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10 Keyboard Shortcuts Every Chromebook Owner Should Know

10 Keyboard Shortcuts Every Chromebook Owner Should Know
Do You Know These? So you own a Chromebook — but do you know how to use it like a pro? Just like Windows and Mac OS X, Chrome OS supports a variety of keyboard shortcuts. In the rundown below you’ll find ten shortcuts we think are worth knowing about. 10. To take a screenshot of the entire screen press the Ctrl key and the Switcher key at the same time: Just need a bit of the screen? 9. Opening the file manager in Chrome OS is easy using a trackpad or mouse (especially if you pin it to the app shelf) but keyboard aficionados aren’t left out: just tap the following pairing. 8. Is Chrome suddenly running slow? 7. Applications pinned to the Shelf (the bar at the bottom of the screen in Chrome OS) can be opened using a keyboard shortcut. The first app in from the left – count the Chrome icon as 0 – is 1, the next 2, and so on until you reach 8. 6. To do this just press the following key combo: 5. 4. Most Chromebooks don’t come with a dedicated Caps Lock key. 3. In a rush to quit your session? 2. Related:  riikkamalmbergChromebooksChromebooks

10 Funny English Expressions & Their Literal Meanings – Bored Teachers Ever think about the literal meaning of some of the English expressions we use every day? Check out these awesome illustrations by artist Roisin Hahessy, who came up with the idea while teaching English as a foreign language in Brazil! 1. ...and "bob's your uncle!" 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. All images via Check out more of this artist's work at her website: Rosha Illustration! Other Posts You'll Also Love: 11 Realities of Teaching They Don't Tell You About in College 15 Perfect Products For Every Teacher's Classroom How To Do Your Grading Like An Experienced Teacher

IKT i Skolan, del 28: Appar till Chrome | JL Skolutveckling Googles webbläsare Chrome används av fler och fler. Jag tror att många skolor kommer att köpa Chromebooks till sina elever de närmaste åren, vilket kommer att öka användningen av Chrome som webbläsare än mer. En sak som många inte tänker på är att det går att ladda ner appar från Chrome web store. I del 28 av serien tips på IKT i skolan tittar jag på appar som kan vara användbara. Gå till Chrome web Store och i sökrutan uppe till vänster skriver du in namnet på den app du vill söka efter/ladda ner. 3D Tin 3d-modellering i din webbläsare 3DView 3D modellering och utskrifter Ambient Aurea Bakgrundsljuseffekt på ditt fotografi med endast ett klick Hantera att-göra listor AudioSauna Skapa, mixa och loopa musik Awesome new tab page Skrädddarsy hur det ser ut när du öppnar en ny flik i din webbläsare Biodigital human Undersök människokroppen i 3D Brilliant Utmaningar för de som är intresserade av matematik och naturvetenskap Calmly writer En texteditor utan störande moment Can I strem it?

California Drought With California facing one of the most severe droughts on record, Governor Brown declared a drought State of Emergency in January and directed state officials to take all necessary actions to prepare for water shortages. The state has continued to lead the way to make sure California is able to cope with an unprecedented drought. August 27, 2015 - Despite continued hot conditions, Californians surpassed June’s conservation rate and reduced water use by 31.3 percent during July, exceeding Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr.’s 25 percent mandate for a second consecutive month since the new emergency conservation regulation took effect. Read More DWR Seeks Final Public Comment on Key Draft Groundwater Regulations August 31, 2015 -- The Department of Water Resources (DWR) will hold three public meetings this week to solicit final public review and comment on the draft regulations that establish a process for local agencies to follow should they seek to modify the boundaries of a groundwater basin.

