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How Strong Are Roof Trusses? Roof trusses are an amazing feat of engineering.

How Strong Are Roof Trusses?

They’ve been used in construction for centuries, providing strength and stability to countless important structures. One of the best parts of wooden roof trusses is that they are so strong they don’t need to be changed for generations. This may sound too good to be true, but that’s the beauty of using these outstanding structures in your home or building. How strong, exactly, are roof trusses? The number of pounds a roof truss can support varies depending on the structure of the roof and how the house is built. Types of Rooflines Designed With Trusses. If you have ever looked at a beautiful home or building and wondered, “What is that type of roof called?”

Types of Rooflines Designed With Trusses

Then this article is for you. At Stone Truss, we offer pre-built trusses to create every type of roofline, so no matter what design you prefer, we have a product to make construction easier. Rooflines are designed and built to withstand various types of weather or other environmental conditions, but they are also designed with beauty in mind. In most of North America, roofs of all types can be created to withstand snow loads, heat, or torrential rain. How Strong Are Roof Trusses? Roof trusses are an amazing feat of engineering.

How Strong Are Roof Trusses?

They’ve been used in construction for centuries, providing strength and stability to countless important structures. The amount of weight a roof truss can support varies depending on the style of the roof and the design loading. Wood roof trusses transfer the weight from the roof to the supporting walls, becoming an integral structural system. Stone Truss Inc. Response to COVID-19 Spread. Stone Truss is closely monitoring the COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) developments.

Stone Truss Inc. Response to COVID-19 Spread

We are following updates from government and public health officials, and are observing guidelines from the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Stone Truss Inc. Initiatives to Minimize COVID-19 Exposure All designers are working remotelyField visits are being suspendedWe are asking customers to notify Stone Truss, Inc. at least 48 hours in advance of any schedule delays.All pertinent information should be transmitted via email regarding changes to your projects, rather than visiting the office in personAsking that orders be prepaid prior to delivery.

With Detailed Truss Installation Guidance, Nothing is Left to Chance. Stone Truss provides each project we produce with an informational Jobsite Package from the Structural Building Components Association (SBCA).

With Detailed Truss Installation Guidance, Nothing is Left to Chance

The details in the packet provide step-by-step instructions for the handling and installation of the delivered truss, as well as other vital information. What is the Structural Building Components Association? The SBCA is the sole international trade association that represents manufacturers of structural building components. In addition to truss manufactures, SBCA membership also includes lumber suppliers, builders, engineers, and other professionals in the building profession. Did You Know Stone Truss Doesn’t Charge for Truss Calculations? Well before the foundation is set for your new home or building, you’ll need to have a building permit approved by the local municipality.

Did You Know Stone Truss Doesn’t Charge for Truss Calculations?

Building permits can be far more complicated than just entering standard information. Take a look at the permit submittal form required by the City of San Diego. In this issue, the roofing and flooring experts here at Stone Truss will talk more about building permits, and how we can help. What Is The Purpose of a Building Permit? Nighttime Christmas Parade and Holiday Cheer from Stone Truss. The Stone Truss family is all about making others happy, and we had a great time bringing holiday cheer as we participated in the recent Fallbrook Christmas Parade.

Nighttime Christmas Parade and Holiday Cheer from Stone Truss

Cherish the Holiday Season The holidays are such a special time. A time for reflecting; giving thanks for all life has to offer; and celebrating our time with families, friends, extended families and workmates. Why Knowing Roof Pitch is So Important. One of the most important aspects of the design of your home, business or other structure is the pitch of its roof.

Why Knowing Roof Pitch is So Important

The pitch refers to the slope of your roof. In addition to determining the aesthetics of your structure, its roof pitch will also play a large role in your roofing system’s overall performance and how efficiently it will steer water and debris away from the roof. How Roof Pitch is Expressed When talking with your building contractor, the roof pitch will be expressed as a measurement that’s determined by calculating the rising vertical inches for every 12 inches it stretches horizontally.

Discover the Flexibility of Wood Trusses. When constructing a roof or floor, it’s likely that a wood truss will give you more bang for your construction buck.

