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GAMIFICACIÓN: 20 herramientas para clase que te engancharán

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10 Great Web Tools for Creating Digital Quizzes June 20, 2016 Over the last couple of years, we have reviewed a wide variety of educational web tools to use to create digitally based quizzes. Below is a collection of some of the most popular quizzing tools we have covered so far. Be it a flipped, blended, virtual or even traditional classroom, the tools below will enable you to easily create interactive quizzes, questionnaires and polls to share with students in class. Have a look and share with us your feedback. FlipQuiz is a web tool that allows teachers to easily create gameshow-style boards for test reviews in the classroom. All the boards you create can be saved for later use.

Level Up Your English Skills: The 14 Best Video Games for Learning English Today, you’re the ruler of an epic civilization. Tomorrow, you’ll be a firefighter in the American West. But you might take a break to train as a warrior and seek revenge on some villains. All you need are some fun video games, and you can become anything you want. Better yet, you can do it all while practicing your English reading, listening and speaking skills. We’ll show you 14 of the best video games for learning English while exploring new worlds.

Googlink: Creating Interactive Posters with Google Drawings Google Drawings is often overshadowed by the other Google Drive tools such as Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms. However, it is an excellent tool for students and teacher to do many tasks including graphic organizers, teaching math, and desktop publishing (see here for examples of each). One more educational use for Google Drawings is to create an interactive multimedia poster. This is very much like creating a Thinglink. Using the Gamification User Types in the Real World One of the main questions I get about my User Types, is how do you actually make use of them? What I have provided is a simple framework to look at basic motivations of users who are using your system. However, if it was just an analytical tool, it would not be all that much use really! The main reason I developed the user types was to help you in the planning and design phase – not just with analytics and improvements! There are two main ways to go about using the user types in the early phases of your design.

Browse Jeopardy Templates robot (preview) 20 answers; Created on Nov. 30, 2016 Random 2 Prepositional Phrases Random Object of the Preposition I, Robot (preview) 25 answers; Created on Dec. 13, 2011 Robolution People Robots Other Plot Robot Wars (preview) 25 answers; Created on Aug. 10, 2012 Chaos 2 Razer Tornado Hypno-Disc Series 4 Robot Alexa (preview) 25 answers; Created on Sept. 29, 2017 Animals pfffhh #@%! Stuff? HoMeStUcK My Robot (preview) 19 answers; Created on Feb. 26, 2015 Characters Vocabulary Spelling Comprehension I, Robot (preview) 25 answers; Created on May 12, 2017 3 Laws of Robotics About the Author Robot Models Characters U.S. Comprehension Task Maker What is the Comprehension Task Maker? The Comprehension Task Maker is a program that can be downloaded and installed on your computer. Once installed, you can use the Comprehension Task Maker to create your own customised interactive multimedia comprehension tasks.

Marketing Assistant Industries: Film Personality type: Communicator Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator Layers preset: Displayed layers and layers order: Texture Heightmap Biomes Cells Grid Coordinates Wind Rose Rivers Relief Religions Cultures States Provinces Zones Borders Routes Temperature Population Ice Precipitation Emblems Labels Icons Military Markers Rulers Scale Bar View mode: untitled ÁGATHA: It’s strange! It doesn’t work! MICHAEL: Has it got batteries?

Spark in the Classroom Adobe Spark is partnering with NASA. The 2019 NASA OPTIMUS PRIME Spinoff Promotion and Research Challenge (OPSPARC) is asking students to ignite their creativity and thinking using Adobe Spark. See more details below and learn how students can participate. Learn More Digital game-based language learning with Interactive Fiction (PART 1) Video games (also called digital games) are serious. While the people who play them have known this for a long time, it’s taken over three decades for society in general to accept them as something other than a way to pass the time in virtue of doing “more serious” work. The fact is, video games are serious – if not to the casual observer, then certainly to their players.

Answer Garden brainstorming in 5 minutes Answer Garden is one of the quickest and most effective tools I have come across in a long time. I recently saw it used at a conference and in seconds the speaker had collected together the ideas and opinions of the 200+ people sitting in the audience. With Answer Garden you create a question, share the link to the question and then participants can add write in their answers.

Getting Started With Game-Based Language Learning Game-based learning (GBL) is an area of education that has been getting a lot of attention in recent times. It's easy to find articles and entire websites devoted to the power of games for engaging learners and providing a vehicle for their learning. However, many of these articles seem to focus on math, science, and language arts. But what about language learning?