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Experiments with Google

Experiments with Google

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Contact Us Please follow the netiquette when posting on FFmpeg mailing lists, especially avoid top-posting and thread hijacking (that is, replying to a thread and changing the subject line to something completely unrelated that was not being discussed within the original thread) and please read the Code of conduct. Configuring your mail client to break lines after 70 or so characters is a plus. If you attach files, avoid compressing small files, uncompressed is preferred. Also please try to avoid posting mails with overly long signatures or nonsense corporate disclaimers that claim the content of your mails is confidential. Attached patches should not have application/octet-stream as mime-type, but text/plain or even better text/x-diff or text/x-patch. If you send us a patch, please make it some form of unified diff.

Construye tu propia molécula loadScript ../../../JSmol/j2s/core/package.js loadScript ../../../JSmol/j2s/core/corejmol.z.js details?id=com.curtisgetz Mars Explorer allows you to explore The Red Planet as a whole, or through the eyes of one of three NASA rovers currently on the surface. Learn about each of the three rovers and the data they collect on the surface of Mars. •Search through years worth of pictures the rovers have taken. •Save and share your favorite pictures. •Learn about how the rovers work and how they were built. Teachers - Instructables "Don't stop what you're doing!!" - J. Ward,Homeschooler "You guys are awesome!" - M. Mansell,Welding Instructor React Native without Expo I took an old react native project that I started long ago to finally finish it. I created a fresh start new react native project with create-react-native-app. I found out that now that Expo is the default option when creating a default app. I made some changes, integrated NativeBase and Redux (using some boilerplate) and I wanted to test the compilation process. I found out that now Expo can compile your code in their cloud and just download the compiled file to test it on the phone.

Gitpod git-bolts git-IDE onto GitHub for in-browser code git-editing Developers who use GitHub – 28 million at last count – now have the option to edit code with the click of a button using Gitpod, an integrated development environment (IDE) that can be launched directly from the social code hosting site. Based on Theia, an open source cloud-and-desktop IDE developed by Ericsson, IBM, TypeFox and RedHat, Gitpod can be invoked by prefixing a GitHub URL with " or using a Chrome browser extension. Gitpod runs in a cloud-based Kubernetes container using a Docker image that can be customized with user-specified tools. It will check out the appropriate version of file being examined in the IDE and, when working on a GitHub issue, it will create a git branch and set the commit message. If launched from a pull request, it activates code review mode. The editing app can handle approving and merging pull requests too.

React.Js VS React Native VS React VR (A Clear Difference) Although all of these three technologies share the same parents, even similar names, as well as their technology backbone, is also the same. Still, there is a huge difference between these three technologies. Here’s how! The Basic Concept React.js is developed by Facebook and maintained by a large community of independent developers and programmers to make it south-after, dynamic and high-performing JavaScript libraries. In 2011, Jordan Walke along with his team from Facebook released the React JS library. Digital Board Game, an interactive template for Google Slides You can use this interactive template for online learning if you are doing some synchronous sessions with your students. But it can also be fun for when schools reopen, and we all go back to “normal”. You put the game rules, so it can be used for any subject. Just write the instructions for your game on the second slide and then add 21 activities.

Create and Build VR Experiences using React and A-Frame VR Technology is growing in a wide range in all aspects. But, learning the tech stack for its implementation is still a challenge for many web developers. What if we could have something which makes our work easy without writing all the boilerplate codes for its implementation and setup. A-Frame is one open source web framework out in the market which is used for building virtual reality experiences with simple HTML and entity components which can be deployed and viewed on any available device in the market without setting up any configurations explicitly. A-Frame makes it easy for web developers to build virtual reality experiences with React that work across desktop, iPhone, Android, and the Oculus Rift.

DIY Drawing Machine - ScienceWorks DIY Drawing Machine Objective: Create a drawing machine to make complex mathematical patterns. Explore the science on how gears move. Have you ever played with a Spirograph? These drawing devices can create beautiful patterns and are fun to tinker with. Event Handler Naming in React Naming’s a hard problem, right? Well, coming up with the names can be hard. After that, it’s just a simple matter of typing. Here are a few of my naming conventions for React or even handling in general. For props When defining the prop names, I usually prefix with on*, as in onClick.

Chandra Ambadipudi, CEO of Clairvoyant sheds light on monetizing and maximizing value from big data and how to ensure data remains secure while transitioning to big data solutions. by thedigitalenterprise Dec 20