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The Uncomfortable

The Uncomfortable

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Building Instructions - service Looking for LEGO® building instructions? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve made thousands of LEGO instruction booklets available online. Search by theme or year and you’ll find instruction manuals for many of our old and new sets. Download them instantly and you’re ready to build! O-NEWE Printed Hooded Pockets Coats For Women - Newchic Plus Size Outerwear Shoulder:16.14 Inch,Bust:43.31 Inch,Sleeve Length:24.41 Inch,Waist:43.31 Inch,Length:31.57 Inch,Hem:47.24 Inch,Hips:45.28 Inch,Arm Width:15.75 Inch Shoulder:16.63 Inch,Bust:45.28 Inch,Sleeve Length:24.65 Inch,Waist:45.28 Inch,Length:32.05 Inch,Hem:49.21 Inch,Hips:47.24 Inch,Arm Width:16.34 Inch Shoulder:17.42 Inch,Bust:48.43 Inch,Sleeve Length:24.88 Inch,Waist:48.43 Inch,Length:32.52 Inch,Hem:52.36 Inch,Hips:50.39 Inch,Arm Width:17.28 Inch Shoulder:18.41 Inch,Bust:52.36 Inch,Sleeve Length:25.12 Inch,Waist:52.36 Inch,Length:32.99 Inch,Hem:56.30 Inch,Hips:54.33 Inch,Arm Width:18.46 Inch Shoulder:19.39 Inch,Bust:56.30 Inch,Sleeve Length:25.35 Inch,Waist:56.30 Inch,Length:33.46 Inch,Hem:60.24 Inch,Hips:58.27 Inch,Arm Width:19.65 Inch

How to Qualify a Lead: The Battle-Tested B2B Framework - SnapApp May 29, 2018 | Robbie Richards No matter which way you skin it, an efficient sales process is what fuels the high-growth B2B companies. Product planning, marketing funnels and sales enablement will only get you so far — after that, it’s all about scaling the sales machine. You need to reach the right prospects, fill your pipeline with quality leads, and eventually turn those folks into paying customers. According to OpenView Partners, the fastest growing companies can attribute 51% of annual revenue to inside sales efforts, compared to just 16% from self-service: (Source)

“There is tremendous opportunity right now for collaboration between the book industry and immersive technology”: VR pioneer Stephanie Riggs on rethinking books VR and AR are much-discussed in the publishing industry – but few publishers have found a way to translate the new tech in a way that works for books. Stephanie Riggs, one of the pioneers of virtual reality, thinks she knows why. An internationally recognised director, producer, creator and speaker whose immersive experiences with Disney, Google, Facebook, Refinery29, Carnegie Mellon, Yale, and NYU have lead the evolution of the VR field, Riggs has just released The End of Storytelling: The Future of Narrative in the Storyplex. The book outlines the history of storytelling and illustrates why familiar storytelling techniques used in books, film, and theatre do not translate very well to new mediums, such as VR and AR, and often leave audiences a little disappointed.

La vie secrète des chats – Visualiser leurs déplacements nocturnes grâce au GPS Cats love to wander — but just how far they go is pretty wild. More than one dozen cats were fitted with GPS trackers to show the distance they roam from their homes. The end result was a series of maps, which provide fascinating insight into the travelling habits of felines. The maps are part of a cat tracking project by the Central Tablelands Local Land Services in Australia and is all about educating owners on where their pets go when they aren't looking. "Cats are given a pretty bad rap. In terms of the damage they do to biodiversity, to native fauna and flora," Peter Evans, a senior land officer, told Mashable Australia.

White XL Colorful Splatter Paint Print Turndown Collar Long Sleeve Shirt By Doris Allen Jan-05/2018 00:12:10 5 Ms.My new shirt came today. It fits perfectly. I have a beautiful necktie I am going to wear with it. I can hardly wait. I love the colors and the fit. It looks so sharp. Basecamp is hiring a Head of Marketing - Signal v. Noise For the past 20 years, we’ve been passive marketers with a little m. We speak at conferences and on podcasts, we write books (REWORK, REMOTE, It Doesn’t Have to be Crazy at Work), we share our point of view on thousands of blog posts, we invented a framework (Ruby on Rails) that changed an industry, and we make products that redefine their categories (Basecamp, Highrise, etc.). And right now we’re working on something new that’s going to surprise people. We’ve gotten by on strength of product, cult of personality, a unique point of view, running against the wind, and incredibly generous word-of-mouth promotion from our customers.

Festivals Well, not everyone takes such a negative attitude towards death. In Ghana, West Africa, a tribe called Ga has become known for its fantasy coffins: colourful, eye-catching and definitely one-of-a-kind. Believing that funerals are a time for celebration as well as mourning, Ghanaians honour their loved ones by burying them in as vibrant a manner as possible.