Discover the Flexibility of Wood Trusses

Residential Needs Today, more than 80% of new home construction includes a wood roof truss – and there’s reasons for that. A wood truss provides more design flexibility and better performance than traditional roofing systems.Commercial Construction In most commercial construction projects, more than one shape and size are needed. While this can be a challenging obstacle for builders, Stone Truss designers view this as opportunity to solve practically any situation.Agricultural Buildings Beyond their design flexibility, wood roof trusses are incredibly sturdy and reliable – making them ideal options for barns, machine shed, pole buildings and other agricultural structures. Stone Truss Stays at Cutting Edge With New FWA Floor Saw. With more than 60 years of combined professional experience, the San Diego wood truss manufacturer Stone Truss knows the value of precision and efficiency.

Stone Truss Stays at Cutting Edge With New FWA Floor Saw

That’s why they’ve added the powerful Monet DeSauw, FWA 500 Floor component saw to its portfolio. Specializing in floor and roof truss design, Stone Truss has long been the supplier of choice for San Diego and beyond. For more information and a customized quote for your building needs, get in touch with Stone Truss by calling (760) 967-6171, sending an email or visiting The FWA 500 Saw at a Glance. Stone Truss Strengthens Design Team. In its ongoing efforts to strengthen the services it provides to builders throughout Southern California, Stone Truss is excited to announce two additions to its design team. 20-Year-Veteran Daren Hayashi Joins Stone Truss Darren Hayashi has joined Stone Truss after serving for 18 years as a senior designer and manager for a truss manufacturer in Hawaii. In addition to designing trusses for commercial and residential customers, Hayashi has more than two decades of extensive experience in practically every aspect of the truss and lumber industry, including: Coordinating project assignments with architects and structural engineersWorking with contractors and home owners in designing their construction projectsTroubleshooting and finetuning trusses throughout the manufacturing processTraining other truss designers Hayashi is proficient with the MiTek software system, which optimizes the workflow, design and production of the construction of homes.

Henry Marin Promoted to Junior Truss Designer. Find Out How the Stone Truss Code Helps Building Contractors. Throughout the workspaces at Stone Truss are posters listing the company’s Code of Conduct. Among them are reminders to “Take pride in your work” and “Never settle for mediocre work; strive for perfection.” To Stone Truss designers and craftspeople, the reminders are more than words; they’re a reinforcement and commitment to doing the job right the first time. Blog. Roof & Floor Trusses San Diego. Experience- It is the difference Our management group averages 30 years of experience; our staff averages 20 years; our production team averages 15 years.

This combined knowledge translates to confidence – you can be assured your project will be done right the first time. Our Commitment and Promise. Stone Truss, Truss Manufacturers. Stone Truss, Truss Manufacturers. Stone Truss, Truss Manufacturers. Stone Truss, Truss Manufacturers. Floor & Roof Trusses San Diego. San Diego Roof Truss Manufacturer. Roof Truss Manufacturer San Diego. Cuts ALL standard truss parts with any lumber width; single cut webs, double cut webs, step cut webs, off centerline parts, regular bottom chords, scissor bottom chords, and MORE!

Cuts bevels; any plumb angle, bevels from 90 to 25 degrees.Cuts long (60 inch or more) scarfs.Production rates of at least 2000 pieces per 8-hour shift.Will optimize and nest cuts to minimize waste. Forget everything you thought you knew about cutting wood truss chords and webs. Alpine just stood it on its end. The Alpine Linear Saw (ALS) passes lumber through lengthwise, like a table saw, instead of sideways like a component cutter. San Diego Truss Manufacturer. Our History Stone Truss has been serving Southern California for over years. Founded in 1986, at the same location since the beginning, making it a stable truss manufacturer.

Location Stone Truss has been producing roof trusses from the same location since 1986. Located on 2 ½ acres, our truss manufacturer is the premier supplier of quality wooden roof trusses, floor trusses and structural components throughout the Southwest. Affiliations. Roof Truss Manufacturers Southern California.