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Your Cloud, Your Data, Your Way!

Your Cloud, Your Data, Your Way!
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Cloud File Server sync files and folders across unlimited computer and mobile units automatically synchronizes your folders and files between any number of computers and mobile devices. Consolidate your valuable documents Having your critical files scattered across multiple computers and mobile units can be stressful. eliminates this by providing a easy and secure way to consolidate your valuable documents, back them up and sync your files and folders across unlimited computers. Automatic and secure sync Partners - VMware - Pure Play OpenStack. Features and Benefits Mirantis supports integration with VMware technologies, essential for many mission-critical enterprise workloads, so cloud operators can leverage their existing VMware tools to manage both VMware and growing OpenStack clouds. Enterprises can explore new, cost-effective implementations of VMware’s best-of-breed virtualization under the OpenStack framework, create scale-out OpenStack clouds with VMware’s NSX (formerly Nicira) software-defined networking, or employ all these technologies in multi-hypervisor deployments. Expanded support for VMware environments in Mirantis OpenStack also includes: vSphere datastore: Fuel can deploy vSphere as Glance and Cinder back-end data store. Cinder is supported using the VMWare VMDK driver in environments that use vCenter HV Nova-network VLAN Manager support for vCenter: VLAN manager is now an option for Nova-network networking topologies in vCenter environments

*Tresorit* Landing page Get White Paper Your safe space in the cloud Features Send password protected public links so others can upload files to you; get notified on your phone when you get a share from your own or another ownCloud server. Edit documents together, have video calls over your own server, comment on pictures shared with or by you. Don't be alone! With ownCloud, you easily share and collaborate with whomever you want. Share and collaborate with anybody ownCloud features comments, sharing within and between ownCloud servers, public links and more.

iTwin Vs. Dropbox: A Secure Filesharing Alternative Cloud-based file-sharing has its advantages, but should you be thinking lower tech? Here's a look at a USB device that lets you share files securely via the Internet. (click image for larger view) iTwin USB file sharing device iTwin's ad copy describes the company's gadget as "Two ends of a cable, no cable." It's a USB device that allows secure file sharing over the Internet between any two PCs, and has been pitched by its makers as competition for many other kinds of products-flash drives, network-attached storage, and cloud-storage services like DropBox or Windows Live Mesh.

Solutions Our easy to use and extendable REST API allows developers to quickly integrate with various third party services for work offload, data ingestion, buffering, and more. Below are a few examples complete with source code. TopCloud Services In a previous article we shared with you Top Cloud Services like Google Drive but those services don’t support Linux. But to bring happiness on the faces of those dedicated users, who was looking for best Alternatives to Google Drive for Linux OS. We don’t know why Google doesn’t want to give official support of Google Drive to Linux users and take the smile off of their faces. Also for this little reason some users even wondering that Windows is better option in comparison to Linux.

Web Folders 4 WHS on Brendan's Home Server Dev Site Despite the easy to use Remote Access web site that Windows Home Server ships with today, it is far more complicated to use than the normal file transfer mechanism people are used to when they are on the same network as their Home Server... UNC shares where they can access a share using the \\server\sharename syntax and easily drag and drop files to and from the server. Utilizing a few unsupported components in Windows Home Server (but supported as part of Windows Server 2003), Web Folders 4 WHS acts as some glue code to wire things up enabling a user to have a remote folder that lets them securely drag and drop files to/from their Home Server shares. Links

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