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Here’s Why We Value Being an American-Made Company. Everything about Stone Truss is grounded in the fact that we’re proud to be an American-made company.

Here’s Why We Value Being an American-Made Company

In the era of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve become even more aware of the importance of buying and using products made in the USA. The Value of American-Made Products Beyond the better results that come with using products made in America, there are many other reasons for why we believe it’s crucial to use materials from here. Because of strict industry and government requirements, using American-made products makes us better stewards of the environment. As much of the world has discovered because of COVID-19, domestic supply chains are far less likely to be interrupted than are the ones in other countries. American-Grown Timber All of our wood trusses use material harvested from the Pacific Northwest.

Steel Made in the USA With the American Northwest wood, we use MiTek steel in our connector plates. The MiTek steel plates are resistant to corrosion and are tough as can be. Discover Why Stone Truss Wood Floor Trusses Are the Best. Find Out Why Wood Trusses Are Better Steel. Here’s Why Stone Truss Uses American-Made Steel. When you order a truss system from the San Diego Truss Manufacturers with Stone Truss, you’re getting the absolute best materials around and you’re doing your part by supporting the U.S. economy.

Here’s Why Stone Truss Uses American-Made Steel

We Use MiTek Steel for Our Plates In addition to only using wood from the American Pacific Northwest, we use American stainless steel from MiTek for our connector plates. Blending corrosion resistance and toughness, stainless steel is the strongest choice for new construction. The MiTek plates provide you with the best balance for nail value and steel strength. In fact, the stainless steel is so powerful, it will either meet or exceed your code requirements. What makes American-made steel so much better is the fact that its manufacturers are held to a far higher set of standards than other companies around the world.

Roof Truss Company San Diego. Here’s Why Stone Truss is Proud to be an American Made Company. Beyond being proud of their country, they strongly believe that American-made products are made better by superior source materials and perform better than products from other countries.

Here’s Why Stone Truss is Proud to be an American Made Company

That’s simply a fact. American-Grown Lumber All wood used by Stone Truss is grown and harvested in the Pacific Northwest. There, a wide variety of lumber is available for your truss system. There’s cedar, Resysta, Moso, Accoya and Thermory lumber – each providing their own strengths and advantages. Floor Trusses in San Diego. Wood Truss Manufacturers Near Me. Wood Trusses San Diego. Roof Trusses Manufacturers San Diego. Find Out How Stone Truss Ensures a Sturdy and Secure Installment of Your Truss. When you order a wood floor or Roof Truss, the San Diego truss manufacturers at Stone Truss go the extra mile in making sure you have all you need and that nothing is left to chance with delivery, handling and installation.

Find Out How Stone Truss Ensures a Sturdy and Secure Installment of Your Truss

Here’s What’s Included With a Stone Truss Order Included with each order is an information packet in English and Spanish. Detailed guidelines and illustrations about best loading, handling and installationEasy-to-understand info on uplift and resistance limits for toe-nailed connections of 2, 3, 4 or 5 nails and various types.Framing crew information about potential fall issues. We include this information realizing that no matter how careful and cautious a crew may be, mistakes can and do happen. This information is meant to ensure that any mistakes are minimized as much as possible. Truss Manufacturers San Diego. Find Out Why Douglas-fir Is Such a Popular Choice for New Construction -

While all materials used in Stone Truss wood trusses are American made, we’re especially proud of the lumber that’s harvested from the Pacific Northwest.

Find Out Why Douglas-fir Is Such a Popular Choice for New Construction -

Here, we’ll explain why Douglas-fir is such a popular choice when it comes to new construction. The Strength of Douglas-firBecause of its strength, Douglas-fir is often the “go to choice” for many construction designers and builders. Its natural hardness and resistance to abrasion are popular for a host of building options – including homes, commercial buildings, multi-level structures, trestles and other bridge parts. Native to the Pacific Northwest (Northern California, Oregon and Washington), Doug-firs are among the tallest in North America – stretching between 150-220 feet.

The ability of Douglas-firs to withstand high winds and earthquakes make it a good fit for floorings and roofs. How Douglas-fir Can Be WorkedIn addition to its strength, a Douglas-fir can be carved into intricate patterns. Wood Truss Manufacturers Near Me. Discover the Reasons for Why Wood Trusses Are Used in Most New Construction. There’s a reason – actually, several reasons – for why the use of wood trusses in new construction has been on the increase for several decades.

