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How To Build A Sami Hut In Wood

How To Build A Sami Hut In Wood
This is a description with pics of how i built my Sami hut in wood. What this hut has as a raw model is the hut that our Swedish indigenous people called Sami, have built and used for many centuries. This type of building is/was also (to some degree) used by the Inuit, Aleut and Yupik peoples. As i made it from reprocessed wood from torned down houses and other buildings this is a totaly green project. Tools/materials you need is a hammer, saw, knife, drill, spirit level, nails, tarpaper, wood and alot of patience! As a non American/English i use the metric system, so i had to use an online converter to be able to present the messurements in inches. So please dont mock me for my English as i am from Sweden.

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Do-It-Yourself Oak Bar Build This all started for me as a joke to my wife. We purchased our home about six months ago and in the back of the house is a open room which has the wood stove. I figured a bar would be awesome. Grain Bin Cabin Plan Grain Bin Cabin Mark Clipsham, Architect This 1 bedroom, 2 bathroom 692 sf cabin will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. It also has the potential to provide as many as 12 "berths" for use as a hunting cabin or such. Each berth could have its indiviual heat or A/C duct for greater efficiency. The basis of the design components is to put a grain bin inside a grain bin and insulate the space between them with foam.

V8 Engine Table I watched ebay for a while until I found an old rover V8 engine cheap. I paid £10 for this one. Somehow you need to get it home safely! You will likely need an engine hoist as they are heavy! Also line your van/car as you will probably get oil everywhere even if you do drain it first! **Additional Note**

Free Wood Cabin Plans & Free Step By Step Shed Plans One of the nicest things about a cottage is that it becomes a place for friends and family to gather and share memories. But the cherished kind of memory probably doesn’t include the sound of Uncle Bob’s snoring, or having to step over half a dozen nieces and nephews on your way to a midnight snack. With a bunkie, you can invite overnight guests and still have some privacy at bedtime. The ULTIMATE diy boombox! This thing is simply a gigantic ipod boombox......just way doper! I wanted to fully build a blasting boombox for my garage and here it is. The enclosure is made of 3/4" mdf and then I used some rattle can truck bed liner to paint it.

Build A Low Cost Cabin Six years ago, when I took on the job of operating a biological station in the Allegheny Mountains of Highland County, Virginia, I found myself faced with a serious problem: namely, how to house my family during the summer school sessions. The small private college I worked for had no funds for extra staff lodging ... and our year-round home was in the far eastern part of the state (which meant we couldn't commute to the outpost). What we needed, then, was an "overnight" cabin that the five of us — my wife, myself, our two teenage sons, and our teenage daughter — could build quickly, easily, and inexpensively right on the biological station grounds, and live in during the summer months. Building a Low Cost Cabin

Yurts (Ger), Tipis, Geodesic Domes, and Caravans for Sale in Portugal In Portugal you do not normally need planning permission to site a ger/yurt, tipi, caravan, gypsy wagon, or other "temporary structure" as long as you don't put it on a permanent concrete base. These low-impact dwellings can be an ideal solution for land where there is no planning permission, for a temporary home whilst renovating a property, as a guest room or holiday rental. These "Mini Casas" are perfect for those wanting to live a more sustainable life. The examples below have been chosen by us as they are spacious, warm and cosy in winter, and cool and airy in summer. The yurts, tipis and caravans we advertise are all hand-made in Portugal from quality materials which will last you a lifetime.

Bringing new life to an old classic marantz stereo receiver with a class D amp board. *this instructable takes for granted that you can solder, understand basic electronics, and have fixed electronic gear before.* so you acquired an old stereo receiver but it has issues. there are many things that can go wrong with an old stereo receiver but one of the common issues can be blown outputs. sometimes the cost of parts is prohibitive, making it not worth the effort of trying to fix a piece back to its original design. what to do? junk it? Ikea's flat-pack refugee shelters go into production Ikea is producing 10,000 of its flat-pack temporary shelters designed for refugees made homeless by conflict and natural disasters (+ slideshow). The Ikea Foundation will supply the Better Shelter units to the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), which will distribute them globally to displaced families and communities later this year. "Putting refugee families and their needs at the heart of this project is a great example of how democratic design can be used for humanitarian value," said Jonathan Spampinato of the Ikea Foundation.