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Hassle free home loan applications – how to properly prepare

Hassle free home loan applications – how to properly prepare
For the majority of people, a home loan is the biggest financial commitment they will make during their lifetime. Such an obligation requires painstaking and meticulous planning, but with the right resources and careful preparation, you shouldn’t need to stress. Here are a few tips to help you make the home loan application a breeze. Prepare your credit report Before anything, you will need to ensure that your finances are in order. Sit down and assess your credit report – this includes your personal history of all your credit accounts (cards, loans, mobile phone plans etc.), and all their associated repayment histories. Dispute inaccuracies in your credit report Misinformation and discrepancies will hurt your credit score and may cause your application to be denied, so consider speaking to a credit professional to help you dispute these issues. Pay off delinquencies Mortgage lenders will be assessing your ability to pay off debts on time. Hold on to your documents Home Loan Deposit size

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Mortgage Broker or Bank Lending Manager – Who would you use? You are ready to apply for a home loan but are unsure whether to use a mortgage broker or head straight to your bank, the latter could prove to be a costly mistake in the long run. There are many reasons why you’re better off using a finance broker when looking for your home loan, even if you wish to have you mortgage with your current bank, you can still use a broker to process your application and manage the paperwork on your behalf. Here are a few reasons why every borrower should seek out a qualified finance broker when trying to obtain property finance. A Mortgage Broker gives options When you sit down with a broker, you have options. Are you looking for home renovation finance Have the wave of home improvement shows on television inspired you to carry out a home renovation? Whether it’s big or small, an investment project or home extension you’ve been dreaming about for years, the big question is – how are you going to pay for it? Here are some options to consider: Extend your mortgage

Mortgage Brokers Helps Their Client to Entire Loan Process Mortgage Brokers Helps Their Client to Entire Loan Process With all the fast rise in property, the fund division has got to become flooded with mortgage brokers. You will find truly a great number of people as well as organizations providing their organizations towards the general human population as operators. To leave the group and achieve an irregular state of the achievements it has ended up vital for people employed in the home progress industry to provide their clients outstanding supervision throughout the application process, as well as a past. Buying together – 4 tips about property co-ownership With the romance of Valentine’s Day still in the air, many may be feeling the romantic urge to take the plunge and shack up with a loved one, but property co-ownership is a serious business and getting it wrong can have long-lasting repercussions. Certainly, romantic reasons aside, co-purchasing a property can be a great way to improve your buying power and reduce the burden of debt repayments. It also enables you to split other costs such as rates, water and utilities. Whether it’s young love or simply your first transaction together, when it comes to purchasing with a partner, it pays to proceed with caution and avoid letting your heart play tricks with your head! With that in mind, we’ve compiled a range of tips for successful co-ownership, that won’t leave you heartbroken – or broke. Communicate

RBA sits on the sidelines as Interest Rates remain on hold The Reserve Bank of Australia has indicated that we are in a ‘period of stability’ by leaving interest rates on hold during their monthly meeting this afternoon. The current cash rate sits at an historic low of 2.50%. Indeed, the RBA has gone on record as stating that global economic conditions have ‘evolved broadly as expected’. In Australia, this has led to an improvement in levels of consumption, housing investment, a surge in job advertisements and better business conditions. Housing growth on the back of low Interest Rates Speaking of housing, the market continued to show signs of growth last month. Could you be tempted by the lenders latest home loan offers? There’s a lot of competition for Australia’s $1.3 trillion home loan market and one could be easy to be dazzled or confused by the variety of offers available. Indeed, some of the deals might sound more like those on offer from car dealers than the banks, but that’s what happens interest rates are low and every lender is keen to grab a share of the market. Home loan cash back offers In recent times, the deals have included cash discounts, $1000 gift cards to help with moving costs, cash rebates, holidays and even petrol discounts from one non-bank lender.

How Can We Explain a Finance Broker Sydney How Can We Explain a Finance Broker Sydney “Broker” is really a name placed on persons that facilitate dealings from the seller/facilitator and his customer. A finance broker Sydney is thus an individual who helps clients to get financing or loans from the lender. He works as a middleman between your parties active in the transaction. A finance broker in Sydney may, in this manner, act as more than merely a middleman. Mortgage Brokers more popular than ever Mortgage brokers are now responsible for writing over half of Australia’s home loans and are valued for their choice, expertise and convenience, according to a new survey commissioned by the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA). From a 49.9 per cent share of the market in the March 2014 quarter, total new home lending to mortgage brokers increased to 51.9 per cent in the March 2015 quarter. Over this time there was a $44.2 billion increase in mortgage lending across Australia and brokers were responsible for 71 per cent of this increase, Australian Bureau of Statistics data reveals. Brokers were also found to be proficient at matching the right product to customer’s needs.

Have you Selected your Investment Property Dream Team There are many things that can lead to investment property success, but the most successful property investors know the importance of building a team of reliable industry professionals around them, and developing this team over time. When you think of all of the individuals and professionals you’ll enlist in your property investing career – from finding properties, to financing them, managing them, and eventually selling them – the number of collaborators becomes fairly large. For this reason it is key that you develop relationships to ensure they are mutually beneficial, and that you get the most out of the relationship as possible. Though some investors believe that having paid for some of these services, that should be enough, this in my opinion is a short-sighted view of benefits that can be achieved by building industry relationships. Here are some of the key dream team members you’ll need to select, if your aim is to become a successful property investor: Mortgage broker (c)