Guide to Chromebook Privacy Settings for Students If your child's school issued them a Chromebook, there are some important settings you can chance to improve their privacy. Be sure to also check out our Guide to Google Account Privacy Settings for Students. Open the Chromebook’s settings by clicking on your username in the bottom right-hand corner, then clicking “Settings.” Scroll all the way to the bottom, and click "Show advanced Settings..." Under "Passwords and forms" Un-check "Enable Autofill to fill out web forms in a single click." Under “People” Click the “Advanced sync settings…” button. Under "Privacy" Next, under “Privacy”, click the "Content settings..." button. In "Content settings" Under “Cookies”, select "Keep local data only until you quit your browser" and "Block third-party cookies and site data" Under “Location” select "Do not allow any site to track your physical location" Under “Protected content” un-select "Allow identifiers for protected content (computer restart may be required)” Privacy-Preserving Extensions

Tema: The Wedding Trip Hej Många frågar hur vi planerade temat till The Wedding Trip och här kommer en sammanställning! Mina kollegor, Maria Ekelund och Marie Hansson, och jag har allihop 9or i år. Vi bestämde oss för att göra ett större projekt där alla eleverna var inblandade. Vi har 2 x 60 minuter engelska per vecka. Lektion nr 1 och 2 : Introduktion av temat. Mellan lektion 2 och 3 gav vi respons på elevernas texter och kollade så att det inte var helt utflippat. Lektion nr 3 och 4: Speed Dating Speed Dating Under Speed datingen samlade vi alla elever i ett och samma klassrum. Speed dating tar sin tid och det måste få ta tid. Lektion nr 5: Instruktionerna till temat: The Wedding Idag gifter de sig! Klassrummet var arrangerat som en kyrka. Lektion 6,7,8,9 Grupperna arbetar med att skapa texter, göra sina presentationer och förbereda sig för sina muntliga presentationer. Här är färdiga filmer som ni kan använda som modeller för era elever: Lektion 12:

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 10 Important Chromebook Tips Every Teacher Should Know about October 30, 2015 If you are using or planning to use Chromebook in your instruction, the tips below are definitely worth your attention. These are instructions to help you make the best of your Chromebook in terms of how to search for and find educational apps to use on it, how to customize its settings to suit your own teaching purposes, how to save files to Google Drive and edit and share images using Chromebook's built-in editor, how to add users and control who can use your Chromebook and several other tips that are integral to an effective integration of this device in your class. 1- Find apps for your Chromebook Apps are web applications that allow you to do specific tasks on your Chromebook. Chrome Web Store is the place where you can look for and download Chromebook apps. 2- Add apps and extensions to your Chromebook Once you have found the apps or extensions you want to use on your Chromebook, follow the instructions below to learn about how to install them: A- Remove apps

HowStuffWorks "What do our dreams mean?" Those on the physiology side of the "why we dream" argument see dreams as only nonsense that the brain creates from fragments of images and memory. For centuries, however, people have looked at their dreams as both omens and insights into their own psyches. Many think dreams are full of symbolic messages that may not be clear to us on the surface. But, if we dig deeper and think about what is going on in our lives, we can usually come up with an interpretation that makes sense. Common Dream Themes and Their Interpretations Being naked in public Most of us have had the dream at some point that we're at school, work or some social event, and we suddenly realize we forgot to put on clothes! We're trying to hide something (and without clothes we have a hard time doing that).We're not prepared for something, like a presentation or test (and now everyone is going to know -- we're exposed!). Falling You're falling, falling, falling... and then you wake up. Being chased Flying Your teeth falling out

Control Alt Achieve: Lit Trips on Chromebooks with the New Google Earth Google Lit Trips have been a popular learning activity for many years. With the new version of Google Earth, they are now available for Chromebooks! If you are not familiar with them, a Lit Trip plots locations from a novel on Google Earth to create a 3D geographic tour of the story. At each location the Lit Trip can also include annotations, web links, images, videos, activities, and more, all related to that part of the story. Lit Trips run in Google Earth, so unfortunately for years this has meant you could not run them on a Chromebook. However, Google has now released their new version of Earth which runs entirely inside of your Chrome web browser. See below for a brief video explaining how to do this, along with written directions and links. Tutorial Video (14 minutes) Step #1 - Download the Lit Trip Even though the new version of Google Earth runs entirely in your browser, you will still need to begin by downloading a Lit Trip file. Step #2 - Go to Google Earth Conclusion

