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Web2.0 eszközlista_2017ősz

Web2.0 eszközlista_2017ősz

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How to get off to a good start with a new class Published 18 August 2021 It’s nearing that time when many of us will be heading back to school. For some of you, it may have been a long time since you have been in a traditional classroom setting. Daniel Vincent has taught English for over 15 years in the UK, Japan and Spain, and has experience in materials and course development. He hopes to make the first few days a little easier for you and your teenage learners with some classroom icebreakers. Starting a new year with new learners can be a daunting prospect, even for experienced teachers. Bloom taxonómiája Felmérés: Publishing -podcasting rubric.pdf digital publishing rubric.pdf starter sheet - animoto.pdf starter sheet - Buzzword.pdf starter sheet - voicethread.pdf starter sheet - mixbook.pdf Felmérés: validating rubric.pdf 2 threaded discussion rubric.pdf starter sheet - google forms.pdf starter sheet - mindmeister.pdf Felmérés: data analysis rubric.pdf starter sheet - googlemaps.pdf starter sheet - google earth.pdf ALKALMAZÁS: Illusztáció (Corel, inkscape, GIMP, Paint) Szimuláció (Floor map, graphic tools, google sketchup) Demonstráció (Presentation, graphics, screen capture) Prezentáció - impress, powerpoint, google presentation, Zoho presentation Interview (WP, mind mapper,podcast, vodcast, audacity, sound recorder) Előadás (Podcast, vodcast, film, audio recording, speech, Powerpoint Show) Szerkesztés - video and sound tools Játék - mmorpg's online games, simulations like Global conflicts palenstine

16 Reading Strategies to Teach This Year - The Classroom Key What reading strategies do students need to learn, anyway? It would be so nice if the standards would just spell it out for us! Unfortunately, I’ve never seen that. I’ve racked my brain and made this cheat sheet of the reading strategies I’ve frequently seen in teacher’s guides, professional books, and trainings. Click the picture for a printable version. Three Things You Need to Start Doing to Stay Energised at Work If you’re anything like me, you spend a lot of your day slouched in front of a computer, staring at the screen and forgetting that there’s a body attached to your head (until you get hungry or have to pee!). Or perhaps you attend a load of meetings, full of papers, lots of talking, but little else. Usually by about 2:42 in the afternoon I start to wilt like a flower, desperate for something other than another cup of coffee (although that can also work!) to help me make it through the rest of my day.

Using GIFs for Learning GIFs are so much fun! I love using them in twitter chats, in PD I present, when sending an email, when texting, must I go on? Sometimes what can’t be said in words can easily be expressed in a GIF! These little movie clips can also be used in so many great ways with our students! Here is a collection of a few ideas for infusing GIFs into the classroom. Skill-up with us at SummerEd! Learning Experience Design (LxD) for educators Wednesday, August 18, 2021 What goes into the design of a learning experience? How do we best respond to our modern student, particularly in a hybrid classroom? This session explores the world of Learning Experience Design - a cutting-edge approach on how to reimagine the learning experience. From UX, to storytelling, to neuroscience, you'll gain strategies to take your design skills to the next level.

iMindMap Mind Mapping Here’s why our customers love iMindMap. Get started today to unlock your full potential. “Your Mind Mapping software has transformed our business & become a part of our cultural DNA.” Step By Step: Using Your Dictionary To Expand Topic Vocabulary These days, there might only be one topic of conversation in the news, on social media, and in our own chats to friends and family. Along with new ways of working, teaching and learning, we are even adopting a new lexicon to help us talk about it. My own personal “Health” topic vocabulary has grown to include such words and phrases as self-isolation, social distancing and herd immunity. Using topic vocabulary to enhance learning Collecting words together in topics has long been seen as a good way to help students learn vocabulary.

52 Education Blogs You Should Follow If you are a teacher, student, parent, or administrator, you should be following education blogs. Why? Simply because blogs are an ever-increasing way to spark ideas, creativity, and innovation. The following list is a compilation of blogs for those interested in education. HundrED Want to help vulnerable communities with life-saving information? Ideas Box Ideas Box is a portable media toolkit that contains books, games, entertainment devices, and tablets designed to spark learning and imagination. The Box runs on a low-... Developing Economy, Dropout Prevention, Learning Environment, Refugees, Self Directed Learning, Technology

My Go-To Websites when Correcting Students’ Essays And again, it is the month of the year that I hate the most. I love my job. I love teaching but I hate marking exams, especially essays. Wakelet: Best Tips And Tricks For Teaching The best Wakelet tips and tricks can help teachers use curation in the classroom to offer media-rich resources for students to refer to and learn from. But it can also be a great place for students to show what they can do. Wakelet is a broad and immersive tool, allowing it to work with lots of other digital resources. As such, it can be used many different and creative ways, enhancing its effectiveness.