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40 New And Useful Adobe Illustrator Tutorials Aug 23 2010 The Internet is bursting with knowledge. Whatever you want is available at your fingertips, and learning new techniques is so easy with the load of useful tutorials that guide you step by step. Five Ways To Prevent Bad Microcopy Advertisement You’ve just created the best user experience ever. You had the idea. You sketched it out. You started to build it.

How to make pancakes from scratch the lazy (and delicious) way Because I live in China, I cannot go to the supermarket and buy a pancake mix so I have to make it from scratch. After using various recipes for the past few years, I decided that I would make my own recipe that was easier to make, remember, uses fewer cooking tools, and tastes delicious! Ingredients: (Makes 8-10) 1 cup milk Why does some HTML get removed from articles in version 1.5.8? In Joomla! 1.5.8 and later, a default filtering choice is in place for those who have not selected an Article Filter option. The default applied for those who have not made a selection implements "black list" filtering as a security precaution against possible XSS. In version 1.5.8, all users, including members of the Super Admin group, have this set by default. In versions 1.5.9 and later, users in the Super Admin group do not have any filtering by default. Due to this change, you might notice problems trying to save a Youtube video, or embedding other Javascript or Flash objects into your Articles.

18 Websites that Take Scrolling to the Next Level There was a time when the common practice was to try and place all content above the fold. But now, instead of fearing the scroll, web designers and developers are embracing the need to scroll, and using it as opportunity to engage the user with background reveals, element animations, and other clever effects based on the pages scroll position. So in an effort to inspire you, we’ve gathered a collection of websites that take scrolling to the next level.

120+ of the Best Illustrator Tutorials EVER. This post is the ultimate resource for all your Adobe Illustrator tutorial needs. You can learn so much from these 120+ top Illustrator tutorials, which include everything from vector Illustrator typography, to vector character design and learning Illustrator tools. Enjoy… Design Principles: Visual Perception And The Principles Of Gestalt Advertisement In 1910, psychologist Max Wertheimer had an insight when he observed a series of lights flashing on and off at a railroad crossing. It was similar to how the lights encircling a movie theater marquee flash on and off. To the observer, it appears as if a single light moves around the marquee, traveling from bulb to bulb, when in reality it’s a series of bulbs turning on and off and the lights don’t move it all. This observation led to a set of descriptive principles about how we visually perceive objects.

Graphic-ExchanGE - a selection of graphic projects After weeks of work, I am pleased to present my new portfolio. It will be now under the name as after working freelance for years, I am now in a real studio with Jef working with me. He designs this website and I thanks him for that, I guess it is important to have a new eye on your own work ! K2 and JomSocial Profile Integration (FREE) Please note: This is template overwrite and not plugin/module etc. Therefore it can not be installed with the Joomla! installer. Sourcing from our incredible BizWeb template this template overwrite provides the opportunity for you to display in K2 blog, the avatar, web-site and personal description from JomSocial and that way to completely disable the profile in K2 and rely only on JomSocial to handle it. - Download the zip file. - Unzip it and the contents should be uploaded to your JOOMLA_ROOT/templates/YOUR_TEMPLATE/html/- In order to integrate the user description and the web site, the custom fields in JomSocial should have the following names: FIELD_ABOUTME and FIELD_WEBSITE.

30 Awesome Parallax Scrolling Effect in Web Design The word ‘Parallax’ has been derived from a Greek word ‘Parallaxis’, which means ‘alteration’. The parallax effect is an amazing effect in which different elements scroll along different lines on a website. It creates a fascinating faux-3D effect. This effect has been in use in web designing for quite some years now, but it is again being used a lot as it has again gained popularity. The Top 10 Photoshop and Illustrator tutorials of 2009 2009 wasn't the best year for the economy, but it was an unbelievably good year for creativity. Here we've collected the 10 most popular Photoshop and Illustrator tutorials from the past year, so you can see what techniques have been most inspiring readers. Design repeating T-shirt motifs in Photoshop This tutorial guides you through the process of creating a repeating pattern for a T-shirt print.

Great Products Focus On A Motif Advertisement What does it take to craft a great product? For those of us who design and build apps, websites and software, a great product means one that delights its users. But digital product development is a complex beast. Delivering a successful product requires multidisciplinary teams to efficiently work through varying opinions and conflicting views and, ultimately, to gather behind a common vision with a focused plan. .: Archive After watching The Great UX Debate, it was interesting to revisit this blog post I made back in 2010 on what for me was a new experience at that time. When Print Met Digital December 20, 2010 Recent advances in digital media have caused a re-occurring debate amongst designers that questions the relationship between digital and print design. It appears as though the two disciplines, until recently, have been able to co-exist relatively independently. But with a rapidly improving Internet browsing experience and the advent of devices such as the iPhone and iPad, many creative agencies are finding their clients eager to board the digital bandwagon.

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