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Discover the Flexibility of Wood Trusses

Discover the Flexibility of Wood Trusses
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Find Out How the Stone Truss Code Helps Building Contractors | Stone Truss San Diego Throughout the workspaces at Stone Truss are posters listing the company’s Code of Conduct. Among them are reminders to “Take pride in your work” and “Never settle for mediocre work; strive for perfection.” To Stone Truss designers and craftspeople, the reminders are more than words; they’re a reinforcement and commitment to doing the job right the first time. What the Stone Truss Code of Conduct Means for Construction Contractors and Those Ready to Build or RenovateWhether you’re building a new structure or need a new roof or flooring system, working with Stone Truss means less stress, and having the job done on-time to your specifications. Construction contractors throughout all of Southern California can order customized wood and floor truss systems to be constructed and designed by Stone Truss, a recognized leader in the industry with more than 60 years of combined professional experience. For truss manufacturers in San Diego, call Stone Truss.

Why Knowing Roof Pitch is So Important One of the most important aspects of the design of your home, business or other structure is the pitch of its roof. The pitch refers to the slope of your roof. In addition to determining the aesthetics of your structure, its roof pitch will also play a large role in your roofing system’s overall performance and how efficiently it will steer water and debris away from the roof. How Roof Pitch is Expressed When talking with your building contractor, the roof pitch will be expressed as a measurement that’s determined by calculating the rising vertical inches for every 12 inches it stretches horizontally. For example, a 6/12 roof pitch refers to a roof that rises six inches for every 12 inches in runs straight across. The Differences in Roof Pitches Each structure will have its own roof pitch, and its own pros and cons. Low-pitched roofs typically require less materials but more work must be done to remove water and debris.

How Are Trusses Manufactured? Many builders use both roof and Floor trusses in San Diego homes and businesses for their convenience and cost-savings. In fact, Truss manufacturers in San Diego have grown in number in recent years due to the boom in building and the demand for even more truss products. However, very few people, including many builders, really understand exactly what happens during the truss manufacturing process. Here is a quick overview of the steps to creating sturdy floor and roof trusses. · Step 1: Design. · Step 2: Cut boards to size. · Step 3: Attach boards with gussets. · Step 4: Quality check. Whether you are looking for Roof Truss Manufacturers in San Diego or surrounding areas, Stone Truss is the company to call.

Is OnlIne Shopping The New Normal Most economists agree that things are starting to look “more normal” after the years 2020-2021 and COVID-19. Little by little, stores are re-opening and shoppers are re-emerging to buy goods in person after nearly 18 months of enforced “curbside pickup” and delivery. However, in-person shopping is not completely back to pre-2020 levels, and may never be. E-commerce sales, as online retail purchases are known, are significantly greater than what they were just a few years ago, jumping from $468 million in 2017 to $660 million in 2021 and projected to hit $740 million by 2023. While most people think of retail goods when they hear “online shopping,” the fact is that all business models, including service industries, are being pushed to the online platform. It is vital that your business have a strong online presence in today’s world. At Caldiatech, we have decades of experience in helping you create the perfect website.

Nighttime Christmas Parade and Holiday Cheer from Stone Truss The Stone Truss family is all about making others happy, and we had a great time bringing holiday cheer as we participated in the recent Fallbrook Christmas Parade. Cherish the Holiday Season The holidays are such a special time. A time for reflecting; giving thanks for all life has to offer; and celebrating our time with families, friends, extended families and workmates. There’s a reason for why ours is often called America’s Finest City. We hope you feel the warmth of love and kinship this holiday season. Merry Christmas! Stone Truss Strengthens Design Team | Stone Truss San Diego In its ongoing efforts to strengthen the services it provides to builders throughout Southern California, Stone Truss is excited to announce two additions to its design team. 20-Year-Veteran Daren Hayashi Joins Stone Truss Darren Hayashi has joined Stone Truss after serving for 18 years as a senior designer and manager for a truss manufacturer in Hawaii. In addition to designing trusses for commercial and residential customers, Hayashi has more than two decades of extensive experience in practically every aspect of the truss and lumber industry, including: Coordinating project assignments with architects and structural engineersWorking with contractors and home owners in designing their construction projectsTroubleshooting and finetuning trusses throughout the manufacturing processTraining other truss designers Hayashi is proficient with the MiTek software system, which optimizes the workflow, design and production of the construction of homes. Henry Marin Promoted to Junior Truss Designer

Stone Truss Stays at Cutting Edge With New FWA Floor Saw With more than 60 years of combined professional experience, the San Diego wood truss manufacturer Stone Truss knows the value of precision and efficiency. That’s why they’ve added the powerful Monet DeSauw, FWA 500 Floor component saw to its portfolio. Specializing in floor and roof truss design, Stone Truss has long been the supplier of choice for San Diego and beyond. For more information and a customized quote for your building needs, get in touch with Stone Truss by calling (760) 967-6171, sending an email or visiting The FWA 500 Saw at a Glance While building their reputation as wood floor and roof truss experts, Stone Truss has consistently stayed at the forefront of technological advancement to continually improve the customer experience. The FWA 500 Floor Saw is considered by many to be the safest, fastest and easiest tool for cutting wood. Stone Truss: Committed to continually providing a superior wood truss product and superb customer service.

What Are The Pros of Truss Roofing vs. Rafter Roofing? About 75 percent of all new construction these days utilizes the truss method of roofing rather than rafter or stick-built roofing. One reason for the popularity of the truss roof system in San Diego is that it takes much less time to build homes and businesses with this method. However, there are many other benefits to truss roofing over traditional rafter roofing that make this a great choice for many builders. What Are the Pros of Truss Roofing? There are several “pros” when it comes to choosing truss-style roofing for a home or commercial building. · Cost. · Material use. · Speed. · Reliability. · Quality. When you look for “Wood Truss Manufacturers near me” on the Internet, one name that is sure to appear is Stone Truss.

Three Advantages Of Designing Trusses We all know that trusses are strong, durable and cost-effective, but many builders also believe–falsely, as it turns out–that they are boring. Nothing could be further from the truth! With the right truss design, builders can not only bring quality and efficiency to their building projects but can also create unique shapes and spaces that make their homes stand out. What Is Truss Design? A truss is simply a prefabricated structure, usually made of wood with metal fasteners, that holds up the roof of the house. Trusses provide a quick and economical way to build a roof that avoids the problem of stick-building rafters in place. In reality, trusses can be designed and built to any specifications and still offer cost-effectiveness and strength. Three Advantages of Unique Truss Design Designing unique trusses does take some time, but there are several advantages in custom-built trusses that make them worth the extra effort. Truss design allows builders to create unique profiles and shapes.

Types of Rooflines Designed With Trusses If you have ever looked at a beautiful home or building and wondered, “What is that type of roof called?” then this article is for you. At Stone Truss, we offer pre-built trusses to create every type of roofline, so no matter what design you prefer, we have a product to make construction easier. Rooflines are designed and built to withstand various types of weather or other environmental conditions, but they are also designed with beauty in mind. In most of North America, roofs of all types can be created to withstand snow loads, heat, or torrential rain. Therefore, many cities feature homes with many different types of architectural styles and rooflines. Furthermore, many builders choose rooflines to fit certain architectural styles. There are countless variations in rooflines, with combinations and permutations quite common as architects and builders look for a unique profile. The gable roofline is one of the oldest and most common rooflines in the world.

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