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Corporate bonds hong kong

Corporate bonds hong kong
Times, Powerlong, Wens Food Launch $ Bonds; Oman Raises $2bn via Bonds; Tesla Reports Record Operating Income S&P ended marginally lower by 0.2%. Energy and industrials were down over 1% while communication services were up 1%. Intel, American Airlines and Coca Cola are scheduled to report earnings amongst others. US stimulus hopes are mixed for a last minute deal by the... read more Suntec REIT, CDB Launch S$/$ Bonds; UK, Oman, Genting Downgraded; Boeing 737 Max Gets Approval to Fly After moving ~1% higher mid-day, S&P ended flat on Friday. read more The Record-Setting ‘Bubka’ Bond Market of 2020 2020 has been a record-setting year for the bond markets, particularly in terms of new bond issues.

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Daimler’s €100 Million Ethereum Bond: How Blockchain Can Change the Bond Game - BondEvalue Daimler, parent company of Mercedes-Benz, transacted €100 million in a one-year corporate bond completely via an ethereum based blockchain system just last month, June 2017. This issuance, also known in German as Schuldschein, notably carried out the “entire transaction … from origination, distribution, allocation and execution to the next stage of confirmation of repayment and interest payments” over blockchain. This pilot project aimed to test the use of blockchain technology in increasing efficiency of their transactions and financial processes, adds Bodo Uebber, AG board member. Blockchain is essentially a data processing platform, in the form of a distributed ledger, with a secure trust infrastructure that can automate and settle data/transactions over cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Increasingly, blockchain technology has garnered interest across banking institutions across the world, as a tool for lending and trade financing.

What to Look for When Buying Bonds For an investor looking to buy bonds for the first time, navigating the bond market could be tricky because of the varied terms used to describe the characteristics of any given bond. Clearly understanding what to look for when buying bonds might help investors analyse bonds more effectively, in order for more informed investment decisions to be made. In this blog post, we will explain 5 key terms: Credit Rating, Coupon, Yield, Maturity and Duration. Let’s take the HSBC floating rate bond due 2024 as an example. Maturity Date Maturity date refers to the date an investor can expect to receive the principal investment from the bond, subject to default risks.

ANIMATION INDUSTRY IS WITNESSING DOUBLE-DIGIT GROWTH PowerPoint Presentation - ID:10129529 ANIMATION INDUSTRY IS WITNESSING DOUBLE- DIGIT GROWTH The wonders of animated cartoons have long-held captive our imaginations. Animation which itself has been a pleasant by-product of the digital age has seen a growing upsurge from technicians and artists alike. Animators create visual effects and animations for films, televisions, video games, mobile devices and a variety of other media making use of illustrations and sophisticated software programs like Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Autodesk Maya and Autodesk 3ds Max among others. Animators also create graphics and develop storyboards, drawings and illustrations. Professionals working as animators are responsible for creating, planning and scripting animated narrative sequences in addition to providing assistance in background design and production coordination.

Bonde Value AgBank, Kaisa Launch $ Bonds; Tahoe Group Defaults on Local Bond; Softbank-Airtel JV to Issue $600mn US Benchmark & Global Indices 8 Jul Wall Street broke its streak last night with the S&P down 1.08% as new spikes across the US fanned concerns that business re-openings may be scaled back. The Dow Jones was down 1.51% and the Nasdaq was down 0.86% after hitting a record intraday high. European stocks were also weighed down by the European Commission’s warning of a deeper recession than previously thought. Dim Sum Bonds - Serving Up Again Already seeing low levels of issuance from around 2012 due to weakened expectations of renminbi appreciation, the offshore renminbi bond market spluttered to a standstill when China stunned global markets by devaluing its currency over two consecutive days in August 2015. For most of the last two years there has been no public Dim Sum issuance, largely due to the negative medium- to long-term outlook on the renminbi, such that issuers would have to compensate investors through offering debt at higher yields. With the narrowing of the cross currency basis swap and improving sentiment on the positive direction of the renminbi, there are signs that this asset class is starting to enjoy attention from both issuers and investors again. Last week, Singapore-based A-/A- (Moody’s/S&P) rated aircraft leasing company, BOC Aviation, printed a Dim Sum issue of CNH 1 billion in 3-years at 4.5%. BMW, rated A1/A+ (Moody’s/Fitch), completed a similar deal around the same time at 4.25%.

An MBA Degree Can Accelerate Your Career Download Skip this Video Loading SlideShow in 5 Seconds.. An MBA Degree Can Accelerate Your Career PowerPoint Presentation Share Presentations Email Sent Successfully PTT Launches $ Bond; BBVA Issues First EUR Green CoCo; Braskem Downgraded to Junk - BondEvalue Markets climbed late in the overnight session with Nasdaq hitting a fresh high. Despite a lack of fresh data, recovery hopes are still outweighing coronavirus concerns. Apple and Microsoft stocks led the tech sector gains. European shares declined and long dated treasuries slipped slightly. Spreads on Asian dollar bonds tightened to their lowest in nearly four months and deal momentum remained strong. We have introduced new dates to our Bond Traders’ Masterclass in August.

new bond issues Process – Explained One of the ways to invest in bonds is through the primary markets, by subscribing for new bond issues. Because the new issue process and related terms can be unfamiliar and intimidating for new bond investors, we aim to explain the overall new bond issue process and timeline in this blog post. New Bond Issuance Process