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Free professional Joomla! templates & extensions. Medidas de Seguridad en Joomla! Cómo mejorar la seguridad de tu Joomla - Joomla Empresa. Blog WordPress, Joomla y PrestaShop en Español. Latch. The safety switch for your digital life. Seguridad en Joomla: ¡Si se puede! Creo que a estas alturas de la vida (¿de verdad quiero empezar esto así?)

Seguridad en Joomla: ¡Si se puede!

Sobra decir que un sitio web 100% seguro no existe. Desde el momento en el que tu sitio web está en Internet, es vulnerable a cualquier ataque. Esto es así. Ahora bien, se lo podemos poner en bandeja a los “malos” o hacer que suden la gota gorda y tiren la toalla. .htaccess Generator. Web Utilities » .htaccess Generator Our .htaccess generator will generate the files you need (.htaccess and .htpasswd) to password protect a directory of your website.

.htaccess Generator

Just input the username and password you require, plus the exact path of the directory you want to protect. For more information about .htaccess protection, have a search on Google. Looking for an easy way to password protect your site? Try TechnoTrade's .htaccess password protection which will generate the htaccess and htpasswd files for you and a lot more.

Seguridad en Joomla! Desterramos el mito de la inseguridad de Joomla!

Seguridad en Joomla!

, a la par que ofrecemos diversas técnicas y extensiones que ayudan a incrementar la seguridad en el célebre CMS. Extensiones de Joomla, plantillas, plugins y módulos de RSJoomla. ARI Soft - Joomla web 2.0 extensions, components, modules, plugins. 110MB Free Web Hosting. Tours. BuaXua Floating - Display any module with floating - Joomla! Tutorials and More. Recommend Joomla!

BuaXua Floating - Display any module with floating - Joomla! Tutorials and More

Extensions with video clip tutorials User Rating: What's Buaxua Floating module Mod_buaxua_floating is a simple and free module for Joomla! , it can shows any module (Menu, Banner, Images, Custom HTML,...) with floating. You can selectable floating position (top, middle, bottom) and float left, right or both sides. Features Floating any module (Menu, Banner, images, Custom HTML,...).Selectable floating position (top, middle, bottom)Selectable module position to float.Float left, right or both sides.Auto centered.Adjustable width and positions.Adjustable speed/Stop floating.Auto Show/Hide.Custom CSS.

Live Demo Please go here for live demo of Buaxua Floating module: Documentation How to use 1/ Published mod_buaxua_floating on Debug position, select the page(s) you want to display (Menu Assignment, e.g.: Home or select All). Xem chủ đề - Module buaxua floating - Banner trượt 2 bên cho Joomla! Mod_buaxua_floating là một Module được sử dụng miễn phí, nó có chức năng giúp hiển thị các Module của Joomla!

Xem chủ đề - Module buaxua floating - Banner trượt 2 bên cho Joomla!

(Menu, Banners, Images, Custom HTML,...) dưới dạng trượt hai bên trang web. Các tính năng chính:- Chọn vị trí trượt (bên trên, chính giữa, bên dưới) riêng cho mỗi bên.- Cho phép chọn vị trí Module để trượt.- Tự động canh giữa.- Điều chỉnh các thông số kích thước của khung hiển thị.- Điều chỉnh khoảng cách giữa khung hiển thị và trang web.- Điều chỉnh tốc độ trượt và không trượt.- Tự động ẩn khi cửa sổ của trình duyệt thu nhỏ.- Tùy chỉnh CSS.

Cách thiết lập thông số: Cách sử dụng: - Mở Module nào muốn trượt ra (thí dụ Module Banners).- Enabled: Yes (Có)- Position: Dùng bàn phím nhập dòng chữ buaxua_leftbox (nếu muốn Module này hiển thị bên trái) hoặc buaxua_rightbox (nếu muốn Module này hiển thị bên phải).- Sau khi thực hiện xong thì Lưu lại. Tập tin đính kèm: Galerías de fotos en 3D espectacúlares - Somos apañados. PicLens transforma tu navegador en una presentación de imágenes o fotografías en pantalla completa y no ralentiza ni interrumpe la visión de las imágenes; por contra la acelera y dinamiza... siendo muy atractivo visualmente.

Galerías de fotos en 3D espectacúlares - Somos apañados

Esta presentación podrá ser compuesta por las imágenes disponibles en cualquier página web o servicio de hosting. Para poder ver las galerías de fotos con PicLens debéis instalar uno de estos plugins: para Firefox (Windows) para Internet Explorer Las extensiones para los navegadores más habituales son completamente gratuitas y su uso es muy simple. Una vez instalado, PicLens nos permite navegar entre los resultados de los principales sitios de alojamiento de imágenes como los son Google y Yahoo.

3D Photo Zoom FX. The “Personal License (single use)” grants you a non-exclusive and non-transferable right to make use of this product in a single non-commercial* website (or application**), your own work or client work. * A non-commercial application is an application which is not owned by a company, even if the application in which this product will be included does not directly generate income an individual, when the application in which this product will be included generates income in any form (i.e. a website with paid advertising) ** An application can be a website, a software, an electronic document such as a PowerPoint presentation or an e-book, a printed document, a video production There is no restriction on the number of copies of this product within the same application.

3D Photo Zoom FX

UMI 3D Tag Cloud for Joomla commes with TagCanvas Functionality. Free web apps & blog and website widgets. Joomla, the free open source CMS, is still number one when it comes to building a big, robust and professional websites.

Joomla templates can replace your default theme, which comes free with the Joomla installation package. This list of templates is a personal list of favourites that we found to push design forward for Joomla as well as being inspirational. Below you will find the 15 best Joomla premium templates. Hope you will like them. 1. Sauna is a health and beauty Joomla 2.5 Template with a dark layout and subtle look. Sauna - Responsive Jooma Template Download 2. You can use this template for any kind of spa salon, message and therapy website, beauty salon website and more as you like… Making Galleries. Browse Our Sample Galleries All you need to make a Joomla website with Galleries of images for your Photo (or other) Portfolio is Hot Photo Portfolio template.

Making Galleries

Period. If you install it using HotStart method, our Photo Gallery plugin ($15 value) will be installed as well. Joomla Photography Template & Theme, Photography Templates & Themes for Joomla! Joomla! photography template JSN Tendo by - Home. BT Photography - Photography Joomla templates - Joomla.


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