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Campaign for Safe Cosmetics : Index Angebote 1. Allgemeines 1.1. Die nachfolgenden Allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen (“AGB”) gelten für das Angebot und den Verkauf sämtlicher Produkte über die Website (“Website”). Eyeco Price: £18.00 / €21.00 / $24.00 We've developed an award-winning, easy-to-use tinted gel to style and care for your brows. Our nano-brush and botanically-enriched formula effortlessly defines brows for a natural finish whilst maintaining a healthy brow look. Infused with key ingredients Keratin and Gingko Bilabo combined with natural proteins and multi vitamins to condition, thicken and visibily improve the appearance of your brows. Remove excess product from brush and apply in short upward strokes using the tip of the brush to shape and style brows for long-lasting hold.

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The Beauty Brains — Cosmetic chemists answer your beauty product questions! We are a group of cosmetic scientists who understand what the chemicals used in cosmetics really do, how products are tested, and what all the advertising means. 17 Dos and don'ts for daily hair care Make an investment 1. Do invest in a good hair cut. Caring for your locks becomes so much easier when you are sporting a fabulous 'wash and wear' style. 2. I AM GALLA: Crimson Viparo backpack RiverIsland jacket AmericanApparel shirt Kasil trousers Sperry shoes RayBans sunnies Here I go again, parading around in such obvious autumn colors I'm practically smacking people in the face with a maple leaf. I plead guilty to wearing rich, Bordeaux reds paired with golden shirts that accentuate my teen bop highlights, and little leather backpacks that would imply I study, which we all know ironically, I don't. only a few hours left to enter the giveaway HERE

I AM GALLA: Shopping @ Victoria Gardens Viparo leather jacket Crossroads acidwash hoodie Ambig beanie CheapMonday jeans Converse hightops Rayban sunnies Contrary to popular belief, I still go shopping. Apparently there's this notion that ego bloggers don't partake in spending money for clothes 'since they get free shit all the time' but I'm here to clear the air, for myself at least, I still spend them $$$. Take last sunday for example, I joined my friends Kayla and Brooke for a splendid afternoon by queen Victorias garden (just kidding, it's an outdoor mall) and conjured up the idea that it would be okay to drop $58.16 on winter beanies...I couldn't just have one, I needed all 4. I also persuaded myself that my previous wide brim hat wasn't wide enough which led to purchasing an even wider one. wide.

Buy Motel Carly PU Trim Denim Shirt in Black Wash at Motel Rocks Unfortunately what you are looking for isn't available right now. Whilst you're here, check all the latest goings-on below: Nordic Print Oversized Knitted Jumper - Street Fashion Store Nordic Print Oversized Knitted Jumper Product Code: OP432 Size & Fit Bust:53.54"Length:30.31"Shoulder:25.98"