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¿Conoces los 30 sitios web de vídeos educativos mas populares?

¿Conoces los 30 sitios web de vídeos educativos mas populares?


Medieval Math Battle game goes gold for iOS and Android We wrote about the Medieval Math Battle game in October: aimed at 9-12 year-olds, it turns maths into a monster-packed roleplaying game. And very fun it is too. That game was “freemium” – free to play, but using in-app purchases to unlock different sections (e.g. subtraction, multiplication and division) as well as buy virtual gold for upgrades. Now the game’s developer SpinFall has launched Medieval Math Battle Gold, which dumps the in-app purchases aspect: “All operators are unlocked, plus earn twice the gold after every battle” as its app store listing puts it.

Mobile Learning and The Flipped Classroom: The Full Picture I have jumped onto the Flipped Classroom craze to take the opportunity to propose and discuss an experiential model of education (ala John Dewey and Kurt Hahn), one that has experience at its core and provides learning options for all types of learners. In this model, the videos, as they are discussed in the flipped classroom. support the learning rather than drive it. My series on the Flipped Classroom – The Full Picture includes the following posts: This post continues the series by providing an overview of The Flipped Classroom: The Full Picture using mobile devices. Each phase of the model has suggestions and ideas for mobile-driven learning activities which can be implemented on most devices. This supports Bring Your Own Devices programs and increases the chances students will use similar learning activities on their own devices outside of the classroom environment.

The Best Tools and Apps for Flipped Learning Classroom July 25, 2014 Following the posting of "Managing iPad Videos in Schools" somebody emailed me asking about some suggestions for tools and apps to create instructional videos to use in a flipped learning setting. In fact, over the last couple of years I have reviewed several web tools and iPad apps that can be used in flipped classroom but the ones I am featuring below are among the best out there. 1- Educlipper Educlipper is a wonderful tool for creating video tutorials and guides to share with students. What is it? « Algodoo Algodoo is a unique 2D-simulation software from Algoryx Simulation AB. Algodoo is designed in a playful, cartoony manner, making it a perfect tool for creating interactive scenes. Explore physics, build amazing inventions, design cool games or experiment with Algodoo in your science classes. Algodoo encourages students and children’s own creativity, ability and motivation to construct knowledge while having fun. Making it as entertaining as it is educational.

Engaging Ideas for Designing Learning Videos Here are some video techniques for creating a learning piece that caught my eye in terms of creativity and delivering a learning message. You may want to consider using some of these techniques for your own instructional design and delivery. It is always a good idea to mix up techniques to keep presentation styles fresh and engaging. Here is a clever one created by Google that uses elements of story and of a game-board to present information on a serious subject. 50 best Android apps for kids from 2013 Got a new Hudl, Galaxy Tab Kids, Nexus 7 or other Android tablet for your children? Our best Android apps for kids roundup from 2013 may be of help this Christmas. As the year went on, we covered more and more Android apps alongside this site’s original focus on iPhone and iPad, and that’s a trend that we think will continue in 2014, as more parents buy non-Apple tablets. For now, read our snapshot of top Android apps from 2013, and let us know any great ones you think we should have included by posting a comment! And if you’re more of an iPhone or iPad parent, check out our separate 100 Best iPhone and iPad Apps for Kids from 2013 feature.

Flipping Your Class with Google - EducationOnAir Description Using YouTube and the Google Apps for Education you can flip your class for anytime, anywhere learning. YouTube is the ultimate source of educational and engaging videos for every occasion. Learn how to leverage extensive capabilities of YouTube and video in the classroom. This workshop will share the best places to find pre-vetted YouTube EDU videos for the K-12 classroom. Combine video with Google Forms to survey, personalize and differentiate instruction.

Best practices for the flipped classroom The flipped classroom is still in its early stages, with much experimentation left to figure out the best strategies and workflows. Fortunately for us, innovative teachers like Jon Bergmann, Aaron Sams, Crystal Kirsch, Stacey Roshan, and many many more have been paving the way and documenting their successful practices. So, teachers, what are the best practices to flip? The best ways to liberate your classroom and spend more time connecting with your students? Read on.

CORE_Index (home page) provides access to animations, demonstration videos, lab videos and lab documents taken from an online AP Chemistry course developed by NCSSM chemistry instructors Dr. Myra Halpin and Chuck Roser. CORE provides all the supporting resource materials from this course, but without the course instruction documents themselves. These materials are available to NCSSM students and instructors, and may be used by the general educational community worldwide for classroom support. All materials are copyright ©NCSSM, and are subject to this Creative Commons License. The materials are also available in a searchable format on the NCSSM STEM web site.

10 Tools For Discovering Educational Videos Finding supplemental material for the classroom in the form of educational videos can be quite challenging, especially since the definition of “educational videos” is broad and quite varied. The following online resources should point you in the right direction as you look for valuable multimedia content for your classroom. Edutopia / Teaching Channel This two rich resources are not for students—they are for teachers who are looking to find ways to improve themselves and strategize ways to integrate new teaching methods into their classrooms. Both Edutopia and the Teaching Channel are easy to navigate, have a lot of rich video content, and can be invaluable for all teachers who are looking to learn more.

Adaptive Web Design: Crafting Rich Experiences with Progressive Enhancement — Easy Readers The web is an ever-changing medium whose scope, application, audience and platform continue to grow on a daily basis. If you’ve worked on the web for any amount of time, you’ve likely heard or even used the term “progressive enhancement.” Since the term’s inception, it has been considered a best practice for approaching web design. But what is it really? And how do we reconcile its meaning with the rapid evolution of the languages and browsers we rely on to do our jobs?

The Teacher's Guide To Flipped Classrooms Since Jonathan Bergman and Aaron Sams first experimented with the idea in their Colorado classrooms in 2004, flipped learning has exploded onto the larger educational scene. It’s been one of the hottest topics in education for several years running and doesn’t seem to be losing steam. Basically, it all started when Bergman and Sams first came across a technology that makes it easy to record videos. They had a lot of students that regularly missed class and saw an opportunity to make sure that missing class didn’t mean missing out on the lessons.