Tillägg till Chrome som underlättar ditt lärarjobb Jag hoppas att du har övergett webbläsaren (det du klickar på när du öppnar internet) Internet Explorer och nu använder en modernare webbläsare. Tyvärr envisas de flesta IT-avdelningar med att Internet Explorer är det som ska vara förinstallerat. Personligen använder jag nästan alltid Chrome. Att använda Chrome har många fördelar. Innnan du börjar så kolla om du är inloggad i Chrome med det googlekonto du vill använda. Utan inbördes rangordning börjar jag med att visa er tillägget Awesome Screenshots. Tillägget hamnar sedan som små ikoner i menyraden bredvid adressfältet. (Det som ni ser under adressfältet är mina bokmärken och favoriter. Awesome Screenshot hjälper dig att ta skärmdumpar, bilder, så som jag har gjort i bloggen här. AdBlock Plus – oumbärligt för att bli av med alla annonser som dyker upp överallt på nätet. Pearltrees – klicka på tillägget och sortera direkt in en webbsida du vill spara i ditt virtuella bibliotek. Readlang Web Reader – detta måste ni lära era elever! Sara

Some app substitutions for iPad apps to use on a Chromebook Chromebooks - apps recommendations and substitutions Many “apps” made for iOS and Android aren’t meant to be used as apps on a Chromebook, anymore than they would be on a Mac or Windows device. You can just use the website. Others have web apps and/or extensions. Stage - no direct alternative, but there are “whiteboarding apps” Chatterpix - use Pixlr or PicMonkey (see #4)PhotoFun Animal - no direct alternative (doesn’t seem educational either)iPhoto - use Pixlr or Pickmonkey (#4 above) for editing. More: Can use Office Editing web app to edit and view Word, Excel and PowerPoint files in Google Docs, Sheets and Slides.

Basic Setup and Installation of DosBox - DOSBoxWiki Basic Concepts DOSBox is an emulator that recreates a MS-DOS compatible environment (complete with Sound, Input, Graphics and even basic networking). This environment is complete enough to run many classic MS-DOS games completely unmodified. Installation The first step is to install DOSBox. After downloading, install DOSBox to any directory. Running a game Now, the hardest part, getting games to run. Z:\>MOUNT C C:\OLDGAMES Drive C mounted as local directory C:\OLDGAMES\ To dissect the above: MOUNT: Tells the program to mount a directory C: Tells the program what you want your new drive to be called (leaving it as C: is fine) C:\OLDGAMES: This is the directory I want to set as the new drive for DOSBox, because all my games are in it. (Note: If you want to mount a CD-ROM instead of a folder, type this: Z:\>MOUNT D D:\ -t cdrom MSCDEX installed. (Note: "cdrom" is case sensitive and must be lowercase!) After you've done this, you will be prompted with a Z:\>. Hopefully, you're all set!

100 Best Chromebook Tips, Tricks and Time Savers Getting started with a Google Chromebook is very easy so is being a normal Google Chromebook user. But to be a power user, you need to know some tips, tricks and secrets. Here is a few to get you started! Towards the end of the list you will find tips mostly found on development channel or beta channel of Chrome OS. So if you are using stable version of Chrome OS and find a feature not working, do not worry, it will be there in few weeks time when Chrome team updates stable version. Thanks everyone who shared these tips on various forums and communities. Chromebook Tips, Tricks and Time Savers <img src=" alt="" width="448" height="212" />You can create a recovery media right from the Google Chromebook. Hope you learned a thing or two here.

5 missar lärare gör – enligt senaste hjärnforskningen Annika Nilsson och Lena Winqvist undervisar i svenska på Einar Hansen-gymnasiet i Malmö. De håller lektioner tillsammans, skriver läromedel tillsammans – och driver utbildning om hjärnsmart lärande för pedagoger tillsammans. De två lärarna har läst in sig på kognitions- och neurovetenskap och har möjlighet att konsultera personal på universitetet i Lund när de utvecklar sina metoder. För Skolvärlden berättar Annika Nilsson om fem saker som lärare kan förbättra för att ge sina elever en mer hjärnsmart undervisning. Här kan du felsöka – och hitta rätt åtgärd för att förbättra undervisningen. Bristande studiero: ”Ett vanligt exempel som de flesta vet, men som många inte orkar brottas med är distraktioner i klassrummet. Åtgärd: Mobiler är förbjudna i klassrummet, locket på datorn helst ska vara nedfällt vid genomgång, och sociala kanaler stängda – precis som klassrumsdörren. Eleverna är passiva lyssnare: ”Som lärare tänker man ofta att man måste prata hela tiden – det är mitt jobb.