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7 guidelines for writing accessible microcopy

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Our The Last of Us 2 Discussion on Accessibility and Blind Impressions The Last of Us 2 is out on June 19 exclusively for PS4, and after learning that there were over 60 accessibility features available in the game, Naughty Dog went ahead and revealed every accessibility feature that is present in The Last of Us 2 at launch. I sat down with Courtney Craven from this very website, Can I Play That to discuss our first impressions. Full disclosure, I was brought in to Naughty Dog’s studios to consult on the accessibility for The Last of Us 2 while it was in development.

Chapter 1 of 9 - Principles of UX Design Those who’ve heard about UX and want to know what it is, why it’s so important, and how to become an advocate for it: this e-course is just for you. Companies are starting to realize the importance of centering their products and experiences around the user. They’re investing in professionals who can get UX practices off the ground and refocus their business approach. So what exactly is UX, and how do you explain it to people? Good question. There are endless theoretical and academic explanations, but I believe true art lies with constraint and brevity. Modal & Nonmodal Dialogs: When (& When Not) to Use Them To better understand the difference between modal and nonmodal dialogs, let’s look at what the terms “dialog” and “modal,” mean. A dialog (or dialogue) refers to a conversation between two people. In user interfaces, a dialog is a “conversation” between the system and the user, and often requests information or an action from the user.

CSS Can Influence Screenreaders Introduction Let's say we're building a shopping list app. As we build out the app, we decide to style the list, stripping out the bullets that the browser gives us by default. Line 1 <ul> Line 2 <li>Apples</li> Placeholders: Minimal Does Not Mean Simple - Marvel Blog Since placeholders came along, designers have adopted them as means of storing hints. Their appeal lies in their minimal aesthetic and the fact they save space. “Since placeholders came along, designers have adopted them as means of storing hints.” Some designers go one one step further, and replace labels with placeholders. Either way, the placeholder is an Inclusive Design anti-pattern which causes problems for users.

Storyboarding for Product Design and Crafting User Journey Maps Story is a profoundly important device to unite design teams around a shared product vision. This powerful communication tool helps us retain information and empathize with others. As companies scale and teams sprint through product iterations, it’s easy to lose sight of how your product should fit into the lives of your customers.

Accessibility Before Aesthetics It’s time we start addressing accessibility before aesthetics in our design processes to create meaningful products for our diversified societies and cultures. Before diving into the why, how and what of it, let’s revisit the definitions of these terms to set the context. Accessibility As the definition goes, it’s simply the quality of being able to be reached or entered. In terms of Design, it however refers to the characteristic that products, services, and facilities can be independently used by people with a variety of disabilities. Aesthetics 16 Things to Improve Your Website Accessibility (Checklist)  Accessibility is the practice of ensuring websites are equally available to people with disabilities so they have equal access to the goods and services those sites provide. It’s an integral part of professional web design and development. Why Should You Care About Accessibility? There are many reasons why developers, designers, and their employers/ clients should ensure that accessibility is an early and integral part of the process of web development. In many territories, such as the USA, EU, UK, Israel, and Japan, it’s a legal requirement not to discriminate against people due to their disability.

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