Discover the Reasons for Why Wood Trusses Are Used in Most New Construction

Here’s Why We’re Proud to Use Only American-Made Products. Floor truss manufacturer - Truss Manufacturers San Diego. Find Out What Makes a Wood Truss So Special and Affordable. One of the best features of using a wood truss for your roofing or flooring is you is only limited by your imagination.

Find Out What Makes a Wood Truss So Special and Affordable

No matter how complicated and intricate your construction design may be, a Wood Truss can be designed to support it. What is a Wood Truss? Made entirely of wood, these components are used in most residential and commercial construction in North America. The purpose of a wood truss is the same as trusses made from other materials: to support the structure. The only differences, though, is that building with a wood truss saves you money and time, and they’re very environmentally conscience.

They’re more popular – and far more durable – than other construction methods, including stick framing, metal and steel trusses. Truss Manufacturing Solutions - Truss Company Near Me. Truss Manufacturers San Diego Archives. Roof Trusses Manufacturingin San Diego, CA. Metal vs Wood Trusses: Which One Wins? It’s tempting to think of metal as a stronger and more durable material for your roof than wood.

Metal vs Wood Trusses: Which One Wins?

However, it’s not. Studies clearly show that for a roof to be effective, it needs to excel in the areas of durability, longevity, and affordability. Whether it’s for your home or business, it’s in your best interest to make the most educated decision. Wood Trusses San Diego Archives. Stone Truss Strengthens Design Team. In its ongoing efforts to strengthen the services it provides to builders throughout Southern California, Stone Truss is excited to announce two additions to its design team. 20-Year-Veteran Daren Hayashi Joins Stone Truss Darren Hayashi has joined Stone Truss after serving for 18 years as a senior designer and manager for a truss manufacturer in Hawaii.

Stone Truss Strengthens Design Team

In addition to designing trusses for commercial and residential customers, Hayashi has more than two decades of extensive experience in practically every aspect of the truss and lumber industry, including: Coordinating project assignments with architects and structural engineersWorking with contractors and home owners in designing their construction projectsTroubleshooting and finetuning trusses throughout the manufacturing processTraining other truss designers Hayashi is proficient with the MiTek software system, which optimizes the workflow, design and production of the construction of homes. Discover The Flexibility Of Wood Trusses. When constructing a roof or floor, it’s likely that a wood truss will give you more bang for your construction buck.

Discover The Flexibility Of Wood Trusses

Residential Needs Today, more than 80% of new home construction includes a wood roof truss – and there’s reasons for that. A wood truss provides more design flexibility and better performance than traditional roofing systems.Commercial Construction In most commercial construction projects, more than one shape and size are needed. While this can be a challenging obstacle for builders, Stone Truss designers view this as opportunity to solve practically any situation.Agricultural Buildings Beyond their design flexibility, wood roof trusses are incredibly sturdy and reliable – making them ideal options for barns, machine shed, pole buildings and other agricultural structures.

They’ll meet with you about your specific construction needs and preferred designs. San diego wood trusses - Truss Company Near Me. Did You Know Stone Truss Doesn’t Charge for Truss Calculations? Well before the foundation is set for your new home or building, you’ll need to have a building permit approved by the local municipality. Building permits can be far more complicated than just entering standard information. Take a look at the permit submittal form required by the City of San Diego. In this issue, the roofing and flooring experts here at Stone Truss will talk more about building permits, and how we can help.

What Is The Purpose of a Building Permit? Requirements of a building permit will differ from state to state and from city to city. Areas of concern usually revolve around zoning issues, environmental concerns, and the protection of health, safety and surrounding property. Stone truss san diego Archives. How Many Types of Wood Truss Roofs Are There? Today, a wood roof truss system is used in nearly 85% of the construction projects throughout North America.

As the industry changes throughout the years, wood has proven itself to be the most reliably strong and durable building material for roofs. Other method that relies heavily upon concrete and steel simply cannot compete. Roof Truss San Diego - Truss Builders Near Me. What Exactly is a Wood Truss Roof and Floor? Roof Truss Manufacturers Southern California.