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Ookla 5G Map - Tracking 5G Network Rollouts Around the World

Ookla 5G Map - Tracking 5G Network Rollouts Around the World

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Open Source GIS and Freeware GIS Applications - GIS Lounge An open source application by definition is software that you can freely access and modify the source code for. Open source projects typically are worked on by a community of volunteer programmers. Open source GIS programs are based on different base programming languages. Three main groups of open source GIS (outside of web GIS) in terms of programming languages are: “C” languages, Java, and .NET. Have You Read The “Fine Print” Warnings in the Manuals of Your Wireless Devices Yet? Paid Content:Paid Content:Paid Content:Paid Content:Paid Content: By B.N. Frank Environmental Health Trust Highlights Them For You in New E-Book and Website. All wireless devices (baby monitors, cell phones, ear buds, laptops, wearables, Wi-Fi routers, etc.) emit RadioFrequency (RF) or wireless radiation which research has determined to be biologically harmful.

Earthquake monitor: interactive map of latest earthquakes worldwide Quick links: Most recent quakes | Recent major quakes | News & Reports | Top 20 quakes past 24 hours | Country / region lists | Quakes near volcanoes | Past earthquakes | Monthly reports | NEW: Fast Twitter alerts (Mag>2.8) | Twitter alerts (Mag>4) | Twitter alerts (Mag>5) | NEW: Earthquake stats | Glossary - explanations of terms | FAQFacebook: NEW: QuakesAlert (quake notifications) | EarthquakeMonitor (earthquake summaries and significant events)On the global map, only larger quakes are included (otherwise, there would be thousands of points). If you are interested in complete lists including smaller earthquakes, please navigate to a specific region from the menu. Notes:An optimized version as stand-alone tool is available at: or You can embed customized versions of the map on your own website from our tool at

5G in 2019: A Real World Test 5G is getting a lot of hype but how good is it actually, like right now? Popular Youtuber Marques Brownlee bought himself the latest and greatest 5G-capable phone and drove to Providence, Rhode Island where Verizon has begun to unroll its 5G network. The results are both tantalizing and disappointing.

The Atlas of Sustainable Development Goals 2020 The Atlas of Sustainable Development Goals 2020 was produced by the Development Economics Data Group (DECDG) of the World Bank, in collaboration with various units across the World Bank. The Partnership Fund for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG Fund) provided generous financial support. The publication was prepared by a team led by Ana Florina Pirlea, Divyanshi Wadhwa, and Andrew Whitby, with editorial guidance from Matthew Welch under the management of Umar Serajuddin and the overall direction of Haishan Fu.

The Chemical Elements of a Smartphone There are an isolated few graphics online that look at elements involved in the manufacture of a smartphone – for example, this ‘Periodic Table of iPhones’ – but there’s actually remarkably little easily accessible information out there that details the specific compounds used for specific purposes in mobile phones. This probably isn’t surprising since these details are probably kept under the lock and key of patent laws and the like; however, I tried my best with this graphic to provide a little more detail about specific uses, an undertaking that took a lot more effort than I initially expected! The Screen Details on the elements and compounds involved in the manufacture of touch screens were in fact the easiest to track down.

Forbes - The High-Stakes Race To 5G Domination More than half a century ago, President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed the National Aeronautics and Space Act of 1958, effectively inaugurating NASA as the independent agency of the federal government to ensure the success of the United States in the Race to Space. (Full disclosure: My company has a partnership with NASA.)

Coronavirus 2019-nCoV Lancet Inf Dis Article: Here. Mobile Version: Here. Data sources: Full list. Downloadable database: GitHub, Feature Layer.