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Greece Could Seize Personal Assets; Portuguese banks gamble with government debt - ValueWalk Greeks have to declare all their wealth From January 2017, 8.5 million Greek citizens have to file a declaration of their belongings. The government is on the hunt for real estate, jewellery, art and even cash – outside the banking system.

Missing Migrants Project Missing Migrants Project draws on a range of sources to track the deaths of migrants along migratory routes across the globe. Due to the nature of irregular migration, all data are necessarily an estimate rather than a complete figure. Data are presented on this website and analyzed in data briefings and annual reports, including Fatal Journeys: Tracking Lives Lost during Migration, published in September 2014, and Fatal Journeys Volume 2: identification and Tracting of Dead and Missing Migrants, released in June 2016. With a count surpassing 46,000 fatalities since 2000, IOM calls on all the world’s governments to address what it describes as “an epidemic of crime and victimization.” “Our message is blunt: migrants are dying who need not,” said IOM Director General William Lacy Swing, “It is time to do more than count the number of dead.

FullPage Home - Documented With last month’s monumental Janus decision by the Supreme Court, the Koch family won a major victory in their multi-generational attack on unions. The ruling spreads to the entire public sector one of the laws the Koch fortune first helped push through in Kansas 60 years ago: “right-to-work.” And in doing so it enshrines the union-busting agenda their fossil fuel money has helped advance for decades. (This story was first published by In These Times.) Best Solar Batteries of 2021 The following companies participate in our Accreditation Program: SunLux Energy, SunRun and Vivint Solar Solar batteries are a smart investment for residential energy storage and DIY solar projects. People who want to go off the grid can use solar batteries to store excess energy that can be used at night or on cloudy days.

Atlas of languages in danger 8 July 2016 in Beijing, People’s Republic of China UNESCO and Talkmate host an official launch event to celebrate the beginning of a new and exciting partnership on the development of the World Atlas of Languages. The joint partnership aims at developing innovative and scalable ICT-supported models to access data on linguistic diversity around the world, encourage collaboration among different stakeholders and raise awareness on the importance of linguistic diversity and multilingualism for sustainable and inclusive development. Building on the existing UNESCO’s Atlas of Languages in Danger, a new online collaborative platform “World Atlas of Languages” will provide a wide range of technical and collaborative facilities to all stakeholders to access and share own data on linguistic diversity, information about good practices, existing language teaching and learning solutions, and host user-generated content. Agenda (PDF)

ZNet About 1,600 people have so far signed up on the We Stand Site. We need a great many more for this effort to sustain positive activity.Please Sign. Please take the statement to relatives, friends, schoolmates, and workmates. Please comment anywhere online, or in social media, or by blogging, or perhaps writing an article, or prodding alternative media to relate to the effort.Will you Sign? Will you seek other signers? Migration Migration is one of the political priorities of the Juncker Commission. The main aim is to approach the issue in a comprehensive way. The Commission's agenda on migration defines immediate measures needed to prevent human tragedies and to strengthen emergency responses.

To protect the revolution, overcome the false secular-Islamist divide - Opinion It is impossible to exaggerate the significance of the momentous events that have drawn global attention to Egypt as its people continue to struggle with the unfolding drama of their revolution. There are two evidently opportunistic events that have come together to signal a dreadful attempt by the Muslim Brotherhood to claim the entirety of the Egyptian revolution for themselves, pretty much on the same model that the Shia clerics hijacked the Iranian revolution of 1977-1979 - with the crucial difference that Egyptians in their tens of thousands have poured into their streets and are far more alert and vigilant to protect the totality of their revolution than Iranians were more than thirty years ago. The first event revolves around President Morsi grabbing (and then rescinding) more power than he was granted by the free and fair election that - with a narrow margin - sent him to the presidential palace.

Students for Global Health Bristol @ Bristol SU Membership Fee Inclusions Prior to signing up to a Club or Society speak to the Committee to find out what your membership includes and if there are any further expenses throughout the year. Service Standards All Club or Society members can expect to receive:

Run-up to proxy war over Syria Run-up to proxy war over Syria By M K Bhadrakumar If a date needs to fixed marking the end of "post-Soviet era" in world politics, it might fall on February 4, 2012. Russia and China's double veto of the Arab League resolution on Syria in the United Nations Security Council constitutes a watershed event. Curiously, the secretary general of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Anders Fogh Rasmussen chose the same day as the veto in New York to snub Russia; saying that that the alliance would have the first elements of the US's missile defense system (ABM) up and running in Europe by the alliance's summit in May in Chicago, no matter Moscow's objections. Bristol University Friends of the Earth Society @ Bristol SU Membership Fee Inclusions Prior to signing up to a Club or Society speak to the Committee to find out what your membership includes and if there are any further expenses throughout the year. Service Standards