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Wrightslaw Special Education Law and Advocacy

Wrightslaw Special Education Law and Advocacy
Parents, educators, advocates, and attorneys come to Wrightslaw for accurate, reliable information about special education law, education law, and advocacy for children with disabilities. Begin your search in the Advocacy Libraries and Law Libraries. You will find thousands of articles, cases, and resources about dozens of topics: IDEA 2004 l Special Education l Law l Advocacy Books, DVDs, Websites Newsletter: Subscribe to the free, weekly Special Ed Advocate. In this issue of the Special Ed Advocate you learn why and how to include objective measurement in IEPs.


Sensory Modulation - A Sensory Life...Three Steps for Sensory Success! Information Source: Your Essential Guide to Understanding Sensory Processing Disorder ~Angie Voss, OTR Sensory Modulation Difficulty Do you have a child who quickly switches from being a sensory seeker to a sensory avoider? Is your child super unpredictable and quick to meltdown? Does your child get easily frustrated at the tiniest of things? Does your child seem to do ok with a certain sensory situation one day, and not the next? Classroom Behavior Discipline Ideas We asked teachers to describe the behavior plans they use in their classrooms.Check out the fantastic responses below... Encouraging Frog-tastic BehaviorSubmitted by Cathy from North Carolina Expectations and Consequences I do a lot of different things in my classroom. First I'll start with my expectations and some consequences. My classroom has a frog theme and we have four rules.

Tech&Learning Magazine March 31,2014 An independent study, published in theInternational Journal of Evaluation andResearch in Education and sponsored by theSchool Improvement Network, shows a directlink between professional development andgains in student achievement. More » The Flipped Learning Network recentlyreleased the following “Four Pillars” thatteachers must incorporate to create a“Flipped Learning” experience:

Asperger's syndrome Asperger's syndrome is a developmental disorder that affects a person's ability to socialize and communicate effectively with others. Children with Asperger's syndrome typically exhibit social awkwardness and an all-absorbing interest in specific topics. Doctors group Asperger's syndrome with other conditions that are called autistic spectrum disorders or pervasive developmental disorders. These disorders all involve problems with social skills and communication. Asperger's syndrome is generally thought to be at the milder end of this spectrum. Developing Reading skills There is always a debate about teaching reading at F.E level to students with a learning disability(i.e teach them to use the skills they already have rather than learning using phonics) If you do want to have a go at using phonics and teaching tricky words here are some links to help you: A guide from DFES Letters and Sounds guidance from Department of EducationAn introduction to synthetic phonics from An over view of how and when to introduce the sounds and words can be found at:

Experiment allows paralyzed men to have sex again Kent Stephenson and his girlfriend, Misti Richeson. Paralysis patients have electrical stimulators implanted in their spines in studyStimulators help return their sex lives to normalPatient: "Walking isn't such a big deal ... sex is a big deal" (CNN) -- While practicing for a national motocross competition in 2009, Kent Stephenson's motorcycle suddenly locked up and crashed, leaving him paralyzed from the chest down. He was just 21 years old and would never walk again. He was also devastated to learn that he would never have sex again.

7 Secrets of the Super Organized A few years ago, my life was a mess. So was my house, my desk, my mind. Then I learned, one by one, a few habits that got me completely organized. Simplek12 Home Browse: By Categories All Administrator ResourcesAssessment & Review Blended LearningBloggingBundles & ToolkitsBusiness EducationClassroom ManagementCollege & Career ReadinessCommon CoreCommunication & CollaborationCounselingDesktop ApplicationsDifferentiated LearningDigital CitizenshipDigital MediaDigital StorytellingESL/ELLGoogleInteractive WhiteboardsInternet SearchesiPads & Mobile LearningLearning Theories & StrategiesMembershipsOrganizational & Time-saving ToolsPersonal EnrichmentPodcastingReading & WritingResponse to Intervention (RTI)School SafetySocial MediaSpecial Education STEMTools for Student ProjectsVirtual LearningWeb Tool OverviewsWebsite CreationWikisWorkplace more... Favorites

Time Management Tips - Time Management Tips for ADHD Time Management Tips and Adult ADD I’m running late. I’ll be there in just a little while. Learning Disabilities in Children: Symptoms, Types, and Testing What are learning disabilities? Learning disabilities, or learning disorders, are an umbrella term for a wide variety of learning problems. A learning disability is not a problem with intelligence or motivation. Kids with learning disabilities aren’t lazy or dumb. In fact, most are just as smart as everyone else. Their brains are simply wired differently.

Sexuality and the Role of Occupational Therapy Download a printable copy of this fact sheet here. Sexuality is a core characteristic and formative factor for human beings. It is a state of mind, representing our feelings about ourselves, what it’s like to be male or female, how we relate to people of our own gender and those of the opposite gender, how we establish relationships, and how we express ourselves. Behavior Charts - Free Printables - Behavior - Child - Printable - Behavior Charts for Kids - Computer Printer Picture Graphics Hourly Behavior Chart Chart I Behaved Well (Sunday-Saturday)| I Behaved Well (Monday-Thursday) | I Behaved Well (Monday-Friday) Items Checklist Chart (Items checked out & checked in)

Common Craft It's just too much. Did you know that there are over 15 billion web pages? To make sense of it all, we need to pluck out the best pages and save them for later. We have choices. We could bookmark or add to favorites in our web browser. Autism Island: 50 things you SHOULD say to autism parents. I received many comments wondering when I was going to post 50 things you should say to autism parents like I promised. Here is one comment that I think sums up how many people feel “I do not have autistic children. Most of the things on this list sound horrible. Some of the things I think are people trying to make conversation and simply understand your world better. How about creating another list of things you’d prefer to hear people say? Some people such as myself are often afraid to say anything at all about kids who they know have autism for fear of saying something that might be taken the wrong way.

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