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Veg Recipes of India - Indian Food Blog on Vegetarian & Vegan Recipes

Veg Recipes of India - Indian Food Blog on Vegetarian & Vegan Recipes

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YUMMY TUMMY: Aloo Chana Curry / Potatoes & Chickpeas Cooked in a Spicy Sauce Channa & Potatoes are such a lovely combination to cook with. They make awesome curries when cooked, because they both have the tendency to absorb the flavours which you add in. I already have a dry version of aloo channa in my blog, this is a gravy version of it which I make very often at home. 27 Beard Oil Recipes (and counting): The Complete Guide 27 (and counting) recipes to get you started Making your own beard oil recipe isn’t rocket science, nor is it exactly the easiest thing to do. This insanely detailed guide will show you the EXACT steps that the beard oil manufactures use to make and sell their own beard oil and more importantly – to make your own! In fact, if you are feeling ambitious you could actually turn this hobby into a part time gig yourself! Just a quick note: You see there are a lot of awesome beard oil manufacturers out there.

The Novice Housewife - Page 2 of 126 - This 100% whole wheat bread recipe adapted from BBC Good Food magazine is packed with pumpkin and flax seeds. Recently a one star review on my business page on zomato (an indian website on the same lines as yelp) just reconfirmed my belief that most people these days are reviewing for the sake of appearing cool and just do not have the patience to understand somebody else’s situation. So the whole thing started on the Monday that went by. I had an order that I was busy working with. My phone was in the other room on charge. Generally if I am working on an order I do not keep my phone with me, because while baking I know I can not take a call lest I forget all about my cake in the oven.

12 Ways to Live More Sustainably Every day we make choices in our lives that affect the environment, the climate and other species. From what we eat to how many children we decide to have, there’s a lot we can do to “choose wild” and reduce our environmental footprint to leave more room for wild animals and plants. 1. Masala Dosa Recipe Masala Dosa is a famous recipe not only in India but abroad too. Its on the menu list of many North Indian Specialty restaurants too. Though making Masala Dosa is a long process, but its worth it. dal tadka, restaurant style dal tadka recipe dal tadka restaurant style recipe with step by step photos. dal tadka is one of the most popular dal recipe served in indian restaurants. basically, dal tadka are cooked lentils which are lastly tempered with oil or ghee fried spices & herbs. i have to admit that i simply love the dal tadka that is served at the restaurants even though we hardly eat out. so i try to recreate the restaurant magic in most of the food that i make at home. there are many restaurant style recipes in the blog like paneer butter masala, rajma masala, kadai paneer, dal makhani and vegetable dum biryani.

Country Style Fish Stew — Fish Moilee Kerala has long attracted visitors to its shores from every corner of the globe since time immemorial: Phoenicia, Greece, China, Arabia, Syria, Portugal, France and Rome. Needless to say, these civilizations left their imprint on the local culture, cuisine and religious practices. Several of the world’s great religions are found here—Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism and Buddhism. Jews dating back to 562 BCE, Christians to CE 52 and Muslims to CE 643. Foreign influence on the cuisine of Kerala is also marked, with each religion developing its own cuisine and style of preparation in response to its rich history, religious practices and local ingredients. Fish moilee is a typical Syrian Christian delicacy with the distinction that it is subtly flavored to suit most palates.

Chow Chow Sambar - Chettinad Recipes Ingredients Chow Chow / Chayote / Bangalore Kathirikai ( chopped)– 1 no Toordal ( cooked and mashed) – ¾ cup Punjabi chana dal masala Chana dal recipe – healthy, delicious and everyday dal recipe made with bengal gram. It is sauteed with onion-tomato and regular spices. Chana dal fry is one of the recipes that I make often on everyday basis. This is North Indian style chana dal masala. Typical Punjabi onion-tomato masala is the base of this dal. And addition tadka or tempering on top gives nice aroma and flavor to the dish. Batata Vada Recipe Batata vada is very famous in Maharashtra and many of its stalls can be seen on the roads of Mumbai. It is the most affordable and popular fast food in Mumbai. Lets make Batata Vada - Aloo Bada today and serve them to your family members along with the evening tea. हिन्दी में पढिये : Batata Vada Recipe Ingredients for Batata Vada

Goan Recipes ~ Indian Khana Goan Prawn Okra Curry or Prawn Okra Curry in Goan style is delicious prawn curry, okra or bhindi adds wonderful taste and flavor to this curry. It's seriously delicious if you haven't tried Goan style prawn curry then you should try it and add okra you going to love it, this curry is spicy and flavorful just wonderful. I have made few times already this curry as it as becomes one of the favorite at home now specially for my and my brother he simply love this curry. The highlight of this curry is okra and the grounded masala, I love the color of coconut paste so bright and colorful for that you have to use good quality of dry chili and ripe tomato.