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The News Literacy Project is teaching kids to stop fake news

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Why it matters that teens are reading less Most of us spend much more time with digital media than we did a decade ago. But today’s teens have come of age with smartphones in their pockets. Compared to teens a couple of decades ago, the way they interact with traditional media like books and movies is fundamentally different.

U.S. Not Ranked the 'Cleanest' Country President Donald Trump recently said “we’ve got the cleanest country in the planet right now” when it comes to “clean air” and “clean water.” Rankings compiled by researchers at Yale and Columbia universities say otherwise. Out of 180 countries studied, the U.S. comes in at No. 27 on the 2018 Environmental Performance Index, which scores countries based on their performances in a number of categories covering environmental health and ecosystem vitality. On air quality, the U.S. ranked 10th, and on water and sanitation, it placed 29th.

Positive Disintegration The Theory of Positive Disintegration (TPD) by Kazimierz Dąbrowski is a theory of personality development. Unlike mainstream psychology, Dąbrowski's theoretical framework views psychological tension and anxiety as necessary for growth. These "disintegrative" processes are therefore seen as "positive," whereas people who fail to go through positive disintegration may remain for their entire lives in a state of "primary integration." Advancing into disintegration and into the higher levels of development is predicated on having developmental potential, including overexcitabilities, above-average reactions to stimuli.

Why West Africa's pidgins deserve full recognition as official languages The BBC World Service’s radio service of English-based Pidgin for West and Central Africa, BBC News Pidgin, is now a year old. And it’s thriving. According to the broadcaster it News Pidgin reaches a weekly audience of 7.5 million people in Nigeria and around the world on radio, online, Facebook and Instagram. Fact-checking Donald Trump's talking points about the economy President Donald Trump campaigned hard on a promise to kick the economy into high gear and with the latest economic numbers, he had something to crow about. The economy grew at an annualized rate of 4.1 percent between April and June. Trump said the country was seeing proof of the power of his tax- and regulation-cutting agenda. Let’s take a look at some of his assertions and see whether they hold up.

What will food in our smart cities be like? Valider Urban farms, 3D-printed food, ‘super-foods’ concocted in laboratories... all these innovations herald a revolution in our eating habits and afford us a glimpse of what we might find on our plates in 30 years’ time. However, the future is likely to be somewhat different from what we envisage today. Tags Share Alexa and Google Home are no threat to regional accents – here's why Hey, Google. Can you understand my accent? Of course. You have an incredibly pleasing dialect. Understanding The History And Purpose Of Fox News You’d think a thing like FOX couldn’t happen in the United States. Although they’re free to be crazy and free to support the Republican Party, you’d think Americans would be too smart to fall for the made-up outrages, dishonest reporting and relentless appeal to our meaner nature. Unfortunately, many Americans are not as smart as we used to assume: a huge swath of Americans (especially elderly white Southerners) believe FOX is just another news media outlet. They aren’t. What is FOX? Pensitore Review pulled no punches in answering that question back in 2009.