un stil relaxat. nu se identifică în mod necesar și nu își asumă răspunderea pentru opiniile și viziunile exprimate în materialele de pe SITE și/sau în comentariile utilizatorilor SITE-ului. De asemenea, ne rezervăm dreptul de a nu publica, de a șterge sau refuza orice comentariu sau material care aduce prejudicii grave de orice natură la adresa unui alt utilizator sau persoane, ori ale cărui idei sunt complet în afara conceptului general al SITE-ului, ori care contravin valorilor de bază prezentate pe SITE. De asemenea, linkurile din SITE către alte site-uri (site-uri externe) sau imaginile sau clipurile de pe alte site-uri nu sunt aprobate, verificate sau autorizate de SITE.