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Places and shops around Town or City vocabulary learning English Vocabulary for places around the city - town English lesson During this lesson you will learn the English names for places you are likely to find in a Town or City. Vocabulary for places around Town / City Buildings around Town / city with description airport - when you need to travel by aeroplane to another city or country. bakery - people go to buy fresh bread and cakes. bank - When you need to deposit or withdraw you go to a bank. bookstore - a shop that sells books and magazines. bus station - where you go when you need to travel by bus to another place nearby or another town city. butcher's - sell all types of different meat. cafe - you can buy cooked food drinks and cake here. church - a place where you go to worship court - a place where they punish criminals by trial . craft market - a shop that sells products that have been hand-made in that region or country. department store - a very large store that sells a lot of different things like men's / women's clothes, electrical goods ext.

Is the UK the same as Britain, Great Britain and England? The UK is situated north-west of the European continent between the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea. It has a total land area of 244,100 square kilometres, of which nearly 99% is land and the remainder inland water. From north to south it is about 1,000 kilometres long. The UK part of Europe and is a member of the European Union (EU). Click here to find out about the Geography of the UK The official name of the UK is the "United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland". The name refers to the union of what were once four separate nations: England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland (though most of Ireland is now independent. England - The capital is London. England, Scotland and Wales together form Great Britain. Great Britain and Northern Ireland together form the "United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland" (UK) The capital of the UK is London. Interactive Map of the UK The United Kingdom (UK) was formed in on January 1, 1801 and constitutes the greater part of the British Isles.

Prepositions - Time Place Movement Draw the Directions - Prepositions of Movement ESL/EFL Drawing and Writing Activity - Elementary - 40 Minutes With this creative teaching activity, students draw pictures to match a set of directions. Each student then has to create a set of new directions for the classmate to draw. All the sentences contain prepositions of movement that are commonly used when giving directions. Draw the Directions - Prepositions of Movement.PDF Gold Star Directions Game ESL/EFL Reading and Writing Activity - Elementary - 35 Minutes Improve your students' understanding of imperatives, prepositions of movement and place with this practical directions game. Gold Star Directions Game - Prepositions of Movement and Place.PDF Hide and Seek - Prepositions of Place ESL/EFL Speaking Activity - Elementary - 25 Minutes This interesting teaching activity gives students practice asking yes/no questions combined with prepositions of place. Hide and Seek.PDF In, On, At Dominoes - Prepositions of Time Invite me out.PDF Maze.PDF

Places in Town Jump to navigation Your web browser must have JavaScript enabled in order for this application to display correctly. Score: 999 Match up 1 Match up 2 Match up 3 Fill in Dictation Complete Places around the city (Shops in town) Free English Vocabulary - Vocabulario de la ciudad en inglés airport - the place you go when you want to travel by plane to another city. bakery - you can buy fresh bread and cakes here. bank - you deposit or withdraw/take out your money here. You can cash a cheque. bookstore - a place where you can buy books and magazines. bus station - the place you go when you want to travel by bus to another city. butcher's - they sell fresh meat. café - you can buy a cup of coffee and cakes or sandwiches. church - a religious place of worship court - the place where they have trials and law cases. craft market - a place that sells typical products (normally hand-made) of a region/country. department store - a large store that sells clothes, household appliances etc. in sections. cinema/movies - you can see the latest movies here. fire station - the building where firemen keep their equipment including the fire-engine gas / petrol station - the place you go to put petrol (gas) in your car. gym - you can do exercises, weight training and keep fit here. Next Activity

The difference brtween Britain and Great Britain Sometimes people use the shorten name Britain instead of Great Britain, to mean the same thing, but really Britain only refers to England and Wales. The name Britain goes back to Roman times when they called England and Wales "Britannia" (or "Britannia Major", to distinguished from "Britannia Minor", ie Brittany in France). The Roman province of Britannia only covered the areas of modern England and Wales. The area of modern Scotland was never finally conquered. Origins of the names of England, Britain and the UK Questions about the United Kingdom Where is the UK? Questions about the British Isles What are the British Isles? Questions about England Why does England dominate the UK?

Prépositions de lieu 6e - Blog d'anglais du collège Denayrouze Dimanche 23 janvier 2011 7 23 /01 /Jan /2011 19:23 Allez hop, une petite révision des prépositions de lieu avec un jeu, le "Wordshoot". Il faut viser la bonne traduction des mots pour les faire "exploser" !! Click on the link and have fun Where is Dorothy? She is near Toto ! She is between the Lion, the Tin Man and the Scarecrow ! Partager l'article ! inShare Par Mrs Dathuy - Publié dans : 6e -Communauté : Enseignement anglais 0

Jobs, Places ESL Vocabulary Wheel of Fortune Game Practice Jobs and Places ESL English Vocabulary using this Wheel of Fortune Game. This game is also excellent for classroom teaching. Teachers can engage students in a classroom vocabulary review for elementary ESL, EFL Learners. It can be used to energize a dull class, to review work that was done or simply as a reward for good classroom work. Fun activity to practice words like - police officer, doctor, dentist, nurse, pilot, taxi driver and more. Games are great for motivating students to learn